Old Will doesn't carry this model anymore and we're all out. We don't have any other solar powered body fat scales to recommend, but you can still check out our other body fat scales.

SOEHNLE 63342 Solar Fit Solar Powered Body Fat Scale

Ready to go in 90 seconds. Reliable in natural or artificial light;
no backup batteries required.
330 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

The SOEHNLE 63342 solar powered body fat scale.
"In A Nutshell"
Power Natural or Artificial light
Display 1.5" LCD
0.8" digits
Main Color Gray
Memory 8 user
BIA Feature Body fat and body water
BMI Feature No
Platform Size12.25" x 12.25"
Scale Size12.25" x 12.25" x 1"
Weighing Modes 2

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Pounds 330.0 lb 0.2 lb
Kilograms 150.0 kg 0.1 kg

Product Details

Solar Powered & Ready To Go In 90 SecondsSoehnle designed this eco-friendly body fat scale to operate on solar power. Place this scale in a lit area for 90 seconds (in either natural light or artificial light) and you're ready to weigh. No backup batteries needed for this solar powered bathroom scale. It's designed to work well even in low light conditions, (as low as 50 lux).

Sleek Design, Sure To Complement Any HomeIf you're in the market for a great looking body fat scale for your home, look no further. The Soehnle Solar Fit is an affordable scale with the looks and features of a high dollar instrument. This bathroom scale's sleek design is complemented with its solid glass top that is super easy to clean.

BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)Ever wonder just how much fat ya have in your body? This scale's BIA technology can tell ya just that. BIA is a body composition test that works by sending a REALLY SAFE electrical signal through your body, (through the stainless steel plates ya see on the platform) that determines the amount of fat you have in your body.
Although this feature is safe, if ya have a pacemaker, or anything else in your body ya weren't born with, ya shouldn't use this scale.

It'll Measure Your Body Fat & Body WaterUsing bioelectrical impedance analysis, this digital bathroom scale will measure your body fat and water in 0.1% increments. This information will help ya see the results from all that exercising or dieting you've been doing.

Memory For Up To 8 UsersWhen ya get this Soehnle body fat scale, you'll want to put in all your info like: gender, height, and age. Putting that information in every time ya want to weigh would just be silly, so Soehnle designed this scale with user memory to keep that info in the scale until ya get rid of it. And the cool part is, there's enough memory on the Solar Fit for you and seven of your friends.

Step And Weigh FeatureYou won't have to bother bending down to switch this Soehnle body fat sale scale on...just step on it. The Soehnle 63342 will turn on and you can get to weighing. Pretty easy, huh?

Extra-Sturdy Glass PlatformThis Soehnle bathroom scale has an extra sturdy, glass platform for weighing up to 330 pounds. The top is solid glass, so all it takes is a quick wipe and you're finished cleaning.

3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!SOEHNLE provides a three year warranty on this solar powered bathroom scale. So, if ya have a problem with the 63342 within the first three years ya own it, just contact the SOEHNLE warranty center.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 1 customer reviews.
I recommend this scale.
Scales like this one are hard to find. Not only does it measure weight, body fat and body water, and have LED display, but it is also solar powered. Most LED fitness are battery powered and they go through batteries quickly. I love this scale.
Reviewed by: H Perrin from Maryland on 4/21/2014

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