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    A&D 4405

    A&D 4405 Digital Weighing Indicator

    Compatible with A&D SB Series weighing platforms
    With bright green 0.8" VFD display

    A&D - 4405
    "In A Nutshell"
    PowerAC Adapter
    Display0.8" VFD
    Tare FeatureYes
    Input Sensitivity0.2µV/d
    Input Signal Range-1mV ~ 15mV
    Load Cell ExcitationDC 5V±5% 60mA, Remote Sensing(Up to 4 load cells at 350O/load cell)
    Zero Temperature Coefficient±(0.2µV+8ppm of dead load)/°C(typically)
    Span Temperature Coefficient±8ppm/°C of reading (typically)
    Non-Linearity0.01% of full scale
    Input NoiseLess than 0.4µVp-p
    Input Impedance10MO or more
    A/D Conversion MethodIntegrating dual slope type
    A/D Resolution40,000 counts
    Maximum Display Resolution20,000 Counts
    A/D Conversion Rate5 times/sec., 10 times/sec.
    Weighing ModesPounds & Kilograms
    Size10.83" x 4.37" x 6.26"

    Product Details

    Accumulate ModeThis cumulative weighing feature will let ya get the weight of separate items, then, you can see the total weight of all the items you just weighed. This is gonna come in real handy for weighing separate items and total weights for packaging and food portioning.

    Checkweighing FeatureMake sure ya get your weights just right with this indicator's check weighing feature. When ya weigh in this mode, you can set weight limits for the stuff you're weighing. So, if your sample weight is too low or too high the 4405 will sure let ya know.

    Does This Thing Count?You bet it does! All ya need to do is weigh a sample amount of pieces, so the 4405 can know how much each piece weighs, then start counting. You'll be finished in no time.

    Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)This digital scale indicator has a fancy VFD display with bright blue digits so your weight readings will be nice and clear. Benefits of the VFD compared to LCD are a wider range of viewing angles, brighter digits, better contrast and easy viewing from greater distances.

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