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Salter 074 Chrome Plated Mechanical Kitchen Scale

Beautifully designed, mechanical food scale from Salter Scales
22 pound capacity x 2 ounce resolution

The Salter 074 shown weighing tomatoes in a kitchen setting.
"In A Nutshell"
Power None (mechanical)
Display Dial
Main Color Chrome
Tare Feature Yes
Weighing Container Removable
Platform Size 10" x 7" x 1"
Scale Size 6" x 6.3" x 3.5"
Weighing Modes 2

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Kilograms : Grams 10 kg 50 g
Pounds : Ounces 22 lb 2 oz

Product Details

Great For Recipes!If you're having a tough time getting consistent recipes, you should try weighing out each ingredient with this Salter kitchen scale. When ya weigh what you're putting into your mixes, you have a better chance of your recipes coming out the same each time. And the best part more measuring cups! Just weigh your ingredient, set the scale back to zero, and weigh the next! This kitchen scale can handle up to twenty two pounds of ingredients.

Chrome Plated Plastic DesignThe Salter 074 has a chrome plated plastic body that looks great and is super lightweight.

Tare KnobThis diet scale has a handy little tare knob on the back that let's ya set the scale's dial back to zero after putting something on the scale. This is great for using the included weighing bowl, or if ya want to get separate weights of different items.

Dual Reading DialDoesn't it get on your nerves when one recipe calls for ingredients in grams and the next recipe calls for ingredients in ounces? Well with this food scale, that won't be a problem. The dual reading dial on the Salter 074 displays your weights in both grams and ounces'll never have to worry about switching back and forth between units again.

10 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!Salter provides a ten year warranty on every scale they make. So, if ya have a problem with your scale, just send it to the Salter warranty center. They'll fix it or replace it, and send it right back.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
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Handy Dandy Salter 22 pounder
I bought this to replace a 5 pounder which I misplaced. I really like the ease for measuring stuff that doesn't require accuracy to the oz or gram. It's nice to be able to get an accurate reading for something which is 5 pounds or more without multiple measurements. The only downside is the tare knob. It's located under the weighing pan and is a little harder to reach for setting. Overall--good, sturdy, easy to use, well worth the money scale.
Reviewed by: Gene from St. Louis on 6/22/2013

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