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Taylor 1130T

Taylor 1130T Mechanical Speedometer Large Dial Scale

With five WeighTracker® markers to keep track of your progress
330 pound capacity x 1 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
PowerNone (mechanical)
Display7" Dial
Main ColorsBlack/White
Platform Size11.5" x 11"
(at the longest and widest points)
Scale Size17" x 12.25" x 2.25"
Weighing Modes1

Weighing Modes

Mode:PoundsCapacity:330 lbResolution:1 lb

Product Details

Durable Steel Construction You'll be able to get accurate weight readings day after day with this Taylor scale. The 1130T is built with a durable steel base and weighing platform to ensure a long lasting mechanical scale.

Large, Easy To Read Dual Dial Display You'll have no trouble at all reading your weight off this bathroom scale. The 1130 T has large, black numbers and a bright red pointer on a 7" dial.

Non Slip Weighing Platform You won't have to worry about slipping and sliding around on this scale. The Taylor 1130T has a non slip weighing platform so ya can weigh safely.

WeighTracker? Progress Markers The 1130-T has five, color coded markers to help ya keep track of your progress.

Zero Adjust Knob Setting this mechanical bathroom scale to zero is easy. All ya have to do is turn the little knob at the bottom of the scale until it is set to zero. Once ya get it set back to zero, just step on and weigh.

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Taylor provides a five year warranty on this mechanical bathroom scale. So, if ya have a problem with the 1130T within the first five years ya own it, just send it to the Taylor warranty center. They'll fix it or replace it and send it right back to ya.

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Product Reviews

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from 24 customer reviews.
Didn't work
The scale kept binding when we would step on it -- and then clunk! the needle would jerk to a position and not move. And then it would have to be zeroed out after every attempted weighing. Even after zeroing out, it was showing 5lbs + difference for the same person reweighing.
Reviewed by: B Barr from on 3/18/2021
I gave it four stars due to that I have to reset the scale everytime I weigh myself.
Reviewed by: Adan A. from California on 3/18/2021
Manual Taylor scale
I guess this scale will give me a rough idea of my weight but is not very accurate. When I take weight off the scale it goes back to around 2 pounds never zero. Although if I pick it up and put it down then it goes back to zero. The knob to zero does not really do anything. I will say though when I step on it I get pretty much the same weight whether it started at zero or at 2 lbs. At lower weights it is really not accurate. With 10 lbs it measures around 12 lb. At 20 lb. it it varies between 14lb and 24 lb. So I guess if you want your weight within a range it is ok. Service dept says all scales are like this and since they all come from China not surprised.
Reviewed by: Carol from on 12/31/2020
This scale has worked like a charm. No problems with it or going back to zero
Reviewed by: Marge from on 6/3/2019
the scale is working great. We are very pleased with the way it works. I need to have accurate weights daily on my husband and report them to his physician and this is working perfectly. Thank You
Reviewed by: June Rouda from Pa on 8/10/2017
Love this scale hate digital scales!
Very good product at a reasonable price. Easy to read dial even if you are nearsighted.
Reviewed by: Tom from Houston on 5/3/2017
The scale works well. I am very pleased.
Reviewed by: Gerianne from on 3/29/2017
nice but not the same
We previously owned a Taylor scale that after many years of service finally broke down. This scale has the same features that we liked before the large face and the plastic tabs to record where we weigh in for both of us. The ring around the dial now appears cheap. Our previous scale was a chrome metal this is white plastic that does not seem sturdy.
Reviewed by: Judy from on 1/25/2017
Doesn't stay adjusted to zero
This scale is crap. We had to adjust it after each use and it never gave an accurate reading. We would have returned it but with the shipping we'd only get a third of the cost back. So we just bought a different scale from another company and donated this one to Goodwill. Hopefully, someone will get some use out of it.
Reviewed by: rcole from Goodyear, aZ on 1/13/2017
After buying four digital scales and giving away all four of them because they didn't weigh accurately, this scale is an answered prayer. Thanks so much for the easy way you handled the order and the prompt delivery. My analog scale works perfectly. It weighs the same each time I check it for accuracy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Reviewed by: Len M. from Washington State on 12/13/2016
very happy
hi there,i do want to say i am very happy with my new non digital scale.i will never buy digital again have 3-4 to give away or toss.i do love my new scale.
Reviewed by: jean from pa on 4/27/2016
Taylor Scale
Replaced my digital scale because I never got the same reading twice in a row. I need to weigh myself every day for health reasons. The scale seems to be accurate and is easy to read.
Reviewed by: Bob from Kentucky on 2/7/2016
great scale, but thought this scale was made in USA, was disappointed when I saw made in China.
Reviewed by: David L Lockwood from United states of america on 11/1/2014
taylor scale
I bought this scale for my 94 yr old aunt who wanted to replace one she has had for years. She was so excited to learn she could replace her old Taylor. It has been a godsend. She loves it and I am so happy to see her response. Thank you for keeping these on the mkt. Not everyone want a digital scale today. Love your product. Thank you!
Reviewed by: linda sacchi from east hartford, CT on 9/10/2014
Taylor 1130T Mechanical Scale
The first scale that arrived was defective,couldn't be set to zero. Customer service was entirely agreeable and helpful. We have since received a replacement scale that works fine. We are happy to have a simple mechanical scale that we can read from 6'.
Reviewed by: Amanda from Stonington, CT on 9/28/2013
great scale
I really like this scale, the only thing that is a bit inconvenient is that when you move it you have to recalibrate cause the needle doesn't always go back to zero when you put it on a different surface.
Reviewed by: deb from phoenix on 6/1/2013
Great Quality Scale
This is a really nice simple scale. Easy to see numbers. Very accurate. No more digital scales for me!
Reviewed by: Grace from Colorado Springd on 3/23/2013
Fantastic Customer Service
Ordered mechanical scales because of trouble getting accurate reading (because of balance problem)with digital scales. Scales arrived in short time but did not work properly. Called and new pair, at no charge, were promptly shipped. New scales work perfectly. Can't beat the customer service -- GREAT!!
Reviewed by: PATTYPUTTER from Indianapolis, Indiana on 3/7/2013
I just want to say ditto. I'm right there will all the other satisfied customers. Love the scale for all the same reasons and LOVE this company too. Thank you!!
Reviewed by: Selena from Burton, Tx on 5/14/2012
Portable and user friendly
Accurate, lightweight, and portable. I use this scale to take on house calls to weigh my elderly patients who are often slow and awkward to step up onto a scale. Digital scales are too fussy for this job. This scale is perfect for what I'm using it for.
Reviewed by: Tim Haskett from Eureka, CA on 5/9/2012
First the scales are beautiful and the numbers are large and very readable. The red dial is soo nice. What i like abiut it most is it's plain and simple and old fashion. I looked in stores and all they had were digitial scales which were complicated. The product was delivered in 4 days. I am very pleased. I love your company. It reminds me of an old fashioned general store.
Reviewed by: richard from fort worth,tx on 2/8/2012
Great I love it Thanks!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: smith from Forsyth on 2/6/2012
Good Quality, Good Value, OUTSTANDING SERVICE!
The scale is good, the price is good but this company is a pleasure to deal with - wish all companies would do business like this - prompt friendly, grateful for the business - geessshh...this is the product and this definitely is the company to buy from!
Reviewed by: Sonia Holman from Alexandria, VA on 1/25/2012
Excellent quality, easy to read , Very pleased with this scale. Have seen similar scale that cost 4 times as much.
Reviewed by: Loren Smith from Lititz ,Pa. on 12/6/2011

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