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My Weigh Calibration Weight Set

Class M2 ~ 17 piece weight set

"In A Nutshell"
(1) 100 g+/- 15 mg
(1) 50 g+/- 10 mg
(2) 20 g+/- 8 mg
(1) 10 g+/- 6 mg
(1) 5 g+/- 5 mg
(2) 2 g+/- 4 mg
(1) 1 g+/- 3 mg
(1) 500 mg+/- 2.5 mg
(2) 200 mg+/- 2 mg
(1) 100 mg+/- 1.5 mg
(1) 50 mg-
(2) 20 mg-
(1) 10 mg-

Product Details

Use these calibration weights alone, or combine them to accurately calibrate your digital weighing scale.

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Love It
It works perfectly! I needed a scale that went down to a .001 oz and it does...it came calibrated. Totally worth the money. Thank you!
Reviewed by: Mary Kate Santulli from NJ on 8/18/2020
They work well as advertised and im happy with my purchase thanks
Reviewed by: Jeweler from on 1/30/2018
Seem to be accurate
Good to have lifting device to prevent touching with bare fingers.

Great service !
Reviewed by: CHRISTOPHER from NV on 10/4/2017
17 piece weight check m2 kit
I like that I can check my balance beam scale for reloading, Especially rifle loads, very critical for accuracy.
The set is easy to use.
Thanks, Tony Luzzi
Reviewed by: Anthony Luzzi from New Haven, CT on 3/14/2017
I can't rate this product because I ordered the wrong thing and had to send it back for credit. Paid shipping to get here and shipping to get it back. Big loss for me but it is my fault for not knowing what to order in the first place.
Reviewed by: ??? from Lincoln City on 2/27/2017
Good price and great kit
Good price for this kit, works as expected.
Reviewed by: Tony from Cleveland on 10/12/2014
works for me
I just wanted a few small weights to set spring tension on the keys of a small pipe organ. 5 gram increments would have been OK. Got much more than I needed, but the price was right. My only complaint was that the 5g weight wasn't flat on the bottom, so I ground of a few mgs!
Reviewed by: David from Utah on 4/8/2013
Great product and an even better retailer.
I bought this set of weights to check the accuracy of my reloading scale. Unfortunately, the set came without the plastic cover for the wafer weights. Fortunately, after one call to Will Knott, a shiny new cover arrived at my door step in about 2 days, no charge. Unbelievably great customer service! The weights are good too.
Reviewed by: B. Bellas from New Boston, MI on 3/27/2013
17M2 piece calibration weight set
A good value for my needs. All weights within specifications except for the 2 mg (2 included) and 1 mg weights. The 2 mg weights came in at 2.015 and 2.025 grams. The 1 mg weight a dismal .830 grams. These were tested with an electronic powder reloading scale and a precise diamond-weighing (carat weights) balance scale.
Reviewed by: Bill Burchell from South Bend, IN on 2/25/2012

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