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    A&D FV:05C Replacement Power Adapter

    "In A Nutshell"
    Compatible A&D ProductsHL-WP Series*:
    HL-300WP, HL-1000WP, HL3000WP, HL-3000LWP,HL-3000WPN, HL-3000LWPN
    HT Series:
    HT-120, HT-300, HT-500, HT-3000, HT-5000
    SJ Series:
    SJ-1000HS, SJ-2000HS, SJ-5000HS, SJ-5001HS, SJ-12KHS, SJ-20KHS, SJ-30KHS
    SK-WP Series*:
    SK-1000WP, SK-2000WP, SK-5000WP, SK-5001WP, SK-10KWP, SK-20KWP, SK-2000WPZ, SK-5000WPZ, SK-20KWPZ
    SK Series:
    SK-1000, SK-2000, SK-5000, SK-5001, SK-10K, SK-20K, SK-30K, SK-2000Z, SK-5000Z, SK-20KZ, SK-1000D, SK-2000D, SK-5000D, SK-30KD
    FG-K Series:
    FG-30KBMN, FG-30KBM, FG-60KBMN, FG-60KBM, FG-150KBMN, FG-150KBM, FG-30KAMN, FG-30KAM, FG-60KAMN, FG-60KAM, FG-150KAMN, FG-150KAM, FG-60KALN, FG-60KAL, FG-150KALN, FG-150KAL, FG-200KALN, FG-200KAL
    SJ Series:
    SJ-1000HS, SJ-2000HS, SJ-5000HS, SJ-12KHS, SJ-20KHS, SJ-30KHS
    HV-G Series:
    HV-15KGL, HV-60KGL, HV-200KGL,HV-15KGV, HV-60KGV, HV-200KGV
    HW-G Series:
    HW-10KGL, HW-60KGL, HW-100KGL, HW-200KGL, HW-10KGV, HW-60KGV, HW-100KGV, HW-200KGV
    *HL-WP and SK-WP models are NOT waterproof while using this power adapter

    Product Details

    If your power adapter is M.I.A. pickup this replacement adapter.

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