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Weston Sportsman's 100# Pull Type Spring Scale Weston Sportsman's 100# Pull Type Spring Scale Weston Sportsman's 100# Pull Type Spring Scale - WESTON-14-0306-W

Weston 100# Mechanical Spring Scale

Perfect for the angler or hunter
100 pound capacity x 1 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power None (mechanical)
Main Color Metallic Gray
Display Pull
Tare Feature No
Peak Weight Indicator Yes
Weighs With Hook
Scale Size 14" x 1.25" diameter
Weighing Modes 1

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Mode: Pounds Capacity:100 lb Resolution:1 lb

Product Details

Convenient Weight Marker When ya give this spring scale a tug, the weight marker will slide to the appropriate weight and stay there until ya move it back to zero. This will help ya out when you're weighing items that are a little on the heavy side. Load, weigh, unload, check your weights...it's really simple.

This Thing Sure Is Durable This mechanical scale was built to last. Inside the corrosion resistant housing you'll find stainless steel components that are attached to the stainless steel weighing hook and hanger. Whether ya want to use this as a fishing scale, hunting scale, bow scale, or just a great general purpose scale, you're good to go with this Weston.

1 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY This Weston scale comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty against defects.

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Product Reviews

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beautiful but haven't used
Beautiful scale, put together much nicer than regular old blue packer scale. Haven't used it yet though. It's heavier than the classic blue ones, but it feels better crafted.
Reviewed by: bob from on 9/24/2020
great product
Arrived promptly and on time, was as described. Works fantastic love it
Reviewed by: Tom from on 8/26/2020
Just what I wanted.
Reviewed by: None from on 9/7/2018
Perfect Lightweight Pack Scale
This scale is perfect for weighing pack panniers that we use on our horses and mules. It is sensitive enough to weigh lightweight items like sleeping pads and other camping items. Its' range will also cover heavier box panniers and wall tents, or quarters of meat. The zeroing feature is a plus. Well built scale and sturdy.
Reviewed by: WYO mule guy from Cody, WY on 12/28/2016
Delivers on its promises
This is a great, sturdy product. More importantly, customer service was competent, well-informed, professional, helpful, patient, good at listening and kind on the phone. We bought this scale for a science project on Tensile Strength, where my daughter tested the resistance through to failure of different weaving patterns and commercial cording materials, including leather cording, silk threads, and many more. We did not know what scale to purchase and customer service identified this as what would fulfill our needs, especially being able to read the weight after the different test ropes break. The scale is made to last, the instructions are simple (should be read though!) and the scale is definitely portable. You need to make sure you read the top of the bottom weight marker, not its bottom! Overall, this is a great product, with some accuracy flaws (about a pound off or so) when you get to higher weights, we think. You want to be sure not to unscrew the bottom hook, which is to be used only for resetting the top marker back to zero "only when necessary". Since this was a science project, it would have been nice to have a similar scale that read in the metric system, but this was a great opportunity for my daughter to practice conversion from pounds to grams and kilograms and Newton and Pascals, so perhaps it is all as well! The scale is almost all metal save for the screw connected to the bottom hook, the weight markers, and coating around the top handle. The gradations are painted on the metal body, but are not fading away (owned and used for 1 month, left out when not in use). Overall, a product that delivered on its promise and will stick around our household for years, very very sturdy and taking very little space indeed!
Reviewed by: Max from California on 1/24/2016
Wonderful piece of equipment
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I use it to check the draw on bows, weigh packs, checked the resistance on home gym equipment, and when hunting season gets here I will use to weigh game with. I read all the reviews before I purchased it. first I wish to address the only bad review I read on the scale, if you adjust the scale to zero with no weight on it, it will cause you to back out the adjuster too far. I hung a 5lbs. weight on it checked and adjusted till it read 5lbs. then tried different weighs up to 95lbs. on it and was happy with the results (read at most around 2lbs. off, if you are looking for anything any more accurate be ready to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for it.) a word of caution: the body is fairly tough and will give years of service, with proper care, around the house/workshop. if taken into the field the risk of bending/denting the body is much higher and the scale should be properly protected. now for the pleasant surprises. I never noticed that there was a lifting eye at the handle end until I got the scale. it works great!
Reviewed by: john from Montgomery, AL on 10/2/2015
Weston 100 scale
After waiting a week to get the scale ( which I bought to one for me and my buddy ) I hung one up in my garage and put 30 pounds on it one time after struggling with calibration. The next thing I know everything is separated the park and my stuff is laying on the garage floor. Apparently at the bottom of the threads where you calibrated it was on it's last thread just to get it on zero . I'm sending it back on Monday . I'll give another want to try....
Reviewed by: Johnyv from Ventura, CA on 7/25/2015
Weston Scale
A very good product and excellent service from Old Will Knots!
Reviewed by: Richard from South Carolina on 2/22/2015
Great Scale
I purchased this scale to check the weight on my bow for the upcoming season, great scale for this purpose. The sliding marker make it very easy to hold the scale and pull your bow then look at the weight afterwards. I ordered 2 more for friends that loved it also.
Reviewed by: Rodney from VA on 8/30/2014
Weston Spring Scale 100
Works great, arrived quickly. I'm using this to get hanging weights when butchering piglets. The weight marker makes it incredibly easy to use. Great product, great service.
Reviewed by: David Weintraub from Lovettsville, VA on 11/4/2013
Reviewed by: ROBERT TICHY from GARWIN,IOWA on 2/19/2013
Weston Spring Scale 100
Absolutely happy with this purchase. Especially like the zeroing feature and the max reading indicator. Using it primarily to measure draw weight of homebuilt bows.
Reviewed by: David Johnson from Eustace, Texas on 10/21/2012
Weston Spring Scale 100
I ordered this scale to be able to weigh the poundage of feed I'm giving to my horses. I needed to be able to weigh loose hay as well as cubed feed and this scale works perfectly. I even accidently dropped it on the ground and nothing happened. I'm very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Reviewed by: Debi Gonsalves from Reno, Nevada on 7/31/2012
Weston Spring Scale 100
Great product. Especially like the scale has zero adjustment.
Reviewed by: Richard from Ray, ND on 3/14/2012
100 lb pull scale
Very nice scale. Excellent quality, accurate and good price. Just what I was looking for. Using it to check drags on big game fishing reels.
Reviewed by: David from Ca on 2/14/2012
great scales
Great scales for the price, definately recommend these
Reviewed by: jon presley from Mobile Al. on 1/18/2012
Good Product for the price!
I bought this product to check what poundage I was pulling on my bow and the kids bows. It seems to be very well made. I attatched a 25lb weight from some excersize equipment and zeroed in by using the screw at the bottom. I don't think I got any instructions on how to do this although it was simply enough. Very sturdy material and I'm sure I'll use it for more than just archery. Old Will had the best total price when shipping was added in. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Tom from Chippewa Falls on 12/27/2011
Weston 100# Scale Review
Scale is well made and simple to operate. I use this for building wooden archery bows. The bow poundage is determined by pulling the bow string withe the scale attached. The weight is registered and remains on the scale. I read the weight and reset the scale to 0. I am pleased with this purchase and the customer service and follow up by Old Will Knott Scales.
Reviewed by: John P. Caster from Olive Branch, MS on 12/19/2011

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