The 7001DX Silver has been discontinued by My Weigh. Check out the 7001DX Black instead.

My Weigh 7001DX Digital Bird Scale - Silver

Special avian edition comes with a small bird perch.
7000 gram capacity x 1 gram resolution

My Weigh 7001 DX with included weighing perch
"In A Nutshell"
Color Silver
Power 3 AA batteries (included)
AC adapter (optional)
Display Red Backlit LCD
Calibration External : 5kg
Platform Size 5.9" x 5.4"
Perch Size Perch 1" diameter
Stand 4.75" tall.
Scale Size 8.1" x 6.1" x 1.3"
Weighing Modes 4

Included Accessories

7001DX's included clear plastic weighing bowl 7001 DX's included shipping tube holder 7001DX's included envelope holder Three included triple A batteries for the 7001dx
  • Clear Plastic Weighing Bowl

  • Shipping Tube Holding Attachment

  • Envelope Holding Attachment

  • Three AA Batteries

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Pounds : Ounces 15lb : 7 oz 0.1 oz
Pounds 15.450 lb 0.002 lb
Grams 7000 g 1 g
Kilograms 7.000 kg 0.001 kg

Product Details

Bird Perch IncludedThis special edition 7001DX comes complete with a small bird perch for weighing your feathered friends. This bird perch has a round perch that is 1" in diameter, and stands 4.75" tall.

Programmable Auto-Off FeatureIf you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program the 7001DX to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

Bright Backlit DisplayThis avian scale has a fancy backlit display to help ya see your weight readings, even in dim lighting. Not only that! This digital scale's display will tell ya if it's holding a weight, if ya pressed the tare button, and the unit you're weighing with.

Adjustable Display AngleThis bird scale makes it easy to read your weight readings whether you're sitting right in front of the scale, or standing over it. All ya have to do is lift up the display to the angle that works for you.

Tare FeatureThe tare button on the front of this digital scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the item you're adding. This sure is useful when ya want to use the included attachments, or if ya want to get the weight of each ingredient for that delicious recipe.

Hold FeatureThis feature lets ya remove weight from the scale and keep the weight reading on the display. This sure comes in handy if ya need to remove your item from the scale, or if you're having trouble seeing the weight display.

It Remembers The Last Unit Ya UsedIf your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the 7001-DX turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when ya turned it off.

Three Useful AttachmentsThe 7001DX is super versatile. Use it with the included weighing bowl to turn it into a kitchen scale, stick the shipping tube or letter holder on to use the 7001 as a nice shipping scale, or weigh your items directly on the platform.
The 7001DX is your answer for multi-purpose weighing.

30 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!If ya have a problem with this digital scale, just send it to My Weigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix it or replace it, and send it on its way back to ya within two working days.

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