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KD-7000 / KD-8000 AC Adapter

AC Power Adapter

For My Weigh KD7000 & KD8000

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Compatible WithMy Weigh KD-7000
My Weigh KD-8000

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Feeding your scale batteries is expensive, and sure doesn't help Mother Nature out either. Do your wallet a big favor by powering your scale with this AC power adapter, instead of batteries.
Please keep in mind that although the manufacturer of your scale provides a warranty for your scale, AC adapters aren't covered under warranty.

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Worked good as the original.
Reviewed by: Rich from on 2/1/2019
Great Scale
I highly recommend this product. The scale has metric and imperial units. The imperial units include lbs/oz and decimal lbs. Perhaps some day I'll use the percentage function.
Reviewed by: Hugh Loebner from NYC on 3/21/2016
AC Adapter
I am so glad that I bought this adapter! Should have bought it at the same time that I bought my scale.
Reviewed by: Cherly Robinson from Pollok, Texas on 11/4/2015
saving money
I am so glad I also purchased this with my scale for now I won't be in the middle of weighing and the batteries go dead. Should really get this plug with the scale.
Reviewed by: Donna from Florida on 10/21/2015
just right
I'd looked around for an adapter for my KD-8000 and couldn't find any that fit. This one does. Haven't used it long so I can't say how it holds up. Meanwhile, since I keep the scale on my counter, the adapter is a much better option than to keep on replacing batteries. Delivery was speedy, shipping charges very reasonable.
Reviewed by: Cindi from CT on 10/17/2015
My Weigh KD7000 Adapter
Adapter came quickly and it fits the scale I purchased. I so appreciate having the ability to plug the scale in rather than using batteries. Batteries are so expensive now and don't last long in my opinion. This adapter is well worth the money and the service from Old Will Knot is great. My first order but if I ever need anything else in the scale department, this will be my first stop.
Reviewed by: Luv2CUSmile from NC, USA on 5/5/2015
Although selling an ac adapter with an electronic gadget is common sense, business owners sole goal is profit; hence the ala carte menu when purchasing an electronic scale. This adapter was less expensive than amazon, ebay, walmart, target, and other online retailers. I verified pricing with about 10 retailers before purchasing through old will knott scales. The adapter was received within 3 business days.
Reviewed by: karen pearson from kerrville, tx on 2/12/2015
Adapter works great
Best price, fast shipping, works great. What more could I want? :)
Reviewed by: hw from NY on 1/6/2015
Power. Adapter for KD8000
The power adaptor for this scale is the only power source I use for the scale since electricity is cheaper than batteries. The KD8000 is a great scale. Phil Jacobs Pana, Illinois
Reviewed by: Phil Jacobs from Pana, Illinois on 11/16/2014
Batteries and adapter
My KD 8000 did come with batteries but I bought the adapter so in the event the batteries failed I wouldn't be without power. Highly recommended
Reviewed by: Steven Santiago from Kissimmee Florida on 11/2/2014
I love this scale
I have made 2 batches of C/P soap and just finished a special order for 24 bottles of lotion. This scale is great for soaping because it is easy to use as well as being able to set it not to shut off.. Thank you, Deeper States Mind and Wellness
Reviewed by: Michael Almaaraz from Long Beach CA, on 9/12/2014
KD-7000 / KD-8000 AC Adapter
I have the power supply as a back up for my Scale just in case the batteries go dead and I don?t have any spares in the house. I have not used it to date. The batteries seem to last a long time.
Reviewed by: Don from Jenks, Oklahoma 74037 on 8/26/2014
Good product
The product performs as advertized and the shipping was also fast. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and like it. It came with extra covers that I was not expecting but they didn't charge me for those so no complaints.
Reviewed by: Hrishi from Fremont, CA on 5/28/2014
Great adapter! No more bateries :)
First of all, Oldwillknottscales is grrrrreat! FAST shipping!! great product and reliable. Thanks! Will order again and highly recommend you!!
Reviewed by: Laurie from Illinois on 4/26/2014
This A/C Adapter fits my KD-8000 scale perfectly and was delivered within 10 days! I am truly happy with this adapter! I would recommend this company to ALL who wish to purchase ANY A/C Adapter for their particular electronic device(s)!
Reviewed by: brian from Austin, Texas on 3/25/2014
It works
This is the 2nd adapter I bought of this style. The fisrt one lasted about a year and then the cord started breaking away from the prong mechanism & no longer worked. I did not abuse the cord, so I didn't think this was my fault in any way. So I must wait probably a year to see if this one lasts longer than my last one.
Reviewed by: Cheryl from Rochester, MN on 1/16/2014
Works as it should - good value for the price.
Reviewed by: Keith from Pennsylvania on 1/2/2014
KD-7000 / KD-8000 AC Adapter
Yeah! I was very excited to get this cord! I look every where to find the exact one that I needed. I was so glad to find it on Old Will Knotts Scales! The price was really great! Thx! No more batteries for my soaping scale! YES!
Reviewed by: Valerie from Arizona on 11/14/2013
No Batteries.... Yay!!!
This does the job. I no longer require batteries. The product is affordable.
Reviewed by: Sanadana from 9505 Pino Drive on 11/11/2013
Don't last long
These adapters have changed in the last couple of years. The new adapters are very cheaply made and can't take the rigors of a production environment. The prongs break off, the wire pulls out, and the case will break with daily plugging and unplugging. The old style was MUCH heartier.
Reviewed by: Rob from Denver on 10/3/2013
Way Better Than Batteries!
This adapter works as it should and I'm very happy to have it instead of using batteries and adding toxic waste to landfills.
Reviewed by: ROBIN from HUNTSVILLE TX on 9/22/2013
ac adapter
excellent product...works as advertised
Reviewed by: wiliam from nm on 8/12/2013
AC Adapter
Good product, great seller. Thank you!
Reviewed by: George from San Jose, CA on 8/5/2013
This works with my scale. I don't have to worry about batteries again. Woohoo!! I use this scale for my soaping and to always have to buy batteries is a pain. This works absolutely great!!!
Reviewed by: DANIELLE EZZARD from New York on 6/19/2013
It Works
It Works, It's a cord. End of Review...
Reviewed by: Richard from Pekin on 12/23/2012
Kd 7000
great working scale better then walmart brand i had before. so worth the price works great
Reviewed by: Nuhad from california on 12/20/2012
Works Great!
I bought the My Weigh KD-8000 "Baker's Math" Scale and this adapter fits it perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase.
Reviewed by: Jeanette from Texas on 12/17/2012
AC Adapter
This is great! I don't like to use batteries and this works perfectly. Everything shipped quickly and arrived in perfect working order. I'm a repeat customer and will definitely be back.
Reviewed by: Jacque from Indianapolis, IN on 12/10/2012
Get it!!!
Great item! Shipped super-fast and was well packaged. Works great with disignated scale(s). I highly recommend OldWillKnottsScales.com for all your needs.
Reviewed by: Karen from New Mexico on 11/29/2012
Great service.
I ordered an a/c adapter for my scale. Customer service was prompt, very helpful and knew their product. My order arrived swiftly.
Reviewed by: Czech in the Woods from New Hampshire on 11/5/2012
KD - 7000 AC Adapter
Great adapter. Just what I needed so I didn't have to use batteries. Excellent service and company!
Reviewed by: Marilyn Ridge from Florida on 7/5/2012
Excelent Product
I have vission problems & love the blue light on this scale. It allows me to see ti much easier! Very accurate scale!
Reviewed by: Crystal Toman from Alaska on 6/19/2012

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