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The A&D EJ-123

This A&D EJ-123 is one of Old Will's most popular high precision milligram scales. It can measure up to 120 grams with 0.001 gram readability. With features like a programmable auto-off, protective windscreen, stainless steel platform, and a leveling system, it's no wonder why everybody loves this thing.

Our usual low sale price is $329.20.
Get it today only for just 299 Bucks!

Take advantage now, as this deal is only good today.

Stay tuned to this spot... Thursday's deal is gonna' be a real doozy!
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Old Will has a huge selection of shipping scales. Whether you're weighing a little first class envelope, or big stuff over 1300 pounds, we've got ya covered. We've got 139 of 'em to choose from! Contact us if ya need help!
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If you're like Old Will, ya might have trouble pushing yourself away from the table during the holiday season. We've got a bunch of scales to help ya measure out your food portions, and a huge collection of bathroom scales that will help ya keep track of how you're doing.

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We Make It Easy To Buy Scales From Our Huge Selection

When ya need to buy scales, it can be kind of a tricky task...especially if ya don't know a bunch about weight scales, or about weighing stuff. It can be a little confusing when ya see all the different digital scales and digital balances that are out there. Here at Old Will's site, we make shopping for that new weighing scale easy. We offer a variety of different ways to find just the right balance for your needs. Lots of folks who buy scales here have found our "Capacity Resolution Scale Finder" to be a really handy tool. That's the page where ya can find weight scales by the scale capacity, the scale resolution, or a combination of both! We sure recommend ya check it out. We also have a well tuned search at the top right of every page. Try it's usually "spot on" in finding exactly the type of weighing scales ya searched for. And of course, there's also our regular old category navigation available. No matter what type of weight scale you're looking for, whether it's a digital scale for use in your home, an industrial scale for your workplace or a small balance for when you're on the go, you'll find just the right scale here at Old Will Knott Scales.

It's a special experience when ya do a deal with Old Will and his crew. When ya buy weight scales here, you'll figure out pretty quickly that you're dealing with real live human beings who really care. Our support guys and gals are dedicated to making sure your questions about digital scales, before AND AFTER the sale, are answered to your satisfaction. We're in the "Customer Happiness" business and it shows. You can talk to us Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm Mountain Time, by toll free phone, Live Chat, or email. As the hundreds of thousands of folks that we've served over the years will tell ya, it's a worry-free deal when ya buy scales from Old Will Knott Scales. Feel free to go visit the "Why Old Will" page if you'd like to find out more about why so many people buy weighing scales from Old Will Knott Scales.

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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