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Detecto SlimTALK Talking Bathroom Scale - DETECTO-SLIMTALK Detecto SlimTALK Talking Bathroom Scale - DETECTO-SLIMTALK Detecto SlimTALK Talking Bathroom Scale - DETECTO-SLIMTALK Detecto SlimTALK Talking Bathroom Scale - DETECTO-SLIMTALK

Detecto SlimTALK Talking Home Heathcare Scale

Large easy to read display with extra-wide platform
400 pound capacity x 0.1 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power3 AAA batteries (included)
Display3.2" LCD with 1.5" digits
Overall Size14.3" x 12.3" x 1.4"
Weighing Unitslb, kg

Weighing Modes

Mode: PoundsCapacity: 400.0 lbResolution: 0.1 lb
Mode: KilogramsCapacity: 180.0 kgResolution: 0.1 kg
Optimal Capacity: 360 lb / 162 kg

Product Details

Weight Resolution That's Twice As Good As Most Bathroom ScalesThe SlimTALK measures your weight to the nearest 0.1 pounds. Most bathroom scales only give you weights to the nearest 0.2 pounds. This thing is accurate!

It Talks! Or Not.If you, or a friend, have less than perfect eyesight, the Detecto SlimTALK is for you. When you weigh with this talking scale, your weight readings will be said aloud in a pleasant, easy to hear voice. Don't want your weight announced to the world? No problem, just flip the "shut up" switch on the bottom of the scale. You can even adjust the language between English and Spanish if you want.

A Professional Scale For Your Home Or Business If you're looking to buy a high quality digital health scale for your home, look no further. The Detecto Slim TALK is not only designed to give accurate, dependable results time after time, but to also blend nicely with your home or office decor. This great looking scale has a slip resistant platform to help prevent accidents. You'll have no trouble at all reading your weights from the LCD display.

Large, Easy To Read Weight Display A lot of the bathroom scales you see around have a teeny tiny weight display. Now, that's fine for most people, but not if you have trouble seeing that tiny stuff. Detecto designed this digital scale with a great big, LCD weight display with digits nearly one and a half inches tall. This feature is great for users with not-so-great vision.

Slip Resistant Textured Weighing Platform You won't have to worry about slipping and sliding around on this medical floor scale. The SlimTALK has a non slip weighing platform so you can weigh safely, even if your feet are a little damp.

Energy Saving Auto-On and Auto-Off Detecto designed this scale to turn on when you step on it and to turn off five seconds after you step off. This is sure to save you some battery power and you don't have to worry about bending over to turn it on or off.

1 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY This Detecto SlimTALK low profile scale comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Product Questions

Number of questions: 3
I replace the batteries in the slim talk talking scales now i am getting false reading how do i reset or calibrate
Asked by: johnfrancis on August 12, 2020 6:04 PM
If you're having issues with your Detecto SlimTalk and you can't find the information you need in the manual above, you should contact them directly. Technical Support: 866.254.8261
Answered by: on August 13, 2020 12:40 PM
Have noticed with some scales they warn about use if you have a pacemaker.... Is that a issue with this product?
Asked by: William Sonny Cain on April 2, 2019 9:02 AM
No sir! That's a concern for the scales that use an electrical signal (BIA technology) to measure body composition, such as body fat. If you just want to get your weight using a regular electronic scale like this one, then you'll be fine! Thanks for the question!
Answered by: Pati62365 on April 2, 2019 9:36 AM
why will my scale not stabilize
Asked by: Jay P. Hardy on May 20, 2018 2:38 PM
Hello Jay - I'm not quite sure why your scale won't stabilize. The scale should be on a solid, flat surface. When weighing yourself, you should stand completely still so that the scale can lock on a weight. If you are unsteady, you may want to try to place your scale in a corner and use the walls to steady yourself.
Answered by: Pati62365 on July 24, 2018 11:46 AM

Product Reviews

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Pleased with the scale. I like that it immediately turns on when stepped upon, unlike the one that I replaced which was supposed to work the same way but rarely did. I don't use the "talk" feature but like the fact that the display is large and easy to read. I feel more confident that I am getting an accurate reading of my weight.
Reviewed by: niksongs from TN on 3/14/2020

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