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My Weigh Elite XXL High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale
With Extra-Large Platform

Gorgeous design and HUGE, 19.75" platform.
485 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power 1 CR2032 Battery (included)
Display 1.75" non-backlit LCD
Main Color Silver
Memory No
BIA Feature No
BMI Feature No
Platform Size 19.75" x 15.75"
Scale Size 19.75" x 15.75" x 1.25"
Weighing Modes 2

Included Accessories

  • One Long Life Lithium Battery

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Mode: Pounds Capacity: 485.0 lb Resolution: 0.2 lb
Mode: Kilograms Capacity: 220.0 kg Resolution: 0.1 kg

Product Details

It's Ginormous! The Elite XXL is by far the biggest personal bathroom scale we offer. This scale has a whoppin' 19.75 inch by 15.75 inch platform. Before ya spend your dough on this mighty scale, make sure ya have room!

Sleek Design, Sure To Complement Any Home If you're looking to buy a great looking bathroom scale for your home, look no further. The My Weigh Elite XXL is an affordable scale with the looks and features of a high dollar instrument. The Elite's silver, glass platform is just under half an inch thick and extra durable to support its 485 pound capacity. This bathroom scale's sleek platform is complemented with its extra-large weight display. The result, a gorgeous bathroom scale that will be a great addition to any home.

Extra Large Weighing Platform The new My Weigh EliteXXL has a super large, 19.75" weighing platform that is low to the ground and extra durable.

Big 1.75" Weight Display That's right, this high capacity bariatric scale has an LCD with digits that are just under two inches tall. You won't have a problem seeing you weight with those.

Step And Weigh Feature You won't have to bother bending down to switch this bathroom scale on...just step on. The scale will turn on and you can get to weighing. Pretty easy, huh?

Extra-Sturdy Glass Platform This My Weigh bariatric scale has an extra sturdy glass platform for weighing up to 485 pounds. This platform looks great and, since the weight display is under the glass, cleaning this thing will be easy as pie.

30 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 40 customer reviews.
This is a good scale received in excellent condition 3 days after ordering. No surprizes, its a large scale perfect for anyone in the big category or old and shaky and the numbers are very big for easy viewing. Simple to use get on and look down. No tapping to turn on, no trying to see small numbers, no balancing acts, no trying to see which number you are in memory, no lifting your foot up 5 inches to even step on the thing. Just step on it and look down. Easy. Buy it.
Reviewed by: Minnie from OH on 12/25/2018
Solves the problem
Was looking for a scale that would provide a more stable reading for a heavy fellow with some balance problems. This scale is exactly what we needed. He is able to stand and be still long enough to get a good reading.

I do wish the reading would stay on the readout a little bit longer, but this is a great scale.
Reviewed by: Wendy from Madison WI on 11/14/2018

Reviewed by: OLDER USER from on 11/13/2018
just what the doctor ordered!....solid, stable, and definitely large enough for a handicapped person to stand on comfortably and safely.
Reviewed by: DB from Georgia on 10/20/2018
Scale works very well. Step on and bingo there is your weight in nice large numbers. Just don't for get to pull the plastic tap out of the battery box under the scale. (that step is not in the directions.)
Reviewed by: Ben from MN on 8/13/2018
Love It
I have no complaints about the product.

Finding a place to keep it because of the size is the only issue. But, I did and I have weighed myself and cried. Now I am working harder then ever to lose the weight.
Reviewed by: SanG from on 7/15/2018
Good scale for disabled, obese patient.
I got the scale for an obese patient who is an amputee. She can crawl onto the scale on her knees and we finally are able to get a weight on her.
Reviewed by: My weigh elite XXL from on 6/20/2018
Good scale for large luggage
Was helped on the phone to pick this scale. Needed a large footprint scale to weigh luggage for trips. Much easier than the sprint models and much easier on my back to lift onto scales. VERY EASY to read and worked well right out of the box. Thanks for your help in selecting just the right scale for my purpose.
Reviewed by: Richard from Chesterfield, MO on 3/21/2018
Overall satisfied
The scale is plenty big and that was what I was looking for as I have size 13 feet. It seems to be accurate as to what my actual weight is. The only negative I have experienced is that the display does not light up. If I step on the scale and it is dark where I have it (in this case in my hallway) then I have to turn on the room light to see what the weight is. My old scale lit up when you stood on it, so that is what I'm used to.
Reviewed by: Mike from Arkansas on 3/14/2018
Bought it for my Grandaughter. She loves it.
Reviewed by: Frank Hansen from Mi on 3/13/2018
my weigh elite xxl-silver
Excellent product and great value for the money!
Reviewed by: rbtwhl from on 2/23/2018
scale xxl one
I had previously bought one for my household and we both thoroughly enjoy the wonderful and big scale and it very

accurate as i always weigh myself at home and then at the doc's office when i go for my appointment. This one i bought

for my future Mother-in-law and she absolutely loves it and thought it was a wonderful gift as she needed a new one

and enjoyed using ours when she visited here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and keep up the great work.
Reviewed by: D.K. from on 12/23/2017
So far we are very please with this product. Very glad to have found your site.
Reviewed by: Wmcewan from Florida on 12/15/2017
So far we are very please with this product. Very glad to have found your site.
Reviewed by: Wmcewan from Florida on 12/15/2017
finally I have found a scale that I can stand on with confidence I won't fall off. being overweight in it self is terrible but not being able to stand with your feet to tightly together so you fit isn't pleasant at all. this scale has room to get yourself balanced. the numbers are a great size to be able to read. glad I found this scale.
Reviewed by: bardi from arizona on 11/7/2017
Just What Was Needed
My sister is over 360# and has lymphedema in her legs, so it is impossible for her to stand on the "tiny" scales that are in doctor's offices and available for home use. And now with congestive heart failure, it is necessary for her to weigh herself EVERYDAY. I did a lot of research on the computer and this was the ONLY scale that I found that was large enough for her to stand on. Plus it is so low to the floor that she is able to lift her feet just enough to get on the scale. And she can easily see the numbers. The Rehabilitation Center that she is currently in, has even taken to letting her use this scale for THEIR record of her weight. This scale is well worth every penny and we have no complaints about it. It is performing it's function perfectly.
Reviewed by: C. Bishop from on 7/3/2017
Pleased with appearance and operation. Nice product!
Reviewed by: Bob homolka from on 6/13/2017
Review of My Weigh Elite XXL
I am extremely please with this scale. It is wide enough for my large feet and frame. I weigh 446. It's the first home scale I have ever felt comfortable and stable on. So glad my online research lead me to the website and this scale. I have also been very impressed that it displays the exact same weight as my doctors professional scale every time. I decided to purchase the scale because it is time for me to begin my journey on losing weight and I know this scale will be a great asset.
Reviewed by: John Norrell from Louisville, KY on 5/8/2017
Not accurate
I was thrilled when I first got this scale. Love the width, but it is definitely not accurate. I think most digital scales will read different weights if you get on them more than once, but this scale's readings are definitely off. I would return it but it's too much trouble to pack it up and ship it. It would be nice if the display lit up and stayed on longer than 10 seconds also.
Reviewed by: Kathy from on 4/29/2017
Was Looking For a LARGE body Scale For my Aging Mother To weigh On and Something she would stand on And Not be afraid she would take a fall If she used ,This more the Filled the bill It is Low to The ground AND extra wide For Plenty of Feet Room ,GREAT choice & Momma Did Not Try & fight letting go of the walker to step On The scale THANK YOU!
Reviewed by: Daughter from on 1/26/2017
scale keeps saying I weigh too much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect scale for a large man or women. I have trouble standing straight and the large scale works me. Make sure you have room for it.
Reviewed by: dan lynch from SD on 10/20/2016
Don't Buy!
This scale arrived completely broken, with exposed and broken wiring in the back and and broken pieces. It was poorly designed with uncovered wires on the bottom.

Luckily, the company apologized and made it easy to return.
Reviewed by: G. Sherwood from on 10/7/2016
worked at lower weight, but not higher weight
Got this for my son. It weighed me correctly (220), but his weight wouldn't lock into the LED read outs (460). I know he wasn't over weight for the scale as the Doctor weighed him the week before we purchased this scale. Old Will Knott Scale made it very easy for me to return it, suggested another scale for us to try. Thanks Brandon!
Reviewed by: H Miller from on 7/1/2016
Extremely pleased
I originally purchased a different scale at a popular big box store. That scale was highly recommended. Good price but the scale kept sticking and would show a weight from several days prior. After fiddling around, the scale worked. This became a common occurrence and was frustrating. I returned it and then purchased MyWeigh. I have been extremely pleased. This scale is accurate and very easy to use and read. I highly recommend it. Besides, who else (answer: no one!) offers a multiple decade warranty!
Reviewed by: Jim K from Green Bay WI on 4/5/2016
Exactly what I needed
I purchased this scale for my mother who for various reasons has poor balance and difficulty walking. The dimensions allow me to weigh her safely her without the fear of her falling which is why I bought it in the first place. It's sleek and can easily be slid under a bed when not in use. Excellent product.
Reviewed by: Joe M from Northport NY on 1/21/2016
Great customer service
I bought this scale because of its extra wide platform and really glad I did! It works more like the scale in the doctors office, very accurate and easy to get on and off. Customer service was fantastic! My first scale arrived quickly but unfortunately broken. But I made one call and they sent me another one immediately. The second one worked perfectly! Very happy with my purchase and the company.
Reviewed by: Beth from Myrtle Beach, SC on 1/19/2016
Love it!
I absolutely love this scale. As a big man I have had a difficult time getting accurate weights at home even with scales that are designed for 350 pounds. The problem is that other scales are small and the weight depends on how I stand on them. so if I weigh four time in a row I can get four different weights up to 10 pounds apart. With the MY WEIGHT ELITE XXL my weight locks in and it doesn't matter how I stand on the scale. I can weigh myself ten times in a row standing differently each time and I get the same weight. (Yes I tried that the first day I received it). The scale is huge and my big feet fit on it easily. But even with its size the scale is attractive and sleek looking. My wife likes the appearance in our Master Bathroom.
Reviewed by: Darrell from Beaumont on 12/17/2015
My Weigh Elite XXL High Capacity Scale
I purchased the scale for law enforcement officers to weigh in. I have not put the scale to the test as of today, however it is very accurate and durable. So far so good. I think it is going to work out well for the purpose that we purchased it.
Reviewed by: James McClelland from USFWS on 4/28/2015
Excellent product
Reviewed by: Mark from Kansas on 3/13/2015
Great Product
I ordered this because of its size. I have mobility issues, one of which is balance. I thought perhaps with a larger surface I might be able to stay on the scale long enough to get a reading - and it works!! Also, my husband has size 14/15 feet. This scale easily has enough room to allow him to stand on it and get an accurate reading. We have had NO PROBLEMS and I'm so glad I found this product!!!
Reviewed by: Diane from Salina KS on 11/20/2014
My Weigh Elite XXL bathroom scall
It is a beautiful glass topped scale, low to the ground, very large and accurate. Perfect for someone with balance issues or someone who has trouble lifting his/her leg very high. The digital readout is easy to see while standing, although it is not lighted. I would recommend it to anyone, but you should have a fair sized bathroom as it takes quite a bit of room.
Reviewed by: Laura D from Illinois on 6/4/2014
great scale and looks nice but warning it is huge
we love the scale and luckily it fits in the bathroom ok...its accurate to our doctors office scale and is super fast. a good buy.
Reviewed by: alvaro from tacoma wa on 11/4/2013
Best scale for overweight people
I have had trouble with previous scales due to them never being wide enough. This would cause me to wobble on them and couldn't get an accurate weight. This scale solves all of the above. I weigh just over 300 pounds and can step on this very wide scale and be very comfortable. It gives an accurate weight. I've always been afraid to get a glass scale as I feared they would break with my weight. This scale is heavy duty. I would not hesitate to recommend this scale to family and friends.
Reviewed by: Brenda Nash from Illinois on 9/3/2013
Just what I needed
I needed a scale with a wide base due to issues with my legs. This scale is perfect for my needs. Very easy to use and very easy to read. It will get daily use! Delivery was very fast. Packing was perfect! Thanks for such great service. (I just need to remember to buy batteries!) I have already talked to my nurse practitioner about your company so she can share with other patients who may be in need.
Reviewed by: rosanne from Quincy, MA on 6/8/2013
As Advertised Scale
Excellent scale for this 325# 66 year old with size 15 feet. Low platform height and large platform with easy to read display makes weighing effortless.
Reviewed by: Jimbo from Wildsville, LA on 12/22/2012
Elite XXL Scale
I am very pleased with this scale love the large platform. Would recommend the scale to everyone that needs a scale with a capacity over 350 pounds.
Reviewed by: Michael Curley from Fenton Iowa on 12/15/2012
elite xxl
great scales for my 93 yr old dad he can see the numbers and it doesnt have all the other numbers so its not confusing just give his weight
Reviewed by: faith manasco from prairie grove ar on 10/17/2012
I am very happy with the scale we boutht. I am most happy with the way your co. conducts it's self. Wayne
Reviewed by: Wayne Dillabaugh from 253 Becker RD.,Butler, pa. 16002 on 7/27/2012
Great Scale
This is a wonderful scale. I like the big numbers. Also, it is perfect for me because it goes up to 450 pounds - I believe.
Reviewed by: Gary from Wisconsin on 6/7/2012
Pleased with the scale
We are very pleased with the bathroom scale we purchased. We like this scale because the platform is large and roomy for my husband's size 14 feet. The scale is easy to read with its large digital numbers. We also like the sleek modern look of the scale. We would recommend this scale to everyone. We are very happy with it. Also, the price was very reasonable. This was the first time we purchased a scale from this company and were very happy with their service.
Reviewed by: Janet from Nashville, TN on 5/24/2012

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