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Adam Equipment Calibration Certificate 700660290

Certificate showing calibration was performed
at the Adam Equipment Warehouse before shipping.
Does Not Make the Scale or Balance Legal for Trade or NTEP Approved

"In A Nutshell"
Compatible AE products AGB/AGF*: AGB 16a, AGB 35a, AGB 65a, AGB 175a, AGB 260a, AGF 175a, AGF 350a, AGF 660a, AGF 1320a
ABK: ABK 16a, ABK 35a, ABK 70a, ABK 130a, ABK 260a
ABW: ABW 4, ABW 8, ABW 16, ABW 32
AFK*: AFK 165a, AFK 330a, AFK 660a
ASC Astro: ASC 2001, ASC 4000, ASC 8000
CPWPlus: CPWplus 6(P), CPWplus 15(P), CPWplus 35(P, L, M, W), CPWplus 75(P, L, M, W), CPWplus 150(P, L, M, W), CPWplus 200(P, L, M, W), CPWplus 300L
CQT Core: CQT 202, CQT 1501, CQT 251, CQT 2601, CQT 601, CQT 2000, CQT 5000
Cruiser: CKT 4, CKT 8(H, UH), CKT 16(UH), CKT 32(UH), CKT 48(UH), CCT 4, CCT 8(UH), CCT 16(UH), CCT 32(UH), CCT 48(UH), CDT 4(S), CDT 8(S), CDT 16(S), CDT 32(S), CDT 48(S)
Dune: CB 1001, CB 501, CB 3000, DCT 201, DCT 2000, DCT 5000
Equinox: EAB 125i, EAB 225i, EAB 124(i, e), EAB 224(i, e), EAB 314(i, e), EAB 414i, EAB 514i, EPB 1203i, EPB 2103i, EPB 363(i, e), EPB 723(i, e), ETB 3202(i, e), ETB 6202(i, e), ETB 8202e
GBC: GBC 35a, GBC 70a, GBC 130a
GBK: GBK 16a, GBK 35a, GBK 70a, GBK 15aM, GBK 30aM, GBK 130a, GBK 260a, GBK 60aM, GBK 150aM, GBK 300aM
GFC: GFC 165a, GFC 330a, GFC 660a
GFK*: GFK 150aM, GFK 165a(H), GFK 300aM, GFK 330a(H), GFK 600aM, GFK 660a
HCB Highland: HCB 103aM, HCB 1202aM, HCB 602aM, HCB 302aM, HCB 3001aM, HCB 5001aM, HCB 123, HCB 153, HCB 1002, HCB 2202, HCB 302, HCB 602H, HCB 602, HCB 1502, HCB 3001, HCB 6001
LBX Latitude: LBX 3, LBX 6, LBX 12, LBX 30
Luna:LAB 84e, LAB 124e, LAB 214e, LAB 254e, LAB 84i, LAB 124i, LAB 214i, LAB 254i, LPB 223e, LPB 423e, LPB 623e, LPB 823e, LPB 223i, LPB 423i, LPB 623i, LPB 823i, LTB 2602e, LTB 3602e, LTB 4602e, LTB 6002e, LTB 2602i, LTB 3602i, LTB 4602i, LTB 6002i, LBB 6001e, LBB 8001e, LBB 12001e, LBB 15001e
MCW, MDW, MTB, MUW: MCW 300L, MDW 300L, MDW 250L, MTB 20, MUW 300L
NBL Nimbus: NBL 84(i, e), NBL 124(i, e), NBL 164(i, e), NBL 214(i, e), NBL 254(i, e), NBL 223(i, e), NBL 423(i, e), NBL 623(i, e), NBL 823(i, e), NBL 1602(i, e), NBL 2602(i, e), NBL 3602(i, e), NBL 4602(i, e), NBL 12001e, NBL 16001e, NBL 22001e, NBL 4201e, NBL 6201e, NBL 8201e
PMB: PMB 163, PMB 53, PMB 202
SHS: SHS 300a, SHS 600a, SHS 100a
Solis: SAB 125i, SAB 225i, SAB 124(i, e), SAB 224(i, e), SAB 314(i, e), SAB 414i, SAB 514i, SPB 1203i, SPB 2103i, SPB 363(i, e), SPB 723(i, e), STB 3202(i, e), STB 6202(i, e), STB 8202e
WBW: WBW 5a, WBW 9a, WBW 6aM, WBW 18a, WBW 35a, WBW 15aM, WBW 30aM
Warrior: WSK 16a, WSK 35a, WBK 70aH, WFK 165aH, WBK 70a, WSK 70a, WBK 165a, WFK 165a, WFK 330a, WLK 330a
*This certificate does not cover the AGF 1320a, AFK 1320a, or GFK 1320a. To have the AGF 1320a, AFK 1320a, or GFK 1320a calibrated before shipment you'll need certificate 700660288.

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