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Adam Equipment RAV 30Da Raven NTEP Approved
Price Computing Scale

Reliable, rechargeable and easy to operate.
30 pound capacity with dual resolutions starting at 0.005 pound

"In A Nutshell"
PowerRechargeable battery pack &
power adapter (included)
DisplayBacklit LCD : 0.7" digits
TareTo capacity by subtraction
NTEP Certificate16-023
PlatformStainless steel
Platform Size8.7" x 12.2"
Scale Size13" x 13.2" x 4.5"
Weighing Modes1

Weighing Modes

Mode:Capacity:NTEP Resolution: (d & e value)
Mode: PoundsCapacity: 15.000 lb
30.00 lb
NTEP Resolution: 0.005 lb
0.01 lb

Product Details

Class III NTEP Approved Legal For Trade The National Conference on Weights and Measures certifies the RAV 30Da Legal for Trade with Certificate of Conformance number 16-023. So, you can count on getting accurate readings time after time. Perfect for stores and markets where items are sold by weight....Great for produce, meat and more.

40 PLU (Price Lookup) Every store has its "hot sellers" that's why Adam Equipment designed this scale with PLU Memory. Use this feature for quick storage and recall for price and tare values of your frequently sold items. This feature is sure to save you quite a bit of time adding up customers' items.

Automatic Price Calculating With the Adam Equipment Raven price calculating scale, all you have to do is enter the price of your product by pound, and it will automatically calculate the price of what's on the scale. This takes the guess work out of selling items by weight.

Weight Display For You, And For Your Customers The RAV30Da price calculating scale has four displays. One on the front of the scale for you and three on the back of the scale for your customers.

Rechargeable Battery PackYou won't have to worry about searching high and low for a wall outlet to plug this NTEP approved price calculating scale into. The 30Da Raven has an internal rechargeable battery and charger making it perfect for portable weighing.

Removable Stainless Steel Platform The 30Da Raven Legal for Trade scale has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. Stainless steel doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

Easy To Clean, Sealed Keypad You won't have to worry about dust and dirt getting stuck under and around the buttons on this NTEP scale...The RAV 30Da has an easy to clean membrane keypad with accurately labeled keys for easy weighing.

Tare Feature The tare button on the front of this pricing scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight that is on the scale. You can then add more weight and the RAV30Da will only display the weights of the items you're adding...this sure is useful.

Lockable Adjustable Feet To get the most accurate weight readings from the Raven scales, it's important to use them on a level surface. Adam Equipment designed the Raven with locking adjustable feet for leveling the scale and keeping it that way.

1 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! When you get the 30Da Raven pricing scale you'll need to go over to the Adam Equipment website and register it to receive your one year warranty.

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My scale arrived promptly and I put it to use right away. Very happy with your product and thanks for your service.
Reviewed by: Back Alley BBQ from on 5/11/2020

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