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    Jennings UltraSport V2-50 Jennings UltraSport V2-50 The Jennings UltraSport V2-50 - Rear View The Jennings UltraSport V2-50 - Showing Tape Measure Deployed

    Jennings / JScale UltraSport V2-50 Digital Utility and Fishing Scale

    With a built in tape measure and temperature mode
    50 kilogram capacity x 0.02 kilogram resolution

    "In A Nutshell"
    Power2 CR2032 batteries (included)
    Main ColorBlack
    Display0.6" backlit LCD
    Tare FeatureYes
    Weighs WithHook
    Hook Size2" x 1"
    Scale Size4" x 2" x 0.9"
    Weighing Modes3

    Weighing Modes

    Mode: PoundsCapacity:110.00 lbResolution:0.02 lb
    Mode: OuncesCapacity:1750.0 ozResolution:0.1 oz
    Mode: KilogramsCapacity:50.00 kgResolution:0.02 kg

    Product Details

    It's Gonna Be Hard To Break This Thing This tiny little fish scale sure packs a punch. The UltraSport V250 has a durable metal housing to keep it safe from bangs and bumps, and it's splash resistant making it the perfect scale to take with ya on those fishing and camping trips.

    Bright Backlit Display You'll be able to see your weight readings anywhere thanks to UltraSport's fancy backlit display. So, if ya decide to go fishing at night, you'll still be able to weigh your lucky catch.

    Built In Tape Measure Not only can you weigh your stuff, you can measure it too with this digital sports scale's built in tape measure. This can come in real handy for fishing, hunting and even shipping. Measure items up to 39 inches long.

    Tare Feature Need to weigh your stuff in a bag or net? Not a problem. Use the tare feature on this hanging scale to remove the weight of your net or bag before ya put your items in it. Now, ya get the weight of what ya put in the net and not the weight of the net itself.

    Hold Feature This feature will keep your weight reading on the display, and it'll keep it there until ya clear it or turn it off. This can really help ya weigh and record your weights quickly.

    Auto-Off Feature If ya have ever had the batteries in something run out because you forgot to turn it off, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. The UltraSport V2 50 will automatically turn off after a few moments of inactivity, saving battery power and money.

    20 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this fishing scale, just send it to Jennings' warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes Jennings runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

    Product Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    from 7 customer reviews.
    Problem out of the box
    Bought these scales and they have never performed correctly from the start. I have other scales to measure accuracy on a standard weight item and these always give inaccurate readings. Problem with calibration is that the calibration weight is expensive--about 4 times what the scale costs. I don't recommend anyone to waste their money on these scales
    Reviewed by: Shawn from Lawrenceville, GA on 10/17/2014
    Great scales
    Great scales and great price, shipped promptly too. be hard pressed to find any better. Thanks agian!!!!
    Reviewed by: Darrell from Kaw City Ok on 7/7/2014
    Jennings UltraSport V2-50
    Very Nice Scale for the money. Seems reliable and is easy to use...
    Reviewed by: Richard White from Fresno California on 1/19/2014
    I purchased two scales for my husband and daughters fiance. They love them! They are catching 20 - 40 lb. Catfish. The scales are very accurate. I was very impressed with the staff. Very helpful,respectful and polite. You will remain bookmarked on my tablet for my fisherman!
    Reviewed by: Nancy from Lincolnton,N.C. on 12/31/2013
    jenning / jscale untrasport 50
    I bought it for the 20 yr warranty. I have tried every scale on the market and this scale after repeated testing is the accurate scale there is. most digital scales go bad within 5 yrs with very little use. any new batteries in this scale last about 20 weighs. I have asked Jennings to convert this over to AA batteries.
    Reviewed by: fish em hard from cincinnati, oh on 9/25/2013
    JScale UltraSport V2-50 Digital Utility and Fish Scale Review
    Purchased this to get rid of non-digital scale for weighing fish. Tare feature works great with Net - does not hold tare in memory - after figuring this out, I just subtract the tare weight from the fish in the net - has been very accurate. The handle is kind of small and difficult to hold when weighing a 40+ lb in the net. Took that handle off, added my own custom using rubber piping. Tare will have to be adjusted if changing the handle At least on my fishing net weight - (not sure why here). Overall, rugged and works great. Has been accurate to a few ounces when weighing at a bait house for the jackpot! :)
    Reviewed by: Jonathan from Cincinnati, Ohio on 5/17/2013
    JScale UltraSport V2-50 Digital Utility and Fish Scale Review
    I'm very happy with this product, I consider it an excellent product, especially for the price. I have used it as a luggage scale on two occasions to prevent going over the weight limit on a checked bag. The unit is very light and small so you can take it on a trip to aid in packing on the way home. I have also used it to measure spring force in a couple of informal experiments. The "Tare" feature is very handy. My complaints are minor: 1. The on/off button is very easily pressed. You can't simply stuff it in a suitcase because light pressure will turn the scale on and run the battery down. The simple fix is to remove the batteries if you're transporting the scale. 2. The handle is not large and can be uncomfortable to hold if you're trying to weigh a heavy object. I've weighed an object up to 50 pounds, which is less than half the capacity of the scale, and it wasn't easy to hold the scale and read it at the same time. 3. The hook is bare metal and can mar some surfaces. I went to the hardware store and bought some plastic tubing for a few cents that I cut to length and slipped over the hook to prevent it from marring objects being weighed. You will have to use the "Tare" feature to re-zero the scale after adding the tubing since the plastic tubing will change the weight of the hook slightly.
    Reviewed by: John S. from DFW Texas on 12/29/2012

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