These soft shields have been discontinued and we're all out.

6 Pack - Soft Plastic Shields
For My Weigh KD-7000 & KD8000

Some folks prefers these over the original hard shield

KD7000 KD8000 Soft Shield Display Protectors
"In A Nutshell"
Compatible WithMy Weigh KD-7000
My Weigh KD-8000
MaterialSoft Plastic

Product Details

Two My Weigh scales, the KD7000 and KD8000, come equipped with a swiveling hard clear plastic shields that covers the whole front area of the scale. Some folks aren't as sloppy as others when they're measuring whatever gunk they're working with, and prefer this smaller shield.
These shields allow ya to take off the removable hard shield, so you're able to push the control buttons without having to swivel the original shield up, yet you're still protecting the weight display. They're designed to precisely cover the KD's weight display and control buttons. They do a good job of preventing whatever gunk you're measuring from fouling up your scale.
When ya get too much gunk ruining the view of your scale's weight readout, you'll need another of these specially designed swiveling shields to replace that used and abused shield. Some of our customers go through lots of these things... especially you soap makers and candle makers.

Product Reviews

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My Weigh KD 8000
I can't believe how quickly the scale arrived. I am extremely pleased with my choice. The scale is very accurate and it weighs out all of my ingredients for my soaps with great accuracy. I am defiently telling my friends about this scale and where they can purchase it. I checked several sights and Old Will Knot Scales had the best price of all of them. The customer service was phenominal. I am deffinately letting everyone know. Thank you!
Reviewed by: Carol from on 11/22/2016
Soft Shields
These are cheap and functional. These are much more "practical" in use then the hard plastic cover, which is a pain and always in the way. The only problem for "picky people" might be they don't attach. They are form fitted and you simply tape them in place around the edges. To begin with, you don't "need" a cover at all, unless you work with a really messy process or messy environment and want to protect the touch pad. Actually, most scales of this type don't offer any protection option at all for their touch pads. These come in a package of six and I already know five of these will never be needed with what I do. Good value and Best option.
Reviewed by: William Nenna from South Bend, IN on 2/23/2016

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