The 7081 has been discontinued and we're all out.

Taylor 7081 Projection Bathroom Scale

See your weight right in front of you with the unique projection feature!
550 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power3 AA batteries (included)
Displays1.75" LCD
Adjustable projection lens
Main ColorsGray
Platform Size13" x 12.5"
Scale Size13" x 12.5" x 1.25"
Weighing Modes2

Included Accessory

  • Three AA batteries

Weighing Modes

Mode:PoundsCapacity:550.0 lbResolution:0.2 lb
Mode:KilogramsCapacity:250.0 kgResolution:0.1 kg

Product Details

Unique, Adjustable Projection Display This Taylor bathroom scale has a very unique way of displaying your weight readings. Lift up the projector, step on the scale and view your weight displayed, in big red digits, right on the wall in front of you! The projector is adjustable to whatever height you need and has a focus wheel to get the clearest digits from your distance and angle.
If you don't want or need to use the projector, you can turn the projection on and off with a switch on the bottom of the scale.
If the project weight display is out of focus and difficult to read, you can adjust the focus with the adjustment wheel that's on the bottom side of the projection lens.

Extra Large, Easy To Read Weight Display Don't feel like using the projector? Not a problem. The 7081 also displays your weight readings on front of the scale on a large LCD display.

Sleek Design, Sure To Complement Any Home If you're looking for a new bathroom scale for your home, look no further. The large digital weight display, and the very cool weight projector, is located at the top of the scale on a light silver background that complements the stylish dark grey platform. This scale's contemporary design and neutral colors are sure to fit in with any decor.

Step And Weigh Feature You won't have to bother bending down to switch this digital bathroom scale on...just step on it. When you're ready to weigh, just step up on the 7081, it'll turn on and you'll see your weight readings in no time. Pretty easy, huh?

5 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! Taylor provides a five year warranty on this electronic bathroom scale. So, if ya have a problem with the 7081 within the first five years ya own it, just send it to the Taylor warranty center. They'll fix it or replace it and send it right back to ya.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 44 customer reviews.
Good Function, Poor Construction
I've been using this scale for about 9 months now, and I find that it has been quite accurate and easy to use. The projection isn't great, but if you can get it positioned just right, it's fairly convenient to not have to look down at the scale display. However, my only qualm about the scale is it's plastic unstable design. If you are a heavy person like me, (and lets face it, if you had to get this scale, you are) you'll have to be careful getting on and off the scale or I fear it may break rather easily. Other than that, the scale is reasonably priced, and works well!
Reviewed by: Given Morris from Wichita Falls, Texas on 9/3/2015
great scale
I purchased this scale for my mother in law who has visual problems and needs to weigh daily for her CHF. It has a low profile, so she can simply roll her walker over it and stand on the scale without having to "step up". It took some experimenting to get the right distance from the wall so the numbers would be readable, but they are easy to see and clear. Now she can follow her doctor's orders to weigh first thing in the morning without needing someone else there to read the scale to her. It allows a measure of independence
Reviewed by: jill from st. louis on 5/28/2015
Great for the price
I'm giving this 5 stars, but really it's probably 4.5 (I rounded up). My only issue is that the batteries included only lasted a week before having to be replaced. I guess the batteries were old. That's not bad though considering the accuracy of the scale even for someone like me that weighs between 300-400 pounds. Alot of scales lose accuracy when they get into high ranges. This one does really well. I didn't really think anything of the digital projection when I picked this one out. Kind of thought it was a feature I would never use. As it turns out, it was a huge plus. It's alot easier to get an accurate reading if you can relax your body and not be looking down constantly at the numbers. It makes weighing so much easier.
Reviewed by: Mark Wilson from Hoover, AL on 5/18/2015
Taylor 7081 Electronic Projection Scale
This is a very nice scale and I like the feature that it projects your weight on the wall. Very easy to read the numbers. I'm very happy with its performance.
Reviewed by: Eileen Hull from Lancaster, PA on 4/30/2015
this is not worth the money
i Oder this scale thinking it was going to be a good one.see i been on a dieit been loses wait i new what my wait was so i step on this scale thinking that it was going to read my wait it put 10 pounds on me every time i step on it so i went to my doctor they took my wait guess what that 10 pounds that scale put on me was gone i think this scale is trash u should not sell ppl stuff it not do what its spouse to do im very dis-pointed it i was hoping for good i got a ton of bad
Reviewed by: john from nc on 3/6/2015
Obese weight scale
This is so wonderful. I don't have a problem reading the numbers because it shows on the wall. Great invention. I recomend this to everyone.
Reviewed by: Robin Norris from Westerville, Ohio on 2/20/2015
Not that accurate
I am a 6'5" male that started out at 495 lbs. confirmed at DR. Office. I started my diet limiting my food intake to 2000 cal. I needed a scale for home so I purchased this based upon the reviews. After taking my weight I was pleased but I heard a pop and noticed the plastic tab that held the batteries in, broke. I taped that shut to keep the batteries in place and went on with my day. I weighed myself again the next day and it said I lost an additional 2 pounds from the previous day. So I stated to get concerned. I then marked my placement of my feet and went on with my day. I then weighed myself this morning and it now said I weigh 8 Lbs heavier. That is impossible considering I am still eating < 2000 calories a day and an 8 Lbs gain in one day would be impossible with my caloric intake. So from this you can draw your own conclusion as to the accuracy of this/my scale. I gave it two stars only because of OldWillKnott and that's all. I would return it but I already marked my feet position on it and we threw away the boxes. I am sure it will tell me if I am in the ball park till I see my DR. again.
Reviewed by: Jeff Norton from on 2/2/2015
works great . . . for ab out a year then you can toss it
I originally ordered this scale in 2012 because of the high number it could weigh. Since then I have had to have it replaced 2x and most recently it broke again. We don't abuse or jump on it. I loved the projection and it's easy focusing. All I did was replace the batteries when needed now it will not record any weight. It's very frustrating as I am working on losing weight and it's right on with my doctor's scale. VERY disappointed. It only works for 6-12 months.
Reviewed by: M. LaRocque from Michigan on 12/6/2014
Good product for the price,
First off let me say that I'm a big guy (6'4" , 375 lbs.) so I need a scale that will weigh me. The Taylor 7081 does the job and them some. Most scales nowadays only go to 250 to 300 lbs. and everytime you get on them you get a different reading. Not this scale only 1 to 3 lb. change, I get that difference at the doctor's office. I went on a diet and this scale should work great for me.
Reviewed by: Joe Van Caster from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on 12/5/2014
Perfect - Exactly What I Was Looking For
This scale is awesome. Easy to use. I just placed it once where I want it, set up the projection where I wanted it to project and that was it. It works just like it says it should. Blinks three times and there is your weight. Seems very accurate, solid and easy to step onto without feeling like I have to move around to balance where I should be weighing myself. The digital display on the actual unit is also easy to read. I love that it goes up to 550lbs. That is far beyond most bathroom scales and gives me confidence that I'm not pushing the upper limits of what the scale can handle. I really love it.
Reviewed by: Simon from West Orange, NJ on 9/18/2014
Wonderful Product and Price
We ordered this particular scale for a patient and it has been one of the best purchases we have made for a client! Not only the sustainability but the projector is wonderful, our client is very satisfied as are we! Thank You Old Will Knot Scales!
Reviewed by: K Bond from Galax on 9/17/2014
Bought this scale for a gift for someone who needed one that would go over the normal 300 pound capacity. He is happy with it and surprised to learn how much he actually weighed. Now on to Weight Watchers for him. Thanks for selling such a great & useful item at a lower price than anywhere online. Received in perfect condition. Speedy delivery. Great service from a great online company
Reviewed by: Maureen from Lowcountry, USA on 8/11/2014
Taylor projection Scale
Shipping was supper fast. AND the Taylor projection scale is just AWESOME. THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME FOR A SCALE THANK YOU RON
Reviewed by: RJ from Near Boston Mass. on 6/28/2014
Great Scale!
I bought this scale because it was the cheapest one that would weigh me. Turns out it`s a pretty good scale! I like the projection feature and it is pretty accurate. And Old Will Knot`s Customer Service & delivery time is outstanding! I`ll definitely do business with them again!
Reviewed by: Big Mike from Southern CT on 5/5/2014
This scale does not work at all
This scale is defective. Cannot get anyone to return my call at Old Will Knott Scales. Please do not buy from this company. I will be surprised if they even post this review.
Reviewed by: Samantha from Columbus, OH on 5/2/2014
This is a GREAT scale
and the PRICE was lower than amazon, throw in the free shipping and man what a deal, scale is sturdy easy to use dont forget the focus wheel if your projection display is fuzzy. I'm very happy with this scale and with the service of Old Will Knotts! thank you!
Reviewed by: Tom Adams from Austin TX on 3/18/2014
The Best Scales Around
Quick service! I have purchased my last two scales from Old Will Knott Scales and won't go anywhere else. Easy to read #'s on the wall (as long as you remember to move the lens out LOL). Thanks for another great product.
Reviewed by: NJ from Moorpark, CA on 10/21/2013
Loved it
The scale works very well and is super easy to set up and it came with a battery!!! Delivery was very fast and the scale was packed nicely. Thanks for the good service and a nice product!!!
Reviewed by: Mike from Gary, IN on 10/16/2013
Satisfied customer
I love this scale. Platform is big enough that I feel comfortable standing on it. Easy to read #'s on the scale and on the wall.( as long as you remember to move the lens out (l.o.l.) Service was incredible fast and friendly. You can't go wrong getting you products from Old Will Knott Scales. Will not buy from anywhere else in future. No need to . Thanks for a great product and experience
Reviewed by: Joan from Aurora Co on 8/5/2013
I found the scale for me
This is a very good scale. I just recently bought it so my numbers are not that good but I am glad to know that I did weight 478 and buy knowing my weight I am down to 468. The scale is very sensitive so that's why I am rating it a four star. Other then that everything came packaged good. Easy to put together. I love it.
Reviewed by: Gregory Francis from Indianapolis, IN on 6/21/2013
CEO DaVis Exploration
This scale is an answer to all our problems. My wife is under daily care for her epidemia and heart problems. We need an accurate scale forher daily reports. She started at 484 and is now down to 377 in 18 months. I have diabetis and a severe heart condition! My MD told me to get down to 200 from 257 or get another MD I am now 209 I put all my trust in these and have several others wanting to buy them one! They are dependable/ My Doctor and some of the nurses have already bought one and are 100% satisfied with the QUALITY and the PRICE
Reviewed by: Walter G. DaVis from Galveston County TEXAS on 5/1/2013
LOVE this scale
My big man is so pleased with a scale that weighs accurately and easily. The projection is a bit blurry, but very readabe which is a great help so that he doesn't need to tip forward to see the digital readout. It was delivered promptly and and the company was great to do business with. I have recommended ths scale and this company to my family and friends. It is also a great bargain.
Reviewed by: Belinda from Michigan on 4/23/2013
Great scale
I bought this scale because by fiance is a big guy and could never find a scale that read his weight. Also, the scales we did find were to expensive. This scale read his weight and wasn't bad on the pockets. It is sensitive, but stand as still as possible and you will get an acurate reading. The fact that it projects your weight is pretty cool as well.
Reviewed by: Olivia from Newark, NJ on 3/8/2013
So very nice!!
It is so very nice to step on a set of scales and see your weight, see I'm a heavy person that is trying to diet & with a measure of success with my new scales!! I don't have to worry about seeing ..ERR..if I backslide Thank You For That!
Reviewed by: Allen from North Carolina on 10/13/2012
would recommend
its a little sensitive once u get used to it works really good, wall display is adjustable so no matter where its aimed u can get a nice clear display, great price great shipping all around great experiance , i would buy from here again !
Reviewed by: Phillip Rice from tx on 9/9/2012
Works pretty well
I found this particular scale to be very useful and incredibly affordable. The projection display is helpful as I have size 12 feet and my toes tend to cover the digital display on the actual device. If I had any criticism of this product, it would have to be that the reading can change by as much as 2 to 3 pounds depending on how your weight is distributed on the surface. I have found a low-tech solution for myself by marking where my toes and my heels should land each time I step on the scale so my weight distribution is the same each time. Its an easy fix and not really an issue that would deter me from recommending this product. I might suggest to the manufacturer that it could be very helpful to have a stencil or foot pattern layout on the scale surface that indicates where best to center your feet when standing on the scale. Maybe even indicating the outlines of general shoe sizes so people get an idea of where to stand. Otherwise, I am very pleased with the scale and I look forward to the day when I no longer need a scale that go measure up to 500 lbs.
Reviewed by: Alan from Oregon on 8/15/2012
Taylor Scale
Seems to do everything it claims. Doesn't seem to be built for long term usage, but what does coming from China. US better get back in the manufacturing game. I would gladly paid double or triple the price for good US manufactured product like maid before Americans started buying junk!!!!!
Reviewed by: Brian Henderson from Springfield MO on 8/13/2012
Definitely Worth It
I am very satisfied with my scale purchase. It was delivered quick and came as ordered. The weight limit is as advertised, although it's a little sensitive. Once you get used to it, you can weight yourself fairly quickly. Projector is great.
Reviewed by: Matthew from Toledo, Ohio on 8/6/2012
Good scale
Easy to use even if you are a large person like myself. Would buy again
Reviewed by: Jeremy from Md on 8/5/2012
Great scale- very satisfied. works well and looks great. will always do business with this company.
Reviewed by: connie g. from picayune, ms on 7/25/2012
Our Scale
We ordered the Taylor and scale and we are most pleased! The ordering process was so easy, I was notified by e-mail that it was on its way. I have to say, I was thrilled that batteries were included! :-) This is not so common anymore, yes? I will recommend you to anyone who needs your services. Thanks, Janet
Reviewed by: Janet Morecraft from Madison, IN on 6/26/2012
Enjoying My Scale
I really enjoy being able to finally weigh myself at home. Those old regular scales have nothing on this. I really enjoy the fact of the weight projection, since my stomach is larger and i am unable to look downward to view my weight. I am having RNY Gastric Bypass within the next couple months and can't wait to see the numbers going down more. I truly only have one complaint about the scale at all, and that is that if you don't have good balance (like myself), you usually will never get a stable reading. It just keeps bouncing back & forth by a lb or two. Still enjoy the scale though. :)
Reviewed by: Brittany W. from Indiana on 5/29/2012
Great Quality, Awesome price, & Friendly service
I was not disappointed at all!!! This is a great buy and the service is top notch! Will be a repeat customer and highly reccommend this scale and site to family and friends!! You will not be disappointed! Many retail stores charge twice as much for junk! This is a great scale and the ordering process was easy!!
Reviewed by: Jane from Ca, USA on 5/10/2012
Taylor 7081 Scale
nice product at a fair price....good folk's to do business with
Reviewed by: Ken from Wichia Falls, TX on 5/4/2012
Good for the price!
I love this scale! I've been trying to find a scale that goes up to 500 pounds forever! The projection is a little blurry....but it does the job!
Reviewed by: Andrea from illinois on 5/3/2012
Don't buy this scale
The Taylor 7081 scale is a joke. You can't stand still enough to get an acurate reading and the projector doesn't work. What a waist of money. It only gives me some idea of what I weigh since it's so sensitive. Find another scale. I'm going to keep it and use it to have some idea of what I weigh.
Reviewed by: Matt from Twin Falls, ID on 4/29/2012
It's Ok
I thought the that by projecting the numbers on the wall It would make it easier to see my weight. In reality they aren't legible so I still have to squirm to see the number.
Reviewed by: Lisa from Colorado on 4/23/2012
Best scale I have ever purchased
We are so happy with scale and it is everything that it says it is. Affordable and it was shipped immediately the same day even with "free shipping" it arrived earlier than estimated.
Reviewed by: Jonathan Wu from Carson, CA on 4/14/2012
Just what we have been looking for at a great price. Speedy shipping. Would recommed to all.
Reviewed by: Linda from texas on 3/8/2012
Great Scale for the Price!
This scale is easy to use, and once we focused the wall numbers, they worked out to be a nice added extra for very heavy people. With the wall readings there is no need to look down to read the scale. As long as we keep the scale in one spot it consistently weighs properly.
Reviewed by: Mary Anne Pastore from Chester, VA on 2/16/2012
Love, Love, LOVE this scale
I love this scale from the moment I received it. All I had to do was take it out of the box and put in the batteries (which were included)and just step on the scale. There was no pre-programing, or anything to do except step on it and weigh. It works great. I could not be more happy, and so affordable too. I will recommend this site to all my friends. Thanks
Reviewed by: Sharlene from Mississippi on 1/28/2012
Great Customer Service
I am very pleased with this purchase. GREAT price, GREAT service, and GREAT product! I was nervous ordering something like this online however I couldn't afford a scale with this weight capacity at most online stores. I will definitely recommend the site to others. Customer service was great and product arrived quickly.
Reviewed by: Brenda from Memphis, TN on 1/12/2012
I love this scale because it's very easy to use & read.
Reviewed by: Casey from Louisiana on 1/9/2012
Good scale!
I like the projector and the accuracy of the scale its great. However, when I go to step on the scale it sometimes seem like I am to heavy for it. I weigh 462 pounds, so I am not sure how it would hold up for a person thats over 500 pounds. By the weigh you have to be able to stand really really still when you weigh yourself, and sometimes it takes about 30 seconds of me being very still to get the reading. Other than that its a great scale especially for the price I paid for it!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: MsTasha from california on 12/20/2011

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