Adam Equipment - 3074010267 - USB Cable

Adam Equipment 3074010267 Type A / Type B USB Cable

"In A Nutshell"
Compatible Adam Scales and BalancesPMB Series:PMB 53, PMB 202Highland Series:HCB-602H, HCB-602, HCB-1002, HCB-1502, HCB-3001, HCB-123, HCB-153, HCB-302Luna Series:LAB 84e, LAB 124e, LAB 214e, LAB 254e, LAB 84i, LAB 124i, LAB 214i, LAB 254i, LPB 223e, LPB 423e, LPB 623e, LPB 823e, LPB 223i, LPB 423i, LPB 623i, LPB 823i, LTB 2602e, LTB 3602e, LTB 4602e, LTB 6002e, LTB 2602i, LTB 3602i, LTB 4602i, LTB 6002i, LBB 6001e, LBB 8001e, LBB 12001e, LBB 15001e

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A type / B Type USB cable for Adam select Adam scales and balances.

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