This in-use cover may come already installed on your balance if you order both the balance and cover at the same time.

Adam Equipment 3012014260 In Use Cover For
Adam Equipment Luna Precision Balances

"In A Nutshell"
Compatible Adam Equipment ScalesLuna Precision:
LPB 223e, LPB 423e, LPB 623e, LPB 823e, LPB 223i, LPB 423i, LPB 623i, LPB 823i, LTB 2602e, LTB 3602e, LTB 4602e, LTB 6002e, LTB 2602i, LTB 3602i, LTB 4602i, LTB 6002i, LBB 6001e, LBB 8001e, LBB 12001e, LBB 15001e

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If you worry about your concoctions spilling over on your scale, this is a great accessory for you. This clear, in-use cover protects your pricing scale's display and keypad from accidental spills and makes cleanup a breeze. For use with the Adam Equipment Luna series precision balances.

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Flimsy Plastic
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I felt cheated and deceived to have paid nearly $40 for this thin plastic cover.
It was absolutely not worth nearly $40 for one, although perhaps 10 of these would be a more appropriate price.

I also thought I was getting something that would cover the actual weighing surface AND the keypad. This does not.
It only covers the keypad. Another disappointment.
The company really should post an image of this cover so that customers can actually SEE what they're purchasing so that they can decide whether or not this item is worth the money. If I had seen this in a picture I would've NEVER have purchased it, especially for the price.
Reviewed by: maasbury from Las Vegas on 12/24/2020

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