MSRP: $243.99
Old Will's Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $128.50
    Add One EXTRA Ferrite Choke?:

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    My Weigh GemPro 250 My Weigh GemPro 250 My Weigh - GemPro 250 - Opened My Weigh - GemPro 250 - With Expansion Tray My Weigh - GemPro 250 - Liquid Level Indicator and Adjustable Feet My Weigh - GemPro 250 - Storage Box
    Just So Ya Know... We Also Have the Brand New GemPro 300
    Same 0.001 gram readability ---- Higher 60 gram capacity
    Larger, Reverse Backlit Display ---- Taller Windscreen

    Go check it out!

    My Weigh GemPro 250 Table Top Jewelry Scale

    Electronic Interference Suppressor Included (An Old Will Exclusive)!
    250 carat capacity x 0.01 carat resolution

    "In A Nutshell"
    PowerAC Adapter (included)
    4 AAA Batteries (not included)
    DisplayRed, Backlit LCD
    Tare FeatureYes
    Calibration FeatureYes
    Weighing HookNo
    Platform Size2.75" diameter
    Scale Size5.25" x 3.75" x 2.5"
    Weighing Modes6

    Included Accessories

    • VibraKill® Pad - (An Old Will Exclusive)
    • Expansion Tray
    • Hard Protective Case
    • 20 Gram Calibration Weight
    • AC Power Adapter
    • Ferrite Choke (For Electronic Interference Suppression - An Old Will Exclusive)

    Weighing Modes

    Mode: GramsCapacity: 50.000 gResolution: 0.001 g
    Mode: OuncesCapacity: 1.76365 ozResolution: 0.00005 oz
    Mode: PennyweightsCapacity: 32.150 dwtResolution: 0.001 dwt
    Mode: Troy OuncesCapacity: 1.60750 oztResolution: 0.00005 ozt
    Mode: CaratsCapacity: 250.000 ctResolution: 0.005 ct
    Mode: Carats*Capacity: 250.00 ct Resolution: 0.01 ct
    Mode: GrainsCapacity: 771.72 gnResolution: 0.02 gn

    Product Details

    Programmable Auto-Off Feature If you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program this gem scale to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

    Protective Case This little jewelry scale comes with a hard, protective case to keep your scale, along with all of its accessories, nice and safe.

    Bright Backlit Display This digital scale has a fancy backlit display to help ya see your weight readings, even in dim lighting.

    Man, This Thing Is Tiny! You won't have to worry about this scale taking up space. It's just over five inches long, and only two and a half inches high.

    Hinged Platform Protecting Cover This precision scale has a hinged hardcover ya flip down over the weighing platform when you're not using it. This helps prevent accidental damage to the load cells.

    It Remembers The Last Unit Ya Used If your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the GemPro turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when ya turned it off.

    Stainless Steel Platform The Gem Pro has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. Unlike gold or silver, stainless steel doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

    Easy Calibration To make sure ya keep getting the best weight readings from your scale, it helps to calibrate it from time to time. This jewelry scale has instructions to make calibrating your scale easy. The Gempro even comes with the 20 gram calibration weight ya need to use for regular calibration, however, if ya need to calibrate the linearity you'll need to pick up a 50 gram calibration weight because that one is not included.

    Tare Feature The tare button on the front of this digital scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This sure is useful when ya want to use the included expansion tray to weigh your things, or if ya want to get separate weights of multiple items.

    Liquid Level Indicator This very handy feature helps you quickly and easily get your scale nice and level. A level scale is important for getting the most accurate weight readings.

    Five Useful Accessories The GemPro 250 comes with great accessories. Use Old Will's exclusive VibraKill® Pad under the GemPro to keep vibrations from messing up your weight readings, and the calibration weight to keep it nice and accurate. If you're looking to use the GemPro as a diamond scale or carat scale, the little expansion bowl is perfect for weighing those teeny tiny jewelry pieces, and the included tweezers make picking up those pieces easy. You even get an AC power adapter, just in case ya don't have any batteries on ya. You can store the GemPro250, along with the expansion bowl, tweezers, calibration weight, and adapter in the included protective storage case.

    Kill Those Vibrations With VibraKill® Did ya know that vibrations can cause a scale's reading to bounce around from one weight to another? Included with this digital scale is a VibraKill® Pad to keep vibrations, (caused by everyday items like, your fridge, nearby music, your washing machine, etc...) from messing up your weighing.

    30 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

    Product Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    from 111 customer reviews.
    GemPro 250 Scale
    This is a great scale for the money. This is the second one I have purchased, and they dramatically improved my accurate reloading capability. Accurate, easy to use and with the vibration pad and extra generator provided by Willknotscales they work perfectly. My only comment is that they are delicate so be carefully when placing items on the scale pad, and handling them. Treat them as a accurate precision scale like they are and you will have years of use.
    Reviewed by: Brian from on 8/7/2017
    Touchy little bugger - I like it !!
    Been sitting on my reloading bench for over a month now. Have not felt well enough to work with it till now but WOW it works. I did a bunch of research and settled on this scale based on reviews & features. Most desired was/is the 2 decimal read out. Shows me just how “dead on” I was, not, with the previous electronic scale. The plastic pan did not work out well for me so I substituted a metal pan I had. The only annoying thing is that you have to look straight down to see the reading. I reload my 223/308 from a seated position & it is bit difficult to read. Would I purchase again – you bet! Would I recommend – you bet !
    Reviewed by: Paul from on 6/30/2017
    Trust it, it works
    There are plenty of negative reviews of this simple little scale. Trust it, it works. Old Will supplies you with a sheet to "trouble shoot" through. It shares a lot of potential interfering elements that may negatively affect this scale. I can tell you, this scale is plugged into the same surge protector as two other electronic devices. I have a fluorescent 4 - 48" bulb fixture right above my reloading bench. I have a computer server shelf, router switch, back up power unit, back up WIFI data center within four feet of this My Weigh GemPro 250 scale. FYI, my reloading room is in my back office at my place of business. I have all of these "interfering" items and my scale is consistent and dead on. I use the supplied ferrite interference suppressor and leave the scale on all the time. To date I've worked up loads for my M1A in 308 WIN and my 6.5 Grendel with this scale. I loaded to measure velocity, I loaded to confirm those velocity flat spots, I then loaded in those velocity flat spot ranges to find the most accurate load. This scale did it all. Trust it, it works. Trust the set up process and the 24 hour wait time to use it and it will work. I love being able to read grains to the 100ths. This gives me much more confidence in producing a low velocity SD.
    Reviewed by: H20KIE96 from Virginia on 6/26/2017
    great product. Absolutely no problems with it, I have only used it for about three weeks. I double weigh my powder with two digital scales, and the results have been perfect so far.
    Reviewed by: Namay Robert from on 6/8/2017
    Love this Scale
    This is a wonderfully accurate scale. I use it to measure some "Very" light powder, and it measures it without the slightest problem. It's very easy to set up and use. Old Will Knott Scales had the very best price, and their shipping was extremely fast. I have recommended this scale to two friends, and they are just as pleased. I would definitely buy this scale again, and the only place for me would be from OWKS.
    Reviewed by: Michael from Alabama on 5/4/2017
    The GemPro 250 Jewel scale is the best. I followed the directions and the scale proved it can weigh one kernel of gunpowder (.02 grains). For my money, no better scale exists for what I'm doing. Old Will's customer service could not be better!
    Reviewed by: RJ from Venice, FL from Venice, FL on 3/30/2017
    GemPro 250
    After spending days looking and reviewing specifications of reloading scales; I chose the GemPro 250. I was a little leary, at first. I read all kinds of reviews talking of its being too sensitive and subject to floating. After my purchase, I was convinced this scale is the best. Highly accurate and none of the problems previously mentioned. In addition, the warranty is unheard of compared to those of standard manufacturers dealing specifically with reloading equipment. This scale and warranty, are second to none. Lastly, Old Will Knott Scales customer service (before and after) is impeccable. As hard as it is to beleive today, they really do care!

    Reviewed by: Bgraham from on 3/28/2017
    Great scale for reloaders
    Finally, a scale I have confidence in. I use this scale for reloading. I like the fact it runs off AC power. I generally turn it on and let it warm up for 30 minutes before use. I find the scale to be consistent in its accuracy. I like the small footprint; it doesn't take up too much room on my reloading bench. The display is bright and easily readable. Shipment and delivery of the scale was fast. Five stars to both the scale and Old Will Knott Scales!
    Reviewed by: John from Arizona on 3/27/2017
    Purchase of the third gempro 250 scale
    Two of the scales are used for specific gravity in a gem identification class I teach in San Diego and the third is my own lab tool for SG. I like this scale as it is so portable and travels well to in and out of town gem shows and I can count on it's accuracy.
    Reviewed by: GemPro250 from on 3/21/2017
    Gempro 250
    I received my gempro 250 and it is all that and more. I am very happy with the unit and the service at old wills. Best scale by far. I found it easy to set up and use. And most of all accurate down to the .01gn.
    Reviewed by: Flareloader from on 3/9/2017
    Gem pro 250
    This is a great scale for benchrest reloading. I can get my loads acurrate within + or - .02 grains instead of .2 grains on my previous scale. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price.
    Reviewed by: S Duvall from on 1/23/2017
    Great Product
    I have followed the instructions and I have had great results. No florescent lights and I leave it turned on as suggested. The scale has been quick to "zero" out and stable. The screen is easy to read, great scale for the money!
    Reviewed by: GEMPRO 250 from So Cal on 1/20/2017
    Gem pro 250
    I was thrilled with the service that I got from your company, however I'm not sure about the scale. It seems to drift A LOT. I am going through some troubleshooting to see if it is because of how I have it set up or if it is truly the scale.
    Reviewed by: Bob from on 1/19/2017
    My Weigh Gempro 250
    Debated a while before buying this scale. After receiving it all I can say is wished I had not waited. Paid like $116.00 or something and for the price it can't be beat. I have not had any problem with it staying on 0.00 (no drift) and once it registers something on the scale I find the trickle works very good as well. If you are on the fence about this product go ahead and order it. I am very glad I did. One last thing is that this is the place to order it. Very fast shipping and Customer Service is top notch.

    Reviewed by: Russell S from Monahans, TX on 1/19/2017
    Good scale
    So far I have used it for a couple weeks (reloading) .seen a much better consictency in my speed with a chronograph .The scale came nicely packed and the shipping was on time.thanks
    Reviewed by: Rudi from Aberdeen on 11/11/2016
    Excellent scale. Read the directions - follow them and it works as stated.

    Reviewed by: Ed M from on 10/20/2016
    Loved it while it worked
    I was really pleased with the scale while it worked. I have reloaded about 500 rounds and it simply stopped working. You can no longer tare the scale. The number of grains just continues to change while you are looking at the measure. Now, it totally useless.
    Reviewed by: Doug from Fort Worth on 10/16/2016
    great purchase
    We have had the gem pro 250 for about a month now, spacesaver, accurate, and perfect for weighing stones. Will definitely order again fro oldwillknottscales, free shipping & excellent customer service
    Reviewed by: Nancy from Los Angeles on 4/21/2016
    GemPro 250
    I purchased the Gem Pro250 to weigh rifle powder charges and spent an entire weekend fighting with the scale. I was experiencing all the same complaints that caused many scales to be shipped back to Old Will's. I had decided to send mine back when I tried I last thing that I have not seen mentioned in any of the reviews. I REMOVED the Anti-vibration Pad from underneath the scale. After removing the pad, placing the scale on a hard surface, leveling and calibrating, the scale has worked flawlessly. I noticed the scale would move anytime a button was depressed while it was resting on the anti-vibration pad. The pad was causing all the following problems, inaccurate weights, not holding zero, not returning to known tare weight, and drift. The pad is too thick and will compress then slowly return to normal thickness over time causing problems, Now the scale is Dead Nuts On!! I weighed a 168gn Hornady BTHP on a different scale and it weighed 168.08gn. On the Gem Pro is weighed 168.08 20 out of 20 times. I was also using it as a check weight between about every 5th powder charge. It is slow to settle when trickling powder but I believe that is the price of accuracy. I would definitely recommend this scale for accurately weighing powder. Only reason I give it a 4 is all the wasted time figuring out the anti-vibration pad was causing the problems with setup. Hope this helps!! Cheers!
    Reviewed by: John from nope on 4/19/2016
    Gem Pro 250
    Just bought my second Gem Pro 250. Really liked the first one so much that I wanted the second one to keep in my range box. And must add that Old Will Knott Scales is a great place to buy the unit got mine in 3 days from the order date. Chet
    Reviewed by: Chet from Kansas on 3/20/2016
    GemPro 250.
    Excellent experience. This scale exceeds expectations. Clear instructions, easy calibration. No regrets what so ever.
    Reviewed by: Gary from Texas on 2/4/2016
    gem pro 250
    I received my gempro, and set it up right away. It worked great the first time. The second time I tried to use it it started acting strange, and before I could finish the second reloading session it would not hold zero. I have returned it and am waiting for a replacement. Disappointed with product, but so far the service has been superb.
    Reviewed by: Jeff Robbins from Portland, or on 1/27/2016
    Superb accuracy!
    The accuracy is absolutely incredible. I use this for reloading and my rounds have never been so accurate. It will make a liar out of the beam scales.
    Reviewed by: Cody from Southwestern PA on 9/28/2015
    Great scale, so far
    I've just begun using the GemPro 250 but my initial impressions are very positive. Set up was simple and the calibration processes are a breeze. I'm using this scale for weighing powder charges and sorting bullets and the scale settles promptly on final weight. About the only criticism I have so far, and this amounts to picking nits, is that one needs almost directly over the scale to read the backlit display. An adjustable height stool solved that problem. Lastly, the shopping experience from Old Will Knott's is absolutely outstanding!
    Reviewed by: J.L. Trasancos from Upstate NY on 7/27/2015
    Great Service!
    First off my initial purchase was a Jennings Mack 20 for reloading, looked like the box had been opened before I received. Scale wouldn't keep Tare weight, called and talked to a rep who was very professional and walked me through to make sure scale wasn't working as it should. He suggested a return and they would replace, I told I would upgrade to GemPro 250 instead. I was anxious that this would turn into a Charlie Foxtrot, but the GemPro arrived and the correct credit was given to my credit card ... unbelievably smooth and much appreciated transaction. As for the GemPro 250 it is the best reloading scale I've used, love the accuracy of the scale, should help improve my reloads greatly. Hats off to a great company for the great service and professional reps!
    Reviewed by: Pete from LaCrosse on 6/26/2015
    Exceeded My Expectations
    Although I bought my GemPro250 a few months ago, I wanted to put it through its paces before reviewing. I use the scale for reloading only and was anticipating using it for checking powder charges from my powder measures. When I started working up a loads for a new 7mm-08, I realized that it may be my most used powder measure. I use it in conjunction with an Omega electronic tricker and have found it to be quick reporting, reducing the time in this part of my reloading sessions. Let it warm up for an hour or so, it calibrates quickly and more importantly, it is accurate. I have checked it multiple times with my RCBS 10-10 balance scale (made by Ohaus) and It is dead-on accurate. Whether you are using it to weigh cases and bullets or as your primary measure, you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend.
    Reviewed by: Tom B from Oklahoma on 6/15/2015
    Gempro 250
    Works great at my reloading bench. Standard deviation less than 5 fps on average.
    Reviewed by: Blake Oliver from Texas on 6/15/2015
    Just Plain "Awesome"!
    Scale is perfect for the reloading bench. The only scale I've found that weighs to .00 and extremely accurate. Must admit rather slow to give the reading and will not weigh as one trickles the charge in the pan have to remove and replace to gain the updated readings? Love the accuracy and the size of this scale. Old Will Knott a wonderful source and service above and beyond expectation. Would refer any and all to Old Will and the Gem 250 scale. Thank you.
    Reviewed by: Kevin from Keystone, SD on 5/11/2015
    Gem pro 250
    I must admit I have only used my Gem pro 250 once since receiving it. I ,however, am very impressed. The 250 is very accurate. Delivery was on time and the scale is exactly as was described. I was a bit lost with how to calibrate the scale the first time and to me the manual wasn't all that clear. So I called Old Will Knott sand asked for help. The very first person i talked with was familiar with the procedure and walked me through it in a few minutes perfectly. I now have a good resource if I have questions in the future. I would recommend Gem pro 250 and Old Will Knott to anyone. There service and product are so much better than Pact. TOM
    Reviewed by: Tom from Fleming Island, FL on 5/5/2015
    Gempro 250 - Excellent Scale for reloading
    I really like this scale and the price point. Way better than a standard reloading scale... For units in grains, you get 0.02 resolution. The very minor negatives are that it does take at least 3 seconds to finally stabilize, and it would be nice if the display was a tad more upright so you can have the scale further away from yourself and still be able to read the numbers easily. I do a quick ballpark pour using a powder scoop on a cheap scale, and then use an omega powder trickler to get the charge up to the desired weight on this scale; one grain at a time if need be. Using this method cut my velocity extreme spreads for handloads by almost half. I have not found to need to use the wind blocker, but it does help protect the load cell during handling.
    Reviewed by: Peetah from San Diego on 3/26/2015
    Great Scale
    Am impressed with this scale. Great to measure to .00 vs .0 on my RCBS pocket scale. Accurate, sensitive and perfect size for those who may have a small bench. If you are using a pocket scale that came with your reload kit, dump it and purchase the Gem Pro 250. Ordering from Old Will Knot Scales was a great experience. Fast shipping. Plus they follow up to insure your happy. Top notch!
    Reviewed by: Randy from Minnesota on 1/29/2015
    Gem pro 250
    Great scales ! Everything they say on the website is true. Very accurate, very small, and very easy to use. I had my gem pro 250 in two days free shipping. I've been reloading for around 30 years and this is the best scales I have ever used. I highly recommend this product.
    Reviewed by: James Connolly from Point pleasant West Virginia on 1/11/2015
    Gempro 250
    I received my Gempro and followed the instructions for this site and from the manufacturer. As long as you let the scale warm up for a couple hours there is zero drift and the scale works perfectly. I worked up a load this morning and it took about half the time it normally takes with my beam scale. So far I have it and would recommend it to everyone that reloads. The only complaint I have is that the screen is a bit hard to read unless you are on the right angle but that is not a big deal.
    Reviewed by: Ray D. from New York on 12/21/2014
    Works Great for Me
    I was looking for a reliably accurate scale that worked fast for my air gun pellet sorting. Several reviewers had indicated the GemPro 250 was slow to yield a weight, but I wanted to try anyway. Glad I did. The stabilization circuitry does take 3.2 seconds for a final weight...too slow, but an initial weight is available at approximately .4 seconds and seldom changes 1mg from the final weight. That's plenty accurate enough for my purposes. The scale doesn't slow my work flow at all and I work about twice as fast now than with my previous two scales. The scale needs to be warmed up to get this kind of performance, but the AC adapter with ferrite loop works well...I just keep it turned on. I've gone through almost 10,000 pellets so far and I'm still very pleased.
    Reviewed by: Steve Grayner from New Hampshire on 11/25/2014
    Pleased so far but one negative
    Great service and super fast shipping. Scale performs exactly as advertised and my only complaint is the display. It's flat and to see the display you have to be over the scale. You can't see the display while sitting with the scale at bench level. Should have the display angled upward to be seen either standing or sitting. Either stand up to weigh powder charges or put the scale at a lower level than your bench top.
    Reviewed by: Ronnie from Kentucky on 11/10/2014
    I use this scale for reloading and I'm impressed with it's accuracy, as well as it's ability to stay calibrated. The only drawback is the weighing pan it comes with - too small for my reload needs, but that was easy to overcome with pan I had from another scale.
    Reviewed by: Greg from Golden, CO on 11/2/2014
    So far, so good.
    Had a run of bad luck with electronic scales lately. None worked properly. I found the Gem Pro and gave it a try. So far I am pleased with this little scale. I especially like the fact that you can weigh out a precise powder charge. As a result of this, my groups have tightened up. I would recommend this scale to anybody who will take the time to wait several seconds for the scale to level off to get these precise weights.
    Reviewed by: Ken from New Mexico on 10/22/2014
    Great Scale, Even Better Customer Service
    Had my first GemPro 250 for over a year. Some issues recently had me contacting WillKnottScales. They had a new one in the mail lightening fast! The fact that I wanted another GP250 speaks volumes about the scales accuracy and quality. As much as I use mine, I would expect it to have problems after a year of heavy, daily use. Still a great scale and even better service from Willknott! A+ all around :-)
    Reviewed by: Scott from NC on 9/8/2014
    GemPro 250 as a Powder Scale
    Over 18 months of reloading, two scales have failed. I need to send this unit back to MyWeigh for replacement. These scales are not built to last.
    Reviewed by: Scott from CAlifornia on 8/18/2014
    Not Good
    First scale Used up batteries overnight, sent fist back and replacement still won't run a slightly used Sanyo eneelop. Will function on slightly used rayovac batts (these were in the first scale for 3 days). Second scale is inconsistent, my RCBS beam scale is repeatable and this one is not. My first scale (the one the killed the batteries) was consistent (sort of). The second will not hold zero. I can't use this when I need to measure within a 0.1 GRAIN and it loses zero just by lifting off tray and replacing it. Simply will not work for me.
    Reviewed by: Bob from Idaho on 6/17/2014
    My Weigh GemPro 250
    It's a nice little scale. But, it certainly drains batteries quickly. I don't leave the batteries in the scale once I'm done working with it. The first time I did that I came back to it about a week after installing batteries and they were dead. At least it can plug in, and rechargeable batteries will help.
    Reviewed by: Sean from Riverside CA on 5/26/2014
    extremely pleased
    After reading several reviews from many reloading sites, I decided to give it a try. I had high expectations and the Gempro 250 exceeded them. Very easy to set up and calibrate. Very accurate with a fast readout, allowing me to weight out to the individual kernel. Ferrite clamps are a must on it's power cord. While you're at it, place clamps on all power cords in the same room. The other clamps may not have been needed, but it would not hurt (that alone improved the accuracy of my other scales). I'm so happy I bought this. It's the pride and joy of my handloading bench.
    Reviewed by: Don from Mandan, ND on 4/29/2014
    Good Scale
    I bought this scale about a year ago and am very pleased. There are however some procedures that must be followed for this scale to work correctly. First, it must be level and on its vibration pad. Second, it must warm up for at least an hour before you calibrate it. Third, it must be free of static electricity. Everything that's placed on the scale is kept on a fabric softner sheet when its not on the scale. If I don't do this the scale begins to drift. I use my scale for reloading and would not hesitate to purchase another. only real gripe is I paid close to 150 for mine and I see their on sale for about $115.
    Reviewed by: lonnie from central wisconsin on 3/13/2014
    nice scale
    the scale works well. It goes -.02gr about every ten times i remove the basket from the scale, but i tear the scale, one button press, it is back on target. Easy to use, i like it.
    Reviewed by: Shane from Dallas, TX on 3/8/2014
    GemPro 250
    The resolution values indicate for the 250 that it reads Grains in 0.02 increments. This is actually not the case. The 250 I received reads it in 0.05 increments. Do not plan to use for more than an hour on battery mode. it will eat up 4 AAAs in a few hours time.
    Reviewed by: Garrett from Phoenix on 3/1/2014
    Note their 30 day return policy because you're going to need it.
    Scale never operated properly...jumps around and won't return to "0.00" after removing weight without having to tare and signals brand new batteries are bad after 1-2 uses. Nothing in the enclosed literature states sellers return period of 30 days. Now have to send to mfr for repair at 45 days. I need a scale to use, not a trip to the post office. Thanks a lot for wasting my time!
    Reviewed by: James from Harpers Ferry WV on 2/24/2014
    GemPro 250
    I use this for reloading and is much better than my old scale. This was very easy to set up and is very accurate for loading powder charges. Shipping was fast and Old Will Knott Scales was great to do business with.
    Reviewed by: John from Phoenix AZ on 2/9/2014
    Outstanding Scales
    This is the best scale that I have used for reloading ammo. I have tried other brands more expensive over the past few years but they do not measure up to the GemPro 250 for consistent weighing of the powder. The price is remarkable and the GemPro is loaded with features. I especially enjoy that it can be programmed to not shut off after several minutes and the AC adapter is great I am well pleased with the features, accuracy and quality of the GemPro 250
    Reviewed by: Larry Smith from Tennessee on 2/2/2014
    gempro 250 scale
    fast shipper
    Reviewed by: werner zawadzki from benton pa on 1/29/2014
    Disappointed... Was really looking forward to this... Did a test to see how accurate it was... Weighed an object 50 TIMES!! and got 50 DIFFERENT readings!! Calibrated every 5 weighs!!! Tried with batteries and plugged into the wall... Called and told them what was wrong, tried all the things they said and was happy when they told me they would send me a shipping label via email to send that unit back and get another one... That was Thursday morning and was told I would have the email in a few hours, still nothing..............................
    Reviewed by: tanner from Texas on 1/25/2014
    Gem Pro 250
    This is a great scale and for the money is a steal. I own multiple of these after trying the first one. They are sensitive and must be shielded from air drafts but that is what the cover is for. I have nothing but the highest praise for Old Will and his crew. The follow up and management of a damaged unit could not have been handled better.Many merchants should take lessons from Old Will! Thanks
    Reviewed by: Ron from Missouri on 1/23/2014
    Fast service, great price and accuracy! What more can you ask for? I use it for powder measure in my reloading ammo and the wife uses it in her jewelry making! Would buy again!
    Reviewed by: Luther from Moss Point, MS on 1/20/2014
    Dream Scale
    I would like to say first Old Will Knott is a great Co. The Gem Pro 250 is a fantastic scale for reloading ammo. I shoot Palma and the quality of my ammo has improved greatly. The tip about leavening the scale on is a good one. I found no interference from light, cell phones etc. Yes one grain of Varget will change the reading. At this price I may buy a second one. Don
    Reviewed by: Donald Crigler from Bend Or. on 1/9/2014
    Best Darn Scale under $1,000
    I purchased this scale to weight gun powder for reloading. I had already tried an RCBS 1500 which didn't work out. Old Will's people are the best too!!!
    Reviewed by: Tom from Manassas, Va. on 1/2/2014
    Gem Pro 250
    Delivery was prompt. The scale is accurate and consistent. I own two other low end electronic scales and the 250 settles on a weight much faster. it also gives a much higher level of accuracy. I compete with air guns. Pellets of different weights shoot to different places. With the GemPro 250 I can confidently sort my pellets into lots that vary in weight as little as .02 grains. A great product and good service.
    Reviewed by: Bill Quick from Olympia, WA on 12/7/2013
    This scale is pretty freakin awesome.
    First impressions. Wow it is small. Can almost fit in your hand. But in reality it is suppose to measure grains of sand with fine precision. Something so light you cannot feel it in your hand. After using it, I came to really appreciate the compact size. It comes in a very nice protective case, power supply and calibration weight. I had a small issue with it going back to zero after repeatedly placing the calibration weight and removing it. It would show -1 gram or -2 gram sometimes. This is really not a big deal for me considering the price and the fact we are talking about the difference in a speck of hair here. I simply hit the tare button to re-zero and problem solved. I would not invest in a better calibration weight. I think it would be a waste of money for this scale. The scale is pretty dang accurate for what it is. I measured repeatability accuracy using a small wire tie that weighed 204 grams. I weighed the piece about 30 times. It was very consistent within 1 gram. If you truly want 1 gram repeatability you are going to have to invest in a scale that cost 10 times what this scale cost. I would recommend this scale to anyone that wants or needs 1 gram precision. It is pretty awesome for the price.
    Reviewed by: muddywaters from mid-west on 10/22/2013
    Great scale for reloaders!
    Bought this scale after hearing good things about it, and ordered it from here because of the good thing I've heard about will knotts. Product was shipped the same day I ordered it and got it within the work week. Used it for reloading and it works great! Very accurate and precise. Just like any precision scale such as those used in laboratories, you need to let it warm up to get the best results. That being said, I have let it warm up for as long as it takes to set up my components for what I'm reloading and have not seen any wandering, even with a short warm up time. Highly suggest this for hand loaders or anyone who needs a precise scale for a great price.
    Reviewed by: David from MN on 10/10/2013
    GemPro 250
    I am very happy with my GemPro 250 I bought to reload with and the service I received from Old Will Knotts Scales. I did have a couple questions after I received the scale; I called and the lady on the phone answered all my questions. Great service both at the time of the sale and afterwards. It arrived in perfect condition and a couple days early. As to the scale itself, it would be nice if the anti vibration pad was a little bigger. I bought another piece, cut it two inches bigger each way and now it much better. I have fluorescent lights three and a half feet above it and the scale is not impacted by them. It took me a little while to get used to weighing in .01 of a grain instead of .1 grain, but now I think it is great. I recommend this to any reloaders and I would definitely by from Old Will Knotts Scales again.
    Reviewed by: Frank from Illinois on 10/9/2013
    Works Great, Buying Another One
    I have had my GemPro-250 for about a month now. I use it for reloading and set it up beside two Sartorius AY123 lab scales that sell for over $300. I like GemPro-250 better. It settles faster, seems more stable and the numbers are exactly the same. I work out of two locations and thus will be buying another one soon. Some specifics about the unit beyond the weighing operation being good are : The pad that comes with the unit is very useful, the cover is high enough to cover my weighing pan completely without interference and makes for very stable readings. The back lit display is easy on the eyes and calibration is very simple. I teach reloading in four states and will definitely be recommending this to all my students.
    Reviewed by: Lynn from Trevor, WI on 10/6/2013
    OK, but . . .
    I have had the GemPro-250 for a little over two weeks, and have used it to reload 500 rounds of ammo. I shoot F-Class and wanted something more accurate than my old Ohaus M5. The GemPro-250 works fines, albeit it may get off zero occasionally, but when this happens you can tell right away, and re-zero it. This has not happened frequently enough to be a problem. It helps to turn the scale on perhaps a couple of hours before starting to use it, and then just leave it on if you anticipate using it later that day. The only thing I don?t like about the scale is that it is slow. When you put a weight on it, it readily displays the weight very accurately, but when you add (trickle) a bit more, then you have to wait several seconds for the display to update, and sometimes the first displayed weight after weight is added is not the scale?s final answer as it may display a slightly different weight a few seconds later. I found that I can trickle to the desire weight faster with the Ohaus M5 than with the GemPro-250, but I hope that with further practice using the GemPro-250 will allow me to speed things up. If I had to do it over, I would buy an FX-120i from Cambridge Environmental Products for about $388 (400 CD). I would buy it from OldWillKNot, but their price is $700. A far as customer service from OldWillKnot, I can?t say yet. I received an email asking me how my recent purchase (the GemPro-250) was working out and if I had any problems. I thought this was great, and was ready to reply, but then realized that the email was just an automatic email that is not monitored so it cannot be replied, and this was a disappointment. All they wanted was for me to write a review, as I am now doing.
    Reviewed by: Nando from Missouri on 10/3/2013
    GemPro 250
    I purchased the Gempro 250 after reading may reviews not only on this unit but several others and the take away was this was the best unit according to the reviews. My purpose for a scale that reads down to 0.02 of a grain is long range shooting (1000 yrds) with a 308 service rifle. Below is a summary of my experience: ? Frustrating: Using the ?Grains? unit of measurement ? Erratic behavior o Inconsistent zeroing o Inconsistent calibration o Inconsistent readings Calibration: The GemPro 250 comes with a 20 gram calibration weight. After verifying the unit is level and unaffected by the environment, A/C adapter plugged in and 4 good AAA batteries installed, the calibration procedure is performed. Note1: scale pad provided is minimal at best scale feet hang over the edge of pad. Inconsistent zeroing After a few attempts performing the calibration procedure the GemPro 250 may zero with no error, power the unit down, wait a few seconds and power back up and you may read zero or you will have 0.01 to 0.04 grams displayed, (not zero). Calibrating the GemPro 250 with the 20 gram calibration weight (unit reads 20 grams) change the units to grains (308.64gn) and it ranges anywhere from 308.66 (0.02 grains) to 308.74 (0.10 grains) heavy. Very seldom does the unit read 308.64gn, let alone read consistently. Inconsistent calibration Trust thru Verification Every powder charge measure on the Gempro 250 is verified by a beam scale for accuracy. This is a very necessary step as to provide the most consistent powder charges I can make. I perform this process every time I use the Gempro 250. Being precise on my powder loads is a major time consuming effort, typically 2 to 2.5 hrs to measure power for 25 cases within 0.04gn of each load. This is not a very efficient method to measure powder charges. Beats the purpose of a digital scale. Note2: The beam scale is subject to not returning to zero every time due to being bumped or other unexplainable phenomenon so the use of both scales is required to verify powder charge. My shot groups have tightened since employing this methodology and my long range shooting has been more consistent. Note3: I previously bought the i201 compact scale by my weight and it is even more inconsistent and frustrating to use than the Gempro 250.
    Reviewed by: E. D from Newbury Park CA on 9/3/2013
    Impressive durability
    I have been using a GemPro 250 for about 4 years for reloading. It isn't a d=.0001 g scale, but they are too sensitive for most applications. I normally check the pan when I put it back on the scale, to make sure it goes back to zero. That's a pretty good indication it will read right. Trickled powder will need a little prompting from a pencil or pen on the pan to make sure it weighs what you think it should. I have an old Mettler H80 that isn't any better to use than this scale. Even with being out of a lab since 1975, things go well and two more have recently bought the same scale!
    Reviewed by: Paul from Rusk Co. Texas on 8/22/2013
    gem pro 250 scale
    I have gone thru 3 scales that were purchased from other sources.I bought this from oldwill and it is very accurate and built solid yet light weight and made good with accurate readings.I will always check them out on other purchases. great service and price.
    Reviewed by: mosheat from maynardville,tn. on 7/21/2013
    No Quality Control
    I purchased this unit and when it arrived (in apparantly very good physical shape) it would not even turn on. There appears to be NO QUALITY CONTROL on this product. Look at other reviews on Amazon.com, etc. This is not a unique experience. If you buy this, assume you will be the quality control and will likely have to exchange it at least once.
    Reviewed by: Steve G. from Austin, TX on 7/14/2013
    GemPro 250
    I bought this scale on the recommendation of many precision and benchrest shooting forums. The scale feels a little on the light side, but works as advertised. The included accessories leave a little to be desired. The calibration weight is 20g. A 20.0g weight would have been nice. The powder pan is a little awkward to work with due to its small size, but reloaders should have a better pan on the bench. The stage case is sized very tight for the scale and accessories. The area around the front clasp cracked for me when the power cord was caught between the top and the bottom. The scale works wonderfully, however, you need to make sure there is no air movement or drafts or any sources of excess heat or cold nearby to make sure you get a solid measurement. I use the A/C power and pug it in the night before I am ready to measure powder to make sure it is thermally stable. Since I am reloading for precision rifle, I give the scale 8-10 seconds on each measurement to make sure it has settled. I know some people will hem and haw about that, but we're loading for precision, not speed. Overall, the scale is very nice and seems to be very accurate. The .02gr precision is fantastic and easy to work with, especially with extruded stick powders and a trickler. I rate it a solid 4. If the accessories were a bit more robust and replaced the 20g weight with at least a 20.0 weight, it would be a 5. Still, I recommend the scale for its precision and functionality.
    Reviewed by: Randy B from WV on 6/21/2013
    Great scale
    This is one excellent scale. My only gripe would have to be the pan it comes with. If you are measuring diamonds of something like it, it is fine, but when measuring gun powder like a lot of us do, it is too shallow. The powder sometimes sticks to it that it is plastic too. Other than that, it is a great scale with very little drift.
    Reviewed by: David from Los Angeles, CA on 6/9/2013
    Good Service
    I bought the Gem Pro 250 for weighing powder loads. It worked satisfactorily, although the weight tended to drift a bit like most scales. I was pleased with it until I installed batteries. One of the positive contacts in the battery compartment was apparently installed upside down, making it impossible for one of the batteries to make good contact. No matter what I tried, the scale would not even turn on in battery-only mode. I called customer service and a replacement was promptly shipped, along with a prepaid label for shipping the old unit. Unfortunately, the new unit had exactly the same defect in the battery compartment. I could get the unit to turn on by holding the loose battery in by hand; however, it only squealed briefly and then shut down. Customer service promptly emailed a prepaid label for returning both scales. Based on my experience, I cannot recommend this Chinese-assembled scale to anyone due to quality control issues. I would give customer service five stars, but the product only three.
    Reviewed by: Steve Litchfield from Madison, MS on 6/1/2013
    GemPro 250
    This product is exactly what I wanted and at a great price.
    Reviewed by: Ron Phillips from Alaska on 5/29/2013
    Great Little Scale
    I've been using this scale now for about three weeks. It's easy to calibrate, easy to use, and is extremely accurate. I was using an older more expensive scale similar to this one for reloading. The older scale needed to be recalibrated constantly. The "GemPro 250" once calibrated weighs accurately load after load. I've saved a ton of time. (No pun intended.) The resolution was a key feature for me, since I also weigh other items requiring an accurate weight, down to the 100th of a gram. Seems pretty ridiculous, but I'm pretty anal when it comes to accuracy. This scale is also very affordable without spending several hundred dollars for a lab scale when this one will do. The only other item out for a verdict is it's longevity. I hope to get many years of useful service from this GemPro 250.
    Reviewed by: Norm from Denver, CO on 5/11/2013
    Great little scale but be careful
    Bought this scale for reloading, since my $39 scale was accurate enough. Great little scale when it hold "0" , but hard to hold "0" from time to time, yesterday while reloading I had to recalibrate several times during one reloading experience. The 20 gm calibration weight is either off or the scale doesn't read the weight correctly. According to my figures 20 gms. should equate to 308.65 gns. My scale continues to read 309. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I've followed the instructions in the manual...still figuring it out.
    Reviewed by: Jeff from Beaverton Oregon on 4/24/2013
    GemPro 250
    I've had this scale for about 2 weeks now. It was bought for reloading pistol ammunition. This scale more than meets my expectations. I calibrate it every time I use it and check that against a set of calibration weights that I have with the least heavy one being 0.5 grains. I need that kind of accuracy. I'm happy to say it reads dead on to those calibration weights. One note when you calibrate this scale, turn it on and let it "warm" up a few mintues and it will calibrate correctly every time. As for Old Will Knott Scales, I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. The scale arrived within about a week. Great folks to do business with.
    Reviewed by: Les from KY on 3/13/2013
    My Weigh GemPro 250
    I'm very happy with the customer service. There was a fast response to any questions I had. The scale arrived quickly and in great shape. I'm very happy with the quality of the product and it works awesome! Perfect for what I need to do. Thanks, Danny O
    Reviewed by: Danny O from Texas on 3/6/2013
    Truly a hidden gem
    Although not generally advertised as a reloader's scale, this item deserves top accolades as an accurate, economical and easy to use tool. I received my scale within days of ordering (thanks to Will's excellent service), and tested it out using the supplied check weight. Instructions were simple to follow. Calibration took seconds. I tried a few powder charges using a powder trickler, and the scale registered an accurate reading within .01 grains with no fluctuation. This scale will pick up vibrations and air currents, so be advised to keep it in a stable environment. It comes in a small but sturdy case and is supplied with an AC adapter. The measuring dish is perhaps too shallow for capturing powder granules (I used the dish from a beam scale and zeroed out its weight on the MyWeigh scale as instructed). One last bit of advice for measuring out powder: use caution when pouring, otherwise some granules can end up stuck beneath the scale's dish. But overall this is a fantastic addition to my reloader's equipment.
    Reviewed by: Peter from Connecticut on 3/5/2013
    Terrific Value
    I am using the scale for reloading, and I was so impressed with its accuracy, stability and value that I returned my $350 Sartorius AY-123 for a refund. This scale is just as accurate, way more stable, occupies about 1/3 or less the space, and costs 1/3 what the Sartorius costs. Highly recommended!
    Reviewed by: Michael Nelson from San Francisco, CA, USA on 3/1/2013
    Gempro 250
    The Gempro 250 seems to be a very accurate and so far, reliable, scale. I particularly like the ability to run it off the 120 v transformer and not have the thing turning off when it times out, as most battery operated scales do. When used in conjunction with a ASTM class 4 calibration weight (which is a necessity for accurate reliable results) I am well satisfied with the results. Only time will tell if the scale holds up well over the months and years.
    Reviewed by: Richard from Wisconsin on 2/11/2013
    Gem Pro 250
    I am pleased with this scale. I tried it out with 2 grains of salt. It is accurate and works as advertised. The sales people at Old Will's are my kind of people. Helpful, informative, polite and easy to speak to. This scale is not cheap or inexpensive,,,you get what you pay for is something people say but not always appreciate. This scale is a good product and its warranty was a surprise,,,,30 years,,Wow. Who does that. I use the scale for gun power only and meets all of my expectations.
    Reviewed by: Anthony from Louisiana on 2/3/2013
    Gempro 250
    Ordered, received within four days - very well packaged. Also ordered the cheap 50 gram check weight to be able to perform both types of calibration - scale comes with the 30 gram weight. Have been using it for about three weeks reloading, and this is by far the best scale I have used - ever. No I have not used the scales over $400 but have used RCBS and triples, this is superior - sent the others back due to issues with everything from the AC adapters do not even fit the plugs in the units to poor resolution and moving [not same reading with only reference weight minutes later] target weights. Nice to be able to drop the weights back on the scale and see that it is still where is started. Highly recommended. Also would buy from Knotts again - believe it or not they were the cheapest I could find for this scale, but met every expectation. VERY happy.
    Reviewed by: J from Daytona on 1/28/2013
    GemPro 250
    After reading several reviews I chose to get this scale to try and improve my ES while testing new loads. Wow... This thing really does help, I throw my charge then trickle, then grab the tweazers and add one granual of powder at a time till weight is reached, usually I have to wait about 5 seconds between granuals for them to register. I tested this meathod using 20 cases that were sorted by capacity with primers sorted by weight and bullets sorted by bearing surface, ES of 7, SD of 3!! 20 unsorted cases with unsorted primers and bullets ES of 31 Standard deviation of 13!... .256 moa groups at 300m with prepped brass and hours less sorting... might be my rifle, might be hours of felt recoil, or might be VERY consistant charge weights... Also, absolutly no drifting so far.
    Reviewed by: Scouts_Out from Texas on 1/22/2013
    GEMPRO 250
    First scale would not hold zero. Called customer service. After some diagnostics returned this scale for a replacement. Customer service was very good. Second scale held zero very well. I then tried check weights of 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 10.0, 20.0, 50.0 and 100.0 grains. All the check weights were within 0.02 (accuracy of the scale). It responds quickly when trickling up to weight. I really like it.
    Reviewed by: Marlin from Michigan on 1/16/2013
    Good Scale
    I purchased this scale to replace a reloading scale that wasn't working. It is much more accurate then my old scale and is very consistant.
    Reviewed by: Thomas Klamerus from Albuquerque NM on 1/13/2013
    Gem Pro 250 scales
    This unit, although cheap in price, appears to fill the task. It's accurate, repeatable, and well suited to reloading. It's my opinion that this scale is the answer to an electronic scale for precise reloading when accuracy counts.
    Reviewed by: Larry Darling from Idaho on 12/24/2012
    GEMPRO 250
    We use this scale to measure our gunpowder and are extremely happy with this product. We've set our standard deviation at +/- 0.05 and this scales accuracy is what helped us decide on that number. I highly recommend this scale for anyone wanting to accurately reload their own ammunition - or let us do it for you !
    Reviewed by: Phil from Colorado Springs, Colorado on 12/19/2012
    Great low priced value
    After looking on the AR15 and Enos forums the GemPro 250 came out on top. I didn't know anything about Old Will Knott and bought on a risk. The scale does everything it says it does and is very repeatable. Having both battery and AC options is a plus. Having a scale like this is comforting when doing a lot of reloading and load work up, you don't want to be off and you want to know exactly how much powder is in each test load.
    Reviewed by: Last Mile from Portland, OR on 12/11/2012
    Gem Pro 250
    Excellent, very accurate. Excellent scale for the price.
    Reviewed by: Dan from Huntington Beach on 11/16/2012
    Best thing since sliced bread
    I bought the GemPro 250 to use exclusively for reloading. While not yet a 'senior' citizen, I found that reading the beam on a balance scale became more and more difficult. I had to take off my glasses for a 'birds eye view' with every load. This is not the case with my new GemPro. I find it easy to use and quite accurate. I like to weigh each load and this scale has reduced the time involved considerably. This is particulary true with load development where I may alter the weight between loads by .3 grns. No set up and complete confidence. Old Will Knott Scales provided a great price and quick delivery. They certainly earned my business and my recommendation. Thank you Will!
    Reviewed by: Gerald Gee from Columbus, GA on 10/12/2012
    I received this scale so quickly! Company kept me informed of each step, via emails. I like this extra touch. I have only had the scale for a short time, but so far it works perfectly! When I am in the market for another scale, Old Will Knott Scales has my business.
    Reviewed by: Jacquitta from Longmont, CO on 10/9/2012
    GemPro 250 for weighing Airrifle pellets
    I shoot Airguns - specifically benchrest in .22 and field target in .177 the difference in pellet weights out of the cans are huge so weighing your lead and grouping the batches is essential if you want to hit the 10 ring or knock that target down at 55 yds. I did a lot of research and decide on the Gem Pro - I was not disappointed. Great product, totally accurate with repeatable accuracy - I've tried a lot of different cheap $30 - $75 ebay scales and none of them were reliable, or accurate - they each gave me a different weight every time with the same pellet. NOT with the gem pro - If I weigh a pellet I get the grain weight down to .02 of a grain - every time, time after time. AWSOME little scale, I am so glad I finally paid a little more and bought a decent scale that does exactly what it claims to do. You won't be disappointed.
    Reviewed by: James Brinkley from Los Angeles, CA on 9/23/2012
    Good Scale
    Good scale but eats batteries.
    Reviewed by: JL from Remote on 9/17/2012
    Great Reloading Scale My Weigh GemPro 250
    This is a great scale at a great value. This scale makes sorting brass and bullets an easy task. I also used this scale to check the calibration on my RCBS 5-0-5 beam scale, which was off. I fine tuned my 5-0-5 and now have two great scales that consistently match each other. I did have a problem with my AC power cord making a very annoying high pitched noise. Old Will Knott Scales sent out a new AC cord right away and now everything is great. I also had drift of about 0.02 to 0.04 grains on the GemPro 250. I went to Radio Shack and bought a two pack of ferrite cores that snap over the power cord for about $3.50. This took care of the drift problem, after I give the scale a good warm up time. I don't know why the manufacture doesn't include ferrite cores on the power cord, or why Old Will does not have them as an option, as they are a cheap, effective way to reduce drift in these scales. I also bought an aluminum pan for use with powder measurements. The supplied plastic scale gets static and the powder tends to cling to the pan when you are dumping it. I am pleased with the product and Old Will Knott Scales.
    Reviewed by: Andy from Central Virginia on 9/13/2012
    Happy customer
    This is a great scale for reloading ammo; I couldn't be happier. However, that's only half the story. Old Will Knotts Scale is the best company I have ever dealt with on the net.
    Reviewed by: Don Runge from P.O.Box 68 on 9/9/2012
    This scale is the best!!!
    Purchased this scale after exhaustive search. I use it for my reloading. Fired it up right out of the box and checked it with a set of check weights. Measured right on for every weight within minutes of being turned on. Have used it for 2 weeks and it is everything I had hoped and more. Cannot beat this scale for the price and value.
    Reviewed by: Jim Bradbury from Connecticut on 9/4/2012
    GemPro 250 Great Customer Service after a defective scale
    I purchased a GemPro 250 for reloading. I had used a RCBS 304, probably one of the best mechanical scales for reloading that was ever made. But, time took its toll and I could no longer rely on the scales accuracy. Trust me, when I say I look hard and long for an electronic replacement. I decided to buy from Old Will Knott Scales because I couldn't find any derogatory reviews about this company. When I received the scale I was more than pleased. It seemed to perform as I'd hoped for, but I soon noticed that it wouldn't calibrate correctly. What drove me nuts was when I removed some propellent from the dish, the weigh would go up instead of down. I called Old Will Knott customer service, and like they say, you actually talk to real people who are concerned. After our conversation I tried it again for a day and called them up again and they sent me a no cost return prepaid label for UPS. I was just informed that my scale wouldn't calibrate for them and a new scale is on the way. As we all know, as important as the product is, the company you buy it from is as important, and maybe even more important. I was informed that these scales are rarely defective and coming from a company like Old Will Knott Scales, why should I think otherwise. I load 45 ACP, and I look forward to getting that replacement. The GemPro 250 reads out to hundreds of a grain. Most of the electronic reloading scales read out to the tenth of a grain. I don't know about you, but one tenth of a grain is a lot of propellant, so it seemed like a natural to go to this scale. I use a Hornady Progressive Lock-N-Load press and my case activated powder drop is amazingly accurate. Before the scale became unreliable, the powder drop was routinely dropping right on or two hundreds of a grain either way of what I was loading. How's that for accuracy? I was using Hodgdon Clay, which is more difficult to load than a ball propellant. The GemPro 250 is a good way to go, and Old Will Knott Scales was certain the other good decision I made. Happy shooting!
    Reviewed by: Roger Grossenbacher from California on 8/27/2012
    My Weigh GemPro 250
    Service and delivery time were excellent. The scale is used to weigh gunpowder for reloading target rifle ammo and it replaces a beam scale that no longer weighs accurately. To this point I've used the GemPro 250 for about 15 different loads and have checked its accuracy several times during the weighing process. It well exceeds the accuracy that I was getting before and has resulted in a measurable reduction in group sizes. I am very pleased with Old Will Knott Scales and the GemPro 250!
    Reviewed by: Lloyd Eby from Harrisburg, PA on 8/23/2012
    GemPro 250 great value.
    I purchased th GemPro 250 for reloading. I actually received a GemPro 500 by mistake. I called and spoke ti Tim Knott, he sent a 250 that day with a return shipping sticker for the 500. Awesome Customer service ! Thanks Tim ! As far as th GemPro 250 I have been checking my loads with my old RCBS & have been pleased so far. I do see casional drift by .02 but I am going to try some of the suggestions I have read here to reduce static electricity. Still my old scale was only accurate to .1 so I can deal with the occasional .02 drift. I justdoble check all my loads before dumping them in the case. Very happy Cusomer.
    Reviewed by: Kelly Smith from Howell Mi on 8/10/2012
    Very Happy
    Nice unit. I bought it to test specific gravities of various materials, and it works great. I fabricated a plastic hanger to suspend materials in water, and the unit performs well.
    Reviewed by: JIm Nelson from Idaho on 8/1/2012
    Thank you for the scale. It was exactly what we needed, and quick delivery...Again Thanks
    Reviewed by: paul kerber from olympia wa on 7/29/2012
    GemPro 250
    I use 3 scales, balance type, another digital, and the GemPro 250. I put an AC Line Filter on my outlet for the GemPro 250 and it helped tremendously with drift. I give this scale credit for improvement in the consistency of my reloads. Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation are both now in the low single digits. For the money, you cannot go wrong. Oldwillknottsscales.com had the best price, shipping and all.
    Reviewed by: JackinSD from South West South Dakota on 7/11/2012
    GemPro 250
    I purchased this scale for reloading. It's nice to have a scale that when you weigh a charge that it weighs the same every time you weigh it! This is the best digital scale I've used!!!
    Reviewed by: Gary Hobbs from USA on 7/6/2012
    My Weigh GemPro 250
    After receiving several good reports about the Gem Pro 250 and Old Will Knott Scales I ordered a 250. Putting it to work, I found out it would not repeat and would drift. I contacted Old Will Knott Scales and Shala (who is a great person for help) responded. She suggested that I don't rush the scale, let it read the weight of the pan. After following her advice, the 250 worked great. I weighed out 40 loads. Set them aside as I always do. I reweighed them again several days later, 39 of them weighed exactly the same load as before. The only 1 off was off by only 1 kernel of powder!!!! Well done Shala, ED
    Reviewed by: Ed from Pennsylvania on 6/27/2012
    Good reloading scale
    For me this is the perfect scale. I had to keep an eye on the zero after about 20 loads, (wander .01 grains) but for the money I am completely satisfied. Good repeatability. I did get a real aluminum powder pan, the one that comes with it works, but has a tiny handle. Later I found that dusting the area with anti-static spray will keep the zero for a 40 - 60 loads. Old Will Knott shipped the item the day I ordered it, and provided a tracking number. Happy customer
    Reviewed by: William from Pacific Northwest on 6/16/2012
    Great Product!
    I read a review of this product in benchrest.com. If anything, it's even better than the review. The scale is very easy to set up and my loads are more consistant than with my old balance-type scale. It's given me the confidence to fine-tune my loads for best accuracy. There's nothing not to like about this product. Get one and you won't be sorry.
    Reviewed by: Ray from North Carolina on 6/3/2012
    GemPro 250
    Outstanding scale! Extremely fast shipping. All customer service should be run like them. Love the scale and will be a lifelong customer to Old Will Knott Scales.
    Reviewed by: Brad from NC on 5/20/2012
    GemPro 250
    I purchased the GemPro 250 to replace an RCBS scale for reloading. As I reload for pistols, accurate weights of light powder charges was very important and I wasn't getting that with the RCBS. It would drift as much as two tenths of a grain and take an excessive time to settle. The GemPro seems to have solved these problems. It settles fast with little or no drift. The .02 grain accuracy gave me a great deal of confidence in the weights. Re-weighing loaded charges showed them to be spot on. So far the GemPro 250 has performed admirably and allowed me to stop obsessing about inaccurate charges. I am very pleased with the unit and look forward to many more precise sessions at the loading bench.
    Reviewed by: Robert from Seattle, WA on 5/16/2012
    Myweigh GemPrro 250 electronic scale
    I am very pleased with the GemPro 250, which I use for reloading ammo. The scale measures to 1/100th of a grain unlike the more typical scales that measure to 1/10th of a grain that are sold by RCBS, Hornady, Lee, and other ammo and reloading supply outlets. The 250 was also $20 less expensive (10%) than my original 1st choice - the RCBS ChargeMaster. It makes sense that the most accurate scale would be designed for jewelers, who have the most to lose from error in weigh measurement of jewels and precious metals. My only negative comment is that the scale, in battery mode, chews up four AAA batteries in a couple of hours. Whatever processing is going on in that little unit is energy intensive. No problem, I'll just plug it in and enjoy the speed and accuracy.
    Reviewed by: Frank Craft from Memphis, TN on 4/12/2012
    GemPro 250 a winner
    Never had service better than Old Will's and I'm very happy with the GemPro 250 scale so far. It does wander a few hundredths of a grain when I'm loading ammunition but that's closer than anything you can find on the regular reloading market. The scale settles on it's reading quickly and stays zeroed well, also. I hope it will continue to give this kind of service as I really like it like this. The price is a bit high but so are all the others and the others don't work near as well.
    Reviewed by: Mike from miles city, mt. on 4/4/2012
    GemPro 250
    The scale is very accurate.I weigh powder charges for accuracy loads. However, the instructions on calibrating the scale are less than adequate. Had to call for help twice. Other than that I like the scale. I gave it five stars due to accuracy alone. I would recommend it, but it really needs better more detailed instructions.
    Reviewed by: Mike Monroe from Jacksonville, FL. on 3/20/2012
    Great Little Reloading Scale
    I've been using this scale for a few weeks now for reloading ammunition and it's been great. It feels a little light in the hand but has a solid feel to the overall build quality. This scale is a little pricier than some other scales I was considering, but in the final analysis I'm not sorry I went with the GemPro after all. It's been fast and easy on my reloading bench and has restored my confidence in my powder charges.
    Reviewed by: Paul from Escondido, CA on 3/15/2012
    Good scale for the price
    I have used the GemPro250 for a couple of weeks now- solely for weighing powder for precision reloading. The repeatability and accuracy is spot on as I check with certified check weights. The only issue I have is that of drift. It seems to move .02 to .04 gr. over the time it takes to drop another powder load. Not every time but enough so that I end up re-calibrating perhaps every third or fourth time. Aside from that it appears to be quite accurate and reliable.
    Reviewed by: Gary B from Virginia on 3/4/2012
    Nice milligram scale, good value
    This is a good value in an accurate milligram scale. I use it to accurately measure nutritional supplements to the milligram. The GemPro 250 hard case is great, but it's hard to get everything packed back into the case, as I don't want to store either of the tray or the scoop on the measuring platform itself. I have two other scales purchased from Old Will Knott, who did a great job packaging all three scales and getting them out to me quickly. All scales arrived in pristine condition.
    Reviewed by: KP from Maryland on 3/2/2012
    Impressive Precision in a Small Package
    My use for this scale is to weigh gun powder charges for reloading purposes. The GemPro 250 is small, compact, portable and able to deliver repeatable accuracy to 2/100ths of a grain, time after time. That is all that one can ask of any scale.
    Reviewed by: Robert S from Florida on 2/6/2012
    GemPro 250
    I reload 9 mm and 357 sig, the first one I received had a problem after two days but Old Will Knott support was quick to replace it with another one. The GemPro 250 is a great scale for reloading.
    Reviewed by: rufus from Chicago on 1/31/2012

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