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Adam 700100211 Carry Case & Lock For
Adam TBB Triple Beam Balances

Formerly item number 9024.

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Compatible WithAdam TBB 2610T
Adam TBB 2610S
Adam TBB 610S

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I really wanted to like this case. In fact, it was the availability of this case that swayed me to purchase an Adam triple beam balance instead of an Ohaus. Ohaus did not offer any cases for sale. Fortunately the Adam triple beam balance was an outstanding buy ? great precision, a sturdy build, and a significantly lower price. I spent quite some time getting the balance set up and was really having a great time weighing some coins I had that I knew the weights of precisely. Initially it wouldn?t balance at all and I had to take it apart and put quite a bit of lead shot into the dead weight cavity under the pan. But once I got it perfected it was weighing stuff dead on ? within a hundredth or two of a gram. I was well satisfied with that part of my purchase. Then I turned to this new case. At first glance it appeared to be very sturdy. The outer part of the case is indeed very hard. So far so good. Then I opened up the case and was rather stunned to see the shoddy workmanship on the inside. Right off the bat I could see that the slot for the scale?s legs (which are straight) was cut in a sloppy curve. At this point I considered sending the thing back. But like I said, I REALLY wanted to like this case. I figured with an Xacto knife I could cut a little more and straighten the slot out enough to get the straight legs in. So I did that. Then when I went to put the legs in I found that the slot was also a good three-quarters of an inch too short. OK, no problem. I got the knife out again and started carving. After I got the leg slot carved out more and the legs stored, I tried to put the scale into the case. It wouldn?t fit at all. The opening in the hard foam had been cut way too small. Thinking it was designed for a tight fit I tried to gently force it in. No dice. There were several places where the form was cut way too small. By this time I realized I should have sent the case back. But, I couldn?t very well do that after cutting on it. So, out came the knife again and I started carving, marking, carving, test fitting, etc. I was about done when I heard a cracking sound and the some glued in pieces of foam popped out. The glue was hard and brittle and broke completely with even the gentlest of pressure. Ok, I have some Gorilla glue out in the garage. I started gluing everything back together again. Finally, after about an hour of carving and a glue job, I had the scale fit in the case like a glove. With some satisfaction I at least comforted myself with the knowledge that, given how shoddy these things are made, I probably got a better fit carving it up myself than sending it back and trying another one. Then I closed the case and realized the next problem. The latches are a joke. They are trunk drawbolt style latches, a style which I personally like. but they are flimsy. Each piece is fastened to the case with a couple of pathetic little rivets that aren?t going to stand up to any serious use for very long. The latches don?t fit flush against the case and the loop just barely closes over the catch. The ?lock? is also a joke, but then one doesn?t expect much from a lock on this type of a case anyway, I guess. The main problem is that these latches are so flimsy that it looks like one can slip the loop off the catch with one?s fingers without even bothering to open the latch. In fact, it looks like there is a good chance that these things could actually pop open while carrying the case around, possibly dumping out part or all of the scale onto the ground. Then I recalled that I have some luggage straps I don?t use anymore. I got one of those and cut it down to size and wrapped it around the case to insure against it accidentally popping open while being carried. Sigh. I really wanted to like this case, but honestly, this thing is not much better than a piece of junk. It has a big plate on the front with the Adam name on it. If I were them I wouldn?t want my name on it. After I worked it over for more than an hour it will function nicely for awhile until than handle rivets give way and/or the latches pop off. Hopefully I?ll get some years of use out of it, by pampering it. I couldn?t help but notice that the cardboard box the Adam scale came in would have made almost as good a travel case. It had two big foam blocks on the ends which cradled the scale and had precisely fitting cut outs for the free weights and legs. I don?t enjoy dumping on this case, because I REALLY wanted to like it. I don?t hate it, but as you can tell I am disappointed with this purchase. In retrospect, I should have sent it back before I made the first cut.
Reviewed by: Professional Scientist from South Louisiana on 10/16/2013

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