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Adam Equipment 1100011297 Relay Box

Allows the checkweighing limits to trigger a voltage relay for external.

"In A Nutshell"
Power12VDC 500mA adapter (included)
Programmable Switches4
Accepted Input from Equipment15-25VDC or 12-25VAC to power the relay circuit
Drive Output115/230VAC 1A or 24VDC 1A
Compatible AE ScalesAGB/AGF Series:AGB 16a, AGB 35a, AGB 65a, AGB 175a, AGB 260a, AGF 175a, AGF 350a, AGF 660a, AGF 1320aABK Series:ABK 16a, ABK 35a, ABK 70a, ABK 130a, ABK 260aAFK Series:AFK 165a, AFK 330a, AFK 660aGladiator:GGS 16a, GGS 35a, GGS 65a, GGB 65a, GGB 65aH, GGB 165a, GGF 165a, GGF 165aH, GGF 330a, GGL 330aWarrior:WSK 16a, WSK 35a, WBK 70aH, WFK 165aH, WBK 70a, WSK 70a, WBK 165a, WFK 165a, WFK 330a, WLK 330aIndicators:AE402, AE403

Product Details

Use this add-on to transmit signals to other devices. Useful for driving tools like motors and lights for your checkweighing applications.

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