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Taylor 7410
High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale

Stainless steel platform with extra-large weight display.
550 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power 3 AAA batteries (included)
Display 2.25" blue backlit LCD
2" digits
Main Color Stainless Steel
Platform Size 14.5" x 12.5"
Scale Size 15.25" x 12.75" x 1.5"
Weighing Modes 3

Included Accessory

  • Three AAA batteries

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Mode:Pounds Capacity:550.0 lb Resolution:0.2 lb
Mode:Kilograms Capacity:250.0 kg Resolution:0.1 kg
Mode:Stones : Pounds Capacity:39 st : 4 lb Resolution:0.2 lb

Product Details

Sleek Design Sure To Complement Any Home If you're on the hunt for a great looking, high capacity bathroom scale for your home, look no further. The Taylor 7410 is an affordable scale with the looks and features of a high dollar instrument. The 7410 has a stainless steel weighing surface that is great looking and easy to clean. This bathroom scale's sleek platform is complemented with its bright blue, backlit weight display and huge digits. The result, a gorgeous bathroom scale that will be a great addition to any home.

Extra Large, Easy To Read Backlit Weight Display A lot of the bathroom scales ya see around have a teeny tiny weight display. Now, that's fine for most people, but not if ya have trouble seeing that tiny stuff. Taylor designed this digital bathroom scale with a great big, blue backlit weight display with digits that are two inches tall. This feature is great for users with not-so-great vision.

Great Looking Stainless Steel Platform The Taylor 7410 has a stainless steel weighing surface that looks great and is easy to clean.

Step And Weigh Feature You won't have to bother bending down to switch this stainless steel bathroom scale on...just step on it. When you're ready to weigh, just step up on the Taylor 7410. it'll turn on and you'll see your weight readings in no time. Pretty easy, huh?

5 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! Taylor provides a five year warranty on every scale they make. So, if ya have a problem with this scale within the first five years ya own it, just send it to the Taylor warranty center. They'll fix it or replace it and send it right back to ya.

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 52 customer reviews.
Very Nice Item. Super Fast Shipping.
We are very pleased with our purchase and also with the great customer service; the scale was well packaged and shipped quickly. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Jeff from WV on 2/23/2021
Great Basic Digital Scale!
All the basic features you need in an attractive body.
Reviewed by: Smiling Corgi from Western Washington on 2/22/2021
Great buy
This scale is comfortable and accurate.... great value and everything I wanted!
Reviewed by: Coach from on 1/11/2021
Good scale
Does the job and liked buying from them instead of Amazon. Got my scale quickly
Reviewed by: Corry from on 5/28/2020
Good scale
Does the job and liked buying from them instead of Amazon. Got my scale quickly
Reviewed by: Corry from on 5/28/2020
Great scale!
Very sturdy, love the fact that the numbers are back lit so I don’t need a flashlight. Easily readable numbers. Would recommend to friends and family and would definitely order again.
Reviewed by: Deborah from on 5/28/2020
Bathroom scale
Love it !!! Works great, nice looking. Could not be happier. Shipping was quick. Highly recommend
Reviewed by: Lori from on 2/6/2020
Bathroom scale
Love it !!! Works great, nice looking. Could not be happier. Shipping was quick. Highly recommend
Reviewed by: Lori from on 2/6/2020
Excellent Product
The scale is exactly as described. It has a very large and easy to read digital display. My order was shipped promptly and arrived within a few days.
Reviewed by: John from on 7/8/2019
Happy customer
My scale arrived on time and works very well I know where I'm buying my next scale from. Thanks guys 👍
Reviewed by: Chris from CA on 6/19/2019
Great Online Shopping Experience!
The scale I ordered was as described and cost less than competitors. Shipped fast and,was using it in no time. Very happy with my shopping experience! Thank you all!
Reviewed by: Mark P from on 4/24/2019
Inconsistent readings...don't bother buying this product.
Reviewed by: Zoe from on 3/28/2019
review of the scale
I love it, this is the 2nd one I have purchased. Thanks
Reviewed by: Larry C. James from Dayton, Ohio on 2/19/2019
Great scale!!
Perfect scale, lightweight, wide enough to hold us bigger people. It’s great!!!
Reviewed by: Pat from on 1/17/2019
Very good product very satisfied. Works very well and it is accurate too my Dr. scales. I do recommend this product to anybody that’s looking for some good reliable scales!!!
Reviewed by: James Carter PAUL from Oklahoma on 12/28/2018
Taylor 4710
I really like it but it’s 8 pounds off and I would like it to be right because I’m on a diet and need to know the right weight.. Tana
Reviewed by: Tana from Utah on 11/16/2018
It does what is required of it. Very good price and the service was great. thanks again.
Reviewed by: Aa. from on 9/18/2018
It's a great scale. Right price. Works great for my husband. And its stainless steel look is nice too.
Reviewed by: Barry from California on 9/7/2018
A very good product.
I would highly recommend this company.
Reviewed by: Loosing from N.D. on 9/5/2018
I purchased the scale for some of my larger clients and it works great. It arrived in a timely manner. I would recommend this companyand products to family and friends
Reviewed by: Becky from Minnesota on 8/17/2018
I purchased the scale for some of my larger clients and it works great. It arrived in a timely manner. I would recommend this companyand products to family and friends
Reviewed by: Becky from Minnesota on 8/17/2018
Nice wide platform to stand. Love the display.
Reviewed by: Sandy from on 7/10/2018
Taylor 7410 Bathroom Scales
So far I am very impressed with my new scales. I purchased this specific scale because I have a son who is over 400 lbs and can not even weigh on a doctors scales. He said it was able to give him a weight even though he was not happy with the weight. I was looking for a scale to give me an accurate reading I compared this one with my gym scale and the doctors scale and it matches them so I am pleased with that. It is very easy to use nothing complicated. So far I am happy with the purchase.
Reviewed by: dspeak from Utah on 5/10/2018
Products very nice pleased thank you
Reviewed by: Dean from MO on 5/9/2018
This product is great no issues well built exactly what I was looking for...and shipping time wasn't bad at all 5 stars for sure...
Reviewed by: Terry Allison from on 3/26/2018
Great Scales!
The scales arrived quickly and undamaged. I needed scales that would support my 500 pound frame and these do the trick. They weigh me accurately and safely. Highly recommend the product and the company!
Reviewed by: RDJ from Virginia on 3/12/2018
399 pounds and lowering
Great scale. Average scales were not great for me and my husband. We both weigh over 400 pounds. We normally would have to wait for doctors visits to get an accurate weight measurement. Now we can do so with ease at home. Thanks to God and Old Will Knott for making this blessing available to us. May God bless your business for all of us out there who really needs it.
Reviewed by: Della from New Orleans, Louisiana on 1/21/2018
This a VERY NICE scale and a great VALUE! It reads almost instantly and is very well constructed with stainless steel. Better get one before everyone realizes that this product exists!
Reviewed by: Gordy from Lincoln, NE on 11/17/2017
Reviewed by: BOB from on 8/28/2017
Biggest Loser Scale
Product was delivered quickly. It's a really nice scale. Easy to read and looks good
Reviewed by: Gince66 from New York on 7/4/2017
I love my new scale. It has a great sleek stainless steel design and I really like the lighted display. I would recommend this scale for anyone looking to purchase one.
Reviewed by: scale review from on 5/22/2017
After looking for a week or so, someone told me about this scale. Let me tell you this scale does not disappoint! Large enough for me to stand on comfortably and had a big read out.
Reviewed by: Jon from Wisconsin on 2/7/2017
graet scale!
Our old scale was getting further and further off from what the scales at the doctor's office said. This one is spot-on! Okay. I may not like that it reads 20 pounds heavier, but that's not the scale's fault. My only negative comment is I'm not fond of looking at the scale and see the words "Biggest Loser" staring back at me. Yeah, it's a tie-in with a TV show, but still...
Reviewed by: Doug from on 1/24/2017
Precise to the oz
I've had this scale for a couple of weeks. So far the scale has worked perfectly. I'm finally able to track my weight loss without going to the feed store. I'm a big guy at 525 lbs. My goal weight is 275-300. Hopefully with the help of this product, I can monitor the weight loss weekly and reach my goal weight with a little hard work and will power.
Reviewed by: Mike from St Louis on 12/29/2016
Good Scale!!!
It gets the job done on what you need it for. The only downfall that I have on the product is that you can weigh yourself and it says one thing, and when you step off and right back on it could either be a little less or a litte more than what it was before. But for the most part it works, I still LOVE it and that's one of the main reasons why I always have a goal to get healthy and stay healthy; numbers don't determine whether your healthy or not. It does what it needs to for the most part and the price was awesome!! I will be recommending this company to everyone I know that is in the market for a scale!!! Two Thumbs Up!!
Reviewed by: Mizzleileigh from Fort Worth on 11/18/2016
It's a great product, but the light turns off to fast before get your reading. Other than that I'm satisfied.
Reviewed by: Frank Cummings from on 10/24/2016
Very Happy
Very pleased with purchase. Easy to read and easy to operate
Reviewed by: Happy Customer from New Market, AL on 10/4/2016
This is a great scale. It does its job and both my husband and I are big people. It's helping us stay on track with Weight Watchers!
Reviewed by: LaNelle Reed from Welch, WV on 5/4/2016
Works Pretty Good
This scale seems to be pretty accurate as I have been using it daily and the readings seem to be almost the same as the scale at the doctors office, so I have to give this item a thumbs up!
Reviewed by: Mark from Pennsylvania on 4/30/2016
very inconsistent readings, didnt last a month
Reviewed by: Chris from OK on 3/8/2016
love it
Easy to use very easy to read looks awesome love it best scalei have ever bought
Reviewed by: Tom from Florida on 3/4/2016
Great Scale
I am really enjoying this scale! It is very accurate and easy to use..I would recommend this sight to my friends, also I have lost 34 lbs. Since I got my scale!!
Reviewed by: Raymond from Moss point, MS on 2/6/2016
Leg up on my game.
This is a great product. Losing weight is difficult when you don't even know how much you currently weigh. This product allows me to check and keep track of my weight and I'm already making progress.
Reviewed by: Arturo Vargas from Houston, Tx on 1/29/2016
Love it!
This was a gift for my Husband. He is 6'4" and around 300 lbs. We have tried many scales at home and they don't work. We were so excited these worked as he is tracking his weight loss and this gives encouragement. They work perfect, we checked against dr. scales. There is plenty of room for his size 15 foot and the scales are very easy to read from that height.
Reviewed by: Sandi Hendricks from Texas on 12/29/2015
Big man, big scale
I'm a big man and this scale is nearly perfect. Easy to use, no complications, no frills, just accurate weight by stepping on a generous deck, wait 3 seconds, look down and smile. Arrived quickly as advertised. The only criticism I have is the adhesive for the rubber feet isn't as effective as it should be. Once on the floor it doesn't matter though, but if you plan to move it often a drop of glue would help. Gorilla glue works with half a drop. Lol. I'm very happy with this product.
Reviewed by: J. Estep from WV on 8/14/2015
Taylor 7410BL
I love this scale. It has large letters that are easy to read and has a back light so you can read it day or night. It also has a nice large base that is very stable. I difineately recommend it.
Reviewed by: Ralph from Escondido, CA on 2/4/2015
Taylor 7410 stainless steel scale
Love it easy to use easy to read not heavy excellent price
Reviewed by: Gerry from Ny on 1/30/2015
Reviewed by: MIKE WILLIS from 514 EAST MAIN, HENRYETTA, OK. 74437 on 11/6/2014
Great Scale as advertised
Weighs in Stones and Pounds how cool is that!
Reviewed by: Sierra from St. Louis, MO on 5/18/2014
This is a great scale and is pretty. We are so pleased with this purchase and glad we found Old Will Knotts.
Reviewed by: Deb from Delaware on 4/18/2014
great deal
pretty content with the scale... we're weighing in at close to 500 pounds and as still as we can get our subjects, it is very hard to get a 'locked" readying. Tends to flicker between 3-4 tenths. Still for the price... we're thrilled
Reviewed by: Teri from Eatontown on 3/22/2014
Great scale at a great price
Requiring a scale with a high capacity, I had bought this scale through another company for my home, and it has been great - easy to use, easy to read, and consistent. When my son visited his grandparents, I ordered the one through Old Will Knott Scales for him to use there, at just over HALF the price I paid elsewhere. Shipping was messed up due to problems with FedEx, but Old Will Knott Scales refunded the expedited shipping fee I had paid IN FULL! I will definitely order through here the next time I need a scale, and recommend it to my friends!
Reviewed by: Chris Ricard from New Hampshire on 1/19/2014

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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