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Adam 600002028 AdamDU - Data Collection Program

Adam 600002028 AdamDU - Data Collection Program

For lab & Industrial Weighing Applications - NON RETURNABLE

"In A Nutshell"
Compatible Adam Equipment Scale and BalancesNimbus Series:
NBL-84E, NBL-84i, NBL-124E, NBL-124i, NBL-164E, NBL-164i, NBL-214E, NBL-214i, NBL-254e, NBL-254i, NBL-223E, NBL-223i, NBL-423E, NBL-423i, NBL-623E, NBL-623i, NBL-823E, NBL-823i, NBL-1602E, NBL-1602i, NBL-2602E, NBL-2602i, NBL-3602E, NBL-3602i, NBL-4602E, NBL-4602i, NBL-6201E, NBL-8201E, NBL-12001E, NBL-16001E, NBL-22001E
PW Series:
PW-124, PW-184, PW-254
PGW Series:
PGW-753i, PGW-1502i, PGW-153i, PGW-2502i, PGW-253i, PGW-3502i, PGW-4502i, PGW-453i, PGW-6002i, PGW-603i, PGW-3502e, PGW-4502e, PGW-453e, PGW-6002e, PGW-603e, PGW-753e, PGW-1502e, PGW-153e, PGW-2502e, PGW-253e
PGL Series:
PGL-30001, PGL-12001, PGL-15001, PGL-8001, PGL-6001, PGL-10001, PGL-20001, PGL-203, PGL-2002, PGL-4001, PGL-303, PGL-3002
Highland Series:
HCB-602H, HCB-602, HCB-1002, HCB-1502, HCB-3001, HCB-123, HCB-153, HCB-302
PMB Series:
PMB-53, PMB-202
CBK Series:
CBK-8a, CBK-16a, CBK-16aH, CBK-35a, CBK-70a, CBK-100a
CPW Series:
CPWplus 6(P), CPWplus 15(P), CPWplus 35(P)(M)(W)(L), CPWplus 75(P)(M)(W)(L), CPWplus 150(P)(M)(W)(L), CPWplus 200(P)(M)(W)(L),CPWplus 300L
GFK Series:
GFK-150aM, GFK 165a, GFK-165aH, GFK-300aM, GFK-330a, GFK-330aH, GFK-600aM, GFK-660a, GFK-1320a
CBCa Series:
CBC-8a, CBC-16a, CBC-35a, CBC-70a, CBC-100a
CBDa Series:
CBD-8a, CBD-16a, CBD-35a, CBD-70a, CBD-100a
GK Indicator

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Use the ADAM DU (Data Utility) to quickly and easily capture data from Adam balances and perform various functions on the collected readings. This application can perform various tasks, such as graph data, perform basic mathematical statistical analysis, export data readings in several common file formats. You can even export data to other applications like Microsoft Excel, Word or the Windows Clipboard. ADAM DU also provides basic remote control of the balances you're working with. This program can collect data from up to 8 different balances/scales simultaneously. Each data collection session can be monitored, configured and customized individually to meet your requirements.

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