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My Weigh Palmscale 8 Advance 300

PN: MYWEIGH-PS8-300-P35MFR PN: SCPS8300 5 stars (23) product reviews product questions
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MSRP: $70.99 Old Will's Price: $39.90 Quantity

My Weigh PalmScale 8 Advance - 300 x 0.01 Gram Pocket Scale

It's Innovative ~ It's Gorgeous ~ It's a PalmScale!
300 gram capacity x 0.01 gram resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power2 AAA Batteries (included)
DisplayReverse Lit LCD
Tare FeatureYes
Protective CoverHinged
Calibration FeatureYes
Count FeatureNo
Platform Size2.7" x 2.5"
Scale Size4.75" x 3.25" x 0.7"
Weighing Modes7

Included Accessories

  • 5.0" x 3.3" VibraKill® Pad
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • One 200 Gram Calibration Weights
  • Protective Pouch
  • Expansion Tray
  • Expansion Bowl
  • Scoop
  • Tweezers

Weighing Modes

Mode: Grams Capacity: 300.0 gResolution: 0.01 g
Mode: OuncesCapacity: 10.582 ozResolution: 0.001 oz
Mode: CaratsCapacity: 1500.0 ctResolution: 0.1 ct
Mode: GrainsCapacity: 4629.7 gnResolution: 0.1 gn
Mode: PennyweightsCapacity: 192.90 dwtResolution: 0.01 dwt
Mode: 1/8 OuncesCapacity: 84.655 1/8 ozResolution: 0.005 1/8 oz
Mode: 1/4 OuncesCapacity: 42.328 1/4 ozResolution: 0.002 1/4 oz

Product Details

Hydro-Hinge TechnologyPush the switch on the side of the scale and stand as the PalmScale's Hydro-Hinged cover slowly opens up for weighing. You'll be saying OooooEeeee when you see this scale in action.

It'll Even Calculate Prices!The newest in the PalmScale series. This mini scale has a lot of new features and included in this list is the easy to use, price calculating function. To use this feature, simply set your price using the arrow keys on the scale. Once ya have your price set just weigh your items, the PalmScale will automatically calculate the price for you. Use this feature to calculate prices for jewelry pieces and more!

Really Cool, Reverse-Lit DisplayThis mini scale has a really cool looking reverse lit LCD weight display. Instead of boring ol' black digits, you get bright white digits on a dark looks great and it's easy to read.

Rubberized CasingMy Weigh designed this pocket scale with a special rubberized casing to keep it from slipping out of your hands. This helps minimize accidental drops and shocks.

It Has WeighMeter™ Technology!If ya put too much weight, (more than the capacity of the scale) on any scale it can cause permanent damage. Unfortunately, most scales warn ya of an overload after it's too late. Luckily this digital scale comes with WeighMeter Technology to tell ya when you're coming close to the maximum capacity. This will save ya from overloading your scale and damaging it beyond repair.

Useful AccessoriesThe PalmScale 8 comes with great accessories. Use the VibraKill® Pad under this mini scale to keep vibrations from messing up your weight readings, and the calibration weight to keep it nice and accurate. If you're looking to use the Palm as a diamond scale or carat scale, the expansion bowl and expansion tray are perfect for weighing those teeny tiny jewelry pieces, and the included tweezers and scoop (they're stored inside the scale so ya don't lose 'em) make picking up those pieces easy. You even get batteries and a protective pouch to keep your scale nice and safe when ya aren't using it.

Easy CalibrationThis scale comes factory calibrated and ready to use. Just in case ya need to calibrate it, the Palm 8 comes with easy to follow calibration instructions. Just use the included calibration weight to get the job done.

Tare FeatureThe tare button on the front of this digital jewelry scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This sure is useful when ya want to use the cover as an expansion tray to weigh your things, or if ya want to get separate weights of multiple items.

Stainless Steel PlatformThis digital pocket scale has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. Unlike gold or silver, stainless steel doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

Kill Those Vibrations With VibraKill®Did ya know that vibrations can cause a scale's reading to bounce around from one weight to another? Included with this mini scale is a VibraKill® Pad to keep vibrations, (caused by everyday items like, your fridge, nearby music, your washing machine, etc...) from messing up your weighing.

Man, This Thing Is Tiny!You won't have to worry about this scale taking up space. It's just over five inches long, and less than an inch thick! You can take this scale pretty much anywhere ya want...stick it in a pack, purse, or in your shirt pocket.

It Remembers The Last Unit Ya UsedIf your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the My Weigh PalmScale 8 turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when ya turned it off.

Auto-Off FeatureIf ya have ever had the batteries in something run out because you forgot to turn it off, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. The PS-8 will automatically turn off after a few moments of inactivity, saving battery power and money.

30 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

Additional Images

My Weigh - PocketScale 8-300 - HydroHinge TechnologyMy Weigh - PocketScale 8-300 - Close Up Of Display Panel

Customer Reviews

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Great scale 5 stars

Scale and company is a great contact to have .

Reviewed by: James morgan from Massachusetts on (5/2/2016)
Flimsy 1 stars

The scale arrived being good packed with padding and carefully placed in the box. However the scale itself is flimsy and the buttons would not last long. Sometimes the weight would not register right. Especially when measuring milligrams, it tries to nullify the numbers instead of increasing it . It was shame I did not try the scale before purchasing it. Am I happy with this purchase - I don't think so.

Reviewed by: Vlad from Pittsburgh on (1/18/2016)
Durable 5 stars

I have had my Palmscale for 1.5 years and boy can it take a beating! I use it to measure small amounts of oils (fixed oils, essential oils, & fragrance oils) for soap making and I have accidently spilled oils all over the thing including the screen and it just keeps going! The oils I work with are so volatile the buttons have broken off but I use a toothpick now to turn it off/on and move though the weighing modes. I thought it was going to break a long time ago and I would need to order another one, nope! It still going! May not be pretty after all I've done to it but it STILL works!

Reviewed by: Soap Maker from New Mexico on (1/3/2016)
Fast Shipment & Great Scale 5 stars

Scale was only 0.01 grams off for 200 gram weight out of the box. Calibrated easily and was dead on for 100, 50 and 20 gram weights. Seems very durable and easy to use except for my big fingers on the small buttons. There were no tweezers or scoop in the package, but that wasn't real important to me.

Reviewed by: Michael Simmona from Marietta,GA on (9/16/2015)
palmscale reveiw 3 stars

Pro: Nice compact inexpensive scale which I use for weighing small amounts of placer gold dust. Seems accurate however I recommend buying a 50 gram calibration weight to insure accuracy with smaller weights. I don't have a small cal weight so I can't say whether it is accurate or not at small weights. I like that it comes with leather sleeve and a 200gm calibration weight. .Con: small LCD screen and Chinese manufacture are negatives. china is at the bottom of the chart in my book because of their extremely poor human rights and environmental standards.

Reviewed by: Britt from sacramento ca. on (6/12/2015)
Wow best for the $$$$ 5 stars

Wow very fast shipping and it works great straight from the package. Great company and will use again if needed. Thanks OldWill's

Reviewed by: Robin Swan Jr from Oklahoma on (5/19/2015)
Sweeet 5 stars

This scale is wicked sweet. it was everything I needed wanted and then some!

Reviewed by: Jared from NH on (4/16/2015)
wow 5 stars

This scale is the baddest scale on the market I can't believe how amazing it is I went threw 3 scales before I found this one ohh in less than a week lol and I use all the accessories with it its awesome thanks palmscale for making such a great scale and thinks old will Knott scales for letting Me find them and for the cheapest price on the net.

Reviewed by: brandon from Frankfort ky on (6/6/2014)
Palmscale 8 Advance-300 5 stars

I drooled over this scale for years as my buddy has had it for over five years now. Now I finally own my own, and it is as perfect as expected. Old Will, you guys are wonderful! My package arrived within a week. I must say I am very impressed with Old Will's website functionality and user friendliness. I am now a customer for life, however being is that these PalmScales last forever it may be a while before I'm back ;).

Reviewed by: Chris from Chicago on (3/18/2013)
Great scale! 5 stars

This is a really good scale. I use it for measuring ingredients and coffee beans. I could have gotten something less expensive and less advanced, but I liked the size and features and figured what the heck!

Reviewed by: Jeremy from Boston on (3/4/2013)
Sweet little scales 5 stars

First off your service is amazing ! I ordered Friday afternoon it is here Monday morning !It was packed very well and the scale works great.I will be using you the next time I need scales.THANK FOR THE GREAT SERVICE !

Reviewed by: clinton jones from Washington state on (2/11/2013)
palm scale 8 5 stars

I used to own this scale and its one of the best ever. the one thing that sucked the most is if u have a fan on a window open or a furnace going it would throw it off. otherwise this scale is the shisnit

Reviewed by: eric from Des Moines ,Iowa on (2/3/2013)
Great Scale. Great Upgrade 5 stars

I've been looking for a new scale and finally decided to order this one. After a couple weeks of using it, I am absolutely satisfied! I used to only have a scale that read to the tenths. Now with the Palmscale I could read my products to the hundredths place. All accessories included are great. You get EVERYTHING you would possibly need plus more. VibraKill pad is awesome. Loved how it included all the weighing trays and a calibration weight. When I put the 200g calibration weight on it tells me it's 199.97g though but not a major deal to me.

Reviewed by: Dan from New Jersey on (1/27/2013)
Great scale for the money. 5 stars

This scale will do everything you want it to accurately and consistently. I highly recommend this unit.

Reviewed by: Dan from USA on (12/4/2012)
Must buy 5 stars

Great scale. Best one I've had and I've had quite a few. U will not be disappointed with it. Very easy to operate and settings-wise. sleek and looks the part. Calculates the price of your product once you set the benchmark. Comes with two different sized trays that fit like a glove. As well as a weight for calibration and check. Must buy for anyone that takes weighing seriously. Oh and accuracy is second to none. First time buyer and Lifelong customer from here on out.

Reviewed by: Raph from Deerfield Beach, FL on (11/29/2012)
Very Good Scale for the Money 5 stars

This scale is one of the best scales I've ever owned! The different functions and the sensitivity of the scale is very satisfactory. The calibration weight that comes with the scale is a plus!

Reviewed by: Aaron from Texas on (11/10/2012)
Great scale! 4 stars

After doing a multitude of searches on Google i decided upon the PalmScale 8. I honestly have to say this scale is absolutely great. PROS: extremely accurate, Portable, plenty of extras, and sleek. I've owned many scales in my day and this ranks among the top tier of entry level jewelry scales. Great if ur on the GO!!!! Oh and max Weight meter is a big +++++++++. CONS: The trays provided cause the scale to fluctuate due to the way they rest on the actual weighing platform. Small issue that is resolved by using ur own dish or receptacle.

Reviewed by: Chadwick from Central Florida on (10/30/2012)
Good Scale 5 stars

Love the features on the scale, but when it arrived it seemed to have an issue holding calibration. Thanks to Will Knott having exceptional customer service I am getting a replacement at no extra charge. This company is definitely a class act and they now have my business from this point forward. Thanks so much guys!

Reviewed by: Drew from New Jersey on (9/13/2012)
Best Customer service ever 5 stars

This product is great but the customer service of this company is even better. The staff knows what they are talking about and took care of my problem with no questions asked. I will shop here for all of my needs for life. Great job guys!!

Reviewed by: Michael from San Diego on (9/1/2012)
Overall nice scale 4 stars

Recieved scale in a timely manner and with no damage or missing parts. Seems to take a bit longer than other pocket scales to turn on and "set itself" if you need to work quickly also the auto-opening cover doesn't really work that well. Overall a good unit with a great warranty!

Reviewed by: Bryan from Wheaton, IL on (6/14/2012)
gold scales palmscale 8 advance 300 5 stars

good scales does what i need it too

Reviewed by: Ron from oregon on (5/27/2012)
Nice Scale. 5 stars

Scale does what it says. Can't beat the warranty. The little scoop does not stay put but we don't move the scale allot so no problem. Will Knott will give ya some great service!

Reviewed by: Daniel from Sacramento, California on (4/2/2012)
Just right 5 stars

We ordered this scale for weighing fine gold. It works great for what we need, very precise with such small amounts. The package came right away. We are very pleased with the service and the product, Thanks

Reviewed by: William Winter from Tillamook, Oregon on (3/9/2012)

Questions and Answers

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Q: I will need to weigh in carats, Will this scale read low weights such as .5ct and maybe lower? I have seen some scales that don't register that low weight. Thanks Asked by: Alan (2/17/2016) answer this question

A: Hello there Alan,

This scale in particular will weigh as low as .1 ct all the way up to a maximum 1500 ct.

Thank you,

Answered by: Veronica (2/18/2016)
0 of 0 found this helpful. Did you?
Q: How would I weigh in Troy oz? Asked by: Alan (3/25/2016) answer this question

A: Hey there Alan,

The Palmscale 300 does not weigh in Troy Ounces.

The Palmscale 800, however, does have the Troy Ounce mode.

Take care,

Answered by: Brandon (3/30/2016)
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Q: Hi. Do you know the minimal registered weight change on this scale? I'll need it to measure 0.01 gramms (drops of liquild) accurately. Asked by: Dmitry (3/27/2015) answer this question

No answers yet

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