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Taylor 9856 SuperBrite™ LED Digital Bathroom Scale

The display has twice the brightness of standard LED displays.
330 pound capacity x 0.5 pound resolution

The Taylor 9856 digital bathroom scale
"In A Nutshell"
Power 1 9-Volt battery (included)
Display 1.3" SuperBrite LED
Main Color White
Memory No
BIA Feature No
BMI Feature No
Scale Size 11.5" x 11.5" x 1.5"
Weighing Modes 2

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Pounds 330.0 lb 0.5 lb
Kilograms 150.0 kg 0.2 kg

Product Details

SuperBrite™ Weight DisplayYou won't have any trouble at all reading this bathroom scale's weight display thanks to the large 1.3 inch Superbrite digits. This LED display has twice the brightness on standard LEDs, so seeing your weights will be super easy.

Durable ConstructionYou'll be able to get accurate weight readings day after day with this Taylor scale. This digital bathroom scale is built with a sturdy frame and has a durable, plastic platform to ensure long lasting use in any area.

Step And Weigh FeatureYou won't have to bother bending down to switch this bath scale on...just step on it. When you're ready to weigh, just step up on the scale, it'll turn on and you'll see your weight readings in no time. Pretty easy, huh?

5 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!Taylor provides a five year warranty on this digital bathroom scale. So, if ya have a problem with the 9856 within the first five years ya own it, just send it to the Taylor warranty center. They'll fix it or replace it and send it right back to ya.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 13 customer reviews.
Not as good as it seems
It worked good for a while but when it needed the batter replaced, I took out the old one and put in the new and it hasn't worked since then. I guess it's good while it has the factory installed battery but once that dies, so does the scale. They should have come up with a fix for this but no such luck. This "scale' should "weigh" on their conscience for being a crap product.
Reviewed by: Roy F. from california on 4/17/2018
Husband loves this scale!
The .5 increments are just what my husband wanted--and it's hard to find a scale today that's not .2. Easy to set up and use. It's perfect!
Reviewed by: Michaela from South Jersey on 12/23/2014
Good scale
I like this scale very much. Had to tinker with the 9V battery for a few minutes but it works very well.
Reviewed by: J Sinclair from Riverside, CA on 9/1/2014
Bad product!!
I'm thoroughly disgusted with my Taylor scale. Got it on January 10, 2014 and it stopped working in April! The display won't read. It's black. I changed batteries and no help. I rubbed the battery terminal and got it to work long enough to weigh myself, but tried again another day to no avail. I paid $20 for this and got three months of use from it. The cost to ship it back to Taylor would probably run $7.00--plus, I'd have to hunt for a box into which it would fit and then drive 7 miles to the post office. What a hassle and why should I have to pay postage when it's their product failure?? I'm so disappointed!
Reviewed by: Margie Simon from Shoreview, Minnesota on 5/9/2014
Taylor scale model 9856
Similar to another posted review, I bought a model 9856 circa Oct 2012, and it worked just fine until about a month ago (late May 13) when it began to falter. As others have stated, the scale started to go into some kind of re-calibration sequence that never ended...some sort of chip design flaw or problem, I suppose. I tried changing the battery, and placed on different surfaces, etc., but to no avail. A real letdown, since I really liked the scale...while it worked, at least. I read other reviews that say you can send it back to Taylor at your own expense ($15.00 !?) and they'll repair it, but that seems like throwing good money after a faulty product. If Taylor stands behind their product they should pay, or send me a new replacement with a better track record. I'll see if they care enough to read this and take action. Otherwise I'll find another company's product that I can rely upon!
Reviewed by: Pat from Atlanta on 7/6/2013
Taylor Scale Model 9856 - Stopped working after several months
I received this scale as a gift. It worked fine at first but after several months, it stopped working. The display just reads o's. I only used it about 20 times. I read the owners manual to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong but after several batteries, moving it to different surfaces and going through the calibration routine stated in the manual, it still doesn't work. I'm totally dissatisfied with this scale. It has a 5 year warrenty but I have to pay $15 to ship it back to the manufacturer for repairs and since it was a gift, I have no receipt so they won't take it back. The manual says "precision instrument engineered to meet highest quality standards" but apparently not all the scales are precision engineered and are not engineered to last long. They can't even last through the warrenty period. My old mechanical scale lasted 24 years before it stopped working.
Reviewed by: Marion from Palos Hills, Illinois on 1/22/2013
Taylor scale 9856
We have had this scales for about 2 years. just zeros flashing across screen - we put new battery in and the same thing is happening - just zeros acrosss screen. HELP
Reviewed by: Marie Gennett from Plattsburgh, NY 12901 on 1/13/2013
Taylor scale
I like this scale in some ways, but not in others. The LEDs would be satisfactory with indoor lighting, but just weren't as bright as I would have liked for my application, which is outdoors. I bought three of the scales. They appear to produce the same or very close to the same results: eg if something weighs 200 lbs on one scale, it measures the same on the others. That's good! But the real downer for me was the odd way in which the scales made a measurement. I had to place the thing to be weighed on the scale, then bounce it up and down, before the scale would make a measurement. Unfortunately, the scale didn't hold the measurement very long, before the display would go out. That made it hard to record the result. Some of these concerns may not apply when weighing a human. But when weighing a static object at three points simultaneously, it was a bummer.
Reviewed by: Jim Belcher from Alpine, Texas on 12/23/2012
Taylor 9856 SuperBrite LED Digital Bathroom Scale
Perfect !! Does exactly what was advertised and meets our requirements to a "tee". A real bargain !!
Reviewed by: John Peterson from Ormond Beach, FL on 10/12/2012
Poor Durability
I have scale and it decided to just stop working. I put in a new battery and when i step on it, it just displays o's.
Reviewed by: Louis from Roslindale,Massachusetts on 7/19/2012
Keep up the good work.
I love the new scale,i can't wait to use it every morning before shower.My children love it,my other family members came over just to see it .The price is not bad specially if you are in a budget.Mounou79
Reviewed by: Monique Charles from Melrose Park,PA 19027 on 6/5/2012
Just what I needed
This scale came with the battery and worked right away. I like just getting on it, seeing my weight and getting back off. I wanted something straight forward without all the bells and whistles. Shipped very fast, a wonderful store to shop with.
Reviewed by: Donna from St Louis, MO on 4/4/2012
Taylor-9856 Bathroom Scale
I am very pleased with this scale. It is very easy to read the LED display and the ease of stepping on it and weighing yourself and stepping off. No bending over! I had a Taylor scale that was 10 yrs old and it just quit. The new scale is comparable to it.
Reviewed by: Virginia from Clovis, New Mexico on 3/8/2012

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