This scale has been discontinued by My Weigh. Check out the PD750 Extreme or the PD750L.

My Weigh PD-750 High Capacity Bariatric Scale

Great obesity scale with remote display for easy readings
750 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

The My Weigh PD-750 digital bariatric scale
"In A Nutshell"
Power AC adapter (included)
4 AA batteries (not included)
Display Green, backlit LCD
Main Color White
Memory No
BIA Feature No
BMI Feature No
Platform Size 14" x 14" x 3.5"
Display Size 6.5" x 3.25"
Weighing Modes 2

Included Accessories

AC power adapter RS232 serial cable Mounting bracket for the remote display
  • AC Power Adapter

  • RS-232 Serial Cable

  • Mounting Bracket For Remote Display

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Pounds 750.0 lb 0.2 lb
Kilograms 330.0 kg 0.1 kg

Product Details

RS232 Computer PortThis heavy duty scale has an RS-232 serial port so ya can send those weight readings to your computer or printer. This will save you from having to write down your weights...the RS-232 cable is even included!

Digital Remote Weight DisplayIf you've ever had a tough time seeing the weights on your scale's display you'll know what a great feature this is. My Weigh designed this bariatric scale with a backlit, digital weight display that pulls away from the scale so ya can see your weights easily, and, the display's cord reaches six feet long!

Durable, White Enamel Baked PlatformThe PD 750 has a durable, enamel baked platform that, not only resists rust and corrosion, but is also easy to keep clean and non-slip thanks to the raised pattern.

Easy To Clean Membrane KeypadYou won't have to worry about dust and dirt getting stuck under and around this scale's buttons...The PD750 has an easy to clean membrane keypad with accurately labeled keys for easy weighing.

Programmable Auto-Off FeatureIf you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program the PD-750 to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

Adjustable FeetTo make sure ya get the most accurate weight readings from this obesity scale, My Weigh designed the PD-750 with adjustable feet. So no matter where you're weighing you can make sure your scale is nice and leveled.

Tare FeatureThe tare button on this digital scale's weight display can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This can sure come in handy if ya want to weigh your baby while holding him or her in your arms.

30 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 10 customer reviews.
I'm gonna make it
We're all gonna make it.
Reviewed by: Hugh Aweir from Louisville on 11/2/2013
Couldn't Ask For Better
We purchased this scale for our weight loss group after our 40 year old slide bar scale finally broke. This scale is so easy to use and makes our weekly weigh-ins a breeze. Thank you for such a great product.
Reviewed by: Heather from Granby, MO on 7/23/2013
Not only does this scale work and function perfectly, it was the best deal for this scale I could find online. It is a bit narrow stepping onto the scale if you are a big guy like myself, so getting used to how to steady yourself to get an accurate read is a slight adjustment. I do want to say the Old Will Knott customer service was awesome. There were some errors on my transaction and with both times I had to call them, their customer service was helpful, friendly, and efficient. And it arrived in no time! Thank you for great service and a great product!
Reviewed by: Sean from Arkansas on 12/19/2012
We use this scale for our weight loss group, we weigh 20-25 people on this scale weekly, it is 100% accurate no matter how many times you get off and on, it is accurate no matter what way you stand on it. This scale is great I would reccomend it 100%. The service and follow up is OUTSTANDING!! I am thinking of ordering another one for a shipping scale. LOVE IT!!
Reviewed by: Delynn from Alpena Mi on 10/18/2012
Bigger Than Your Avarage Bear
The only downside to this product is that I can feel the weighing platform 'giving' under my feet. As the review title states, I am truly bigger than your average bear, and it is obvious that this scale is expecting something flat and inanimate to be placed on it. Otherwise, unlike my Health-o-Meter beam scale, I can step on and off this scale multiple times and receive the same reading. I've only had it for three weeks, but so far I am pleased with this purchase.
Reviewed by: Da Big Shoe from Oklahoma City on 9/11/2012
I was over 500 pounds when I bought this scale, so I really needed a scale that would take high weights. This scale somehow made my morning weigh-in kind of fun. I love the separate display, and the scale itself feels and is plenty sturdy, unlike some others I've tried. Definitely worth every penny.
Reviewed by: Catharine Clarenbach from Washington, DC on 6/4/2012
Kind of Disappointed
Upon purchasing this scale, I found myself very disappointed at the description of this as a bariatric scale. I purchased this scale for its ability to weigh up to 750 lbs. I've had it for about a week and still don't know how much I weigh, thanks to its highly unstable readings due to too small a platform at 14 inches square. Being a large man, there is no possible way to stabilize myself on such a small platform for an accurate reading. I would NOT recommend this particular scale to a bariatric patient.
Reviewed by: Glenn from Fairfield, Ct on 4/8/2012
I looked everywhere to find a scale that could hold my weight without a problem. but everything I found before now was waaaaay too expensive. I ordered my scale and received it within a timely fashion and it is perfect! Couldn't be happier with the customer service or the product!
Reviewed by: Katie from NH on 4/6/2012
Bariatric Scale
This is the best spent money on a scale I have ever purchased. The accuracy is phenomenal. This purchase will make me happy for a long time to come!
Reviewed by: Christine from Florida on 3/19/2012
Couldn't be happier
We have had our new scale for about two weeks now and love it. It is easy to read, sturdy enough to weigh even the heaviest of packages and is very accurate. Your company has been very professional and concerned with our happiness. That is very important in this day and age as well. Thank you. I would recommend this product to anyone needing a scale that exceeds 350 pounds.
Reviewed by: Teresa Ratzsch from Fern Life Center, Issaquah, WA on 2/1/2012

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