Ohaus RE Series
The RE Series price calculating scales have been discontinued by Ohaus and replaced with the new Ohaus Aviator Series.

Ohaus RE Series Retail Price Computing Scales

NTEP certified retail pricing scale with automatic price calculation.
Models in this series: RE15US & RE30US

Ohaus RE Series Retail Pricing Scale
"In A Nutshell"
Power AC adapter (included)
6 D batteries (not included)
Display Backlit LCD
Tare Feature Yes
Hold Feature Yes
Great For Small business, commercial
Platform Stainless Steel
Platform Size 13.5" x 9.5"
Scale Size 14" x 13.6" x 4.5"
Weighing Modes 1
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Included Accessories

AC power adapter
  • AC Power Adapter

Weighing Modes

Model: Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
RE-15US Pounds 30.0 lb 0.01 lb
RE-30US Pounds 60.0 lb 0.02 lb

Product Details

Class III NTEP ApprovedThe National Conference on Weights and Measures certifies this digital retail scale Legal For Trade with Certificate of Conformance Number 08-057. So, ya can count on getting accurate readings time after time, and you can use the RE15US and the RE30US to get accurate weights of items you're selling commercially by weight...Great for produce, meat and more.

Programmable Auto Off FeatureIf you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. The RE pricing scales let ya program how long to wait before going into sleep mode, and how long until turning off. You can even disable both features and turn the scale off when ya want to.

Tare & Pre-Tare FeatureThe tare button on the front of this pricing scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight that is on the scale. You can then add more weight and the scale will only display the weights of the items you're adding...this sure is useful. You can also save tare values for future use with frequently weighed items and their containers.

Hold FeatureWhen ya get your weight readings, press this button to "freeze" the value on the scale's display. You can then remove what you have on the scale and the weight reading will stay on the display. This is great for weighing larger items that might cover the display.

Pre-Pack FunctionIf you're about to weigh a whole bunch of the same item, or if you're weighing items that all have the same price and tare values, this feature is really gonna save you some time. Before ya start, enter the unit price and tare values then press the "FIX" key. Now ya can weigh all those items without entering the same information over and over again.

PLU (Price Lookup) FunctionEvery store has its "hot sellers" that's why Ohaus designed this scale with PLU Memory. Use this feature for quick storage and recall for price and tare values of your frequently sold items. This feature is sure to save ya quite a bit of time adding up customers' items.

By Count PricingUse this feature for pricing items by quantity rather than weight. For example: If ya sell three items for a dollar and the customer wants twelve, you can quickly add add up the amount by using the By Count Function. All ya have to is type in the deal quantity, deal price, then items to be sold. The RE will calculate the price based on the amount the customer wants to buy.

TotalizationAdd your prices together while you're weighing with this feature. This makes getting customer totals a quick and simple task...no calculator required.

Fractional PricingYou can even price items by fractional weights with the RE retail scales. This allows ya to sell your stuff by the half and quarter pound. This can also come in handy for packaging and portioning products.

Automatic Price CalculatingWith this grocery scale, all you have to do is enter the price of your product by pound, and it will automatically calculate the price of what's on the scale. This takes the guess work out of selling items by weight.

Food Grade Stainless Steel PlatformThe RE15US and the RE30US food scales have a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. Unlike gold or silver, stainless steel doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing. It's even removable for easy cleanup!

Liquid Level IndicatorThis very handy feature helps you quickly and easily get your scale nice and level. A level scale is important for getting the most accurate weight readings.

1 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!When ya get this pricing scale, ya need to go over to the Ohaus website and register it to receive a one year warranty.

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