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Five Piece Weighing Cup Set

Five Piece Universal Plastic Cup Set

A great accessory for any of our scales

Five Piece Universal Plastic Cup Set
"In A Nutshell"
Cup 13.25" diameter x .75" deep
Cup's weight: 15.0 g / 0.53 oz
Cup 22.75" diameter x .75" deep
Cup's weight: 11.2 g / 0.4 oz
Cup 32.25" diameter x .75" deep
Cup's weight: 8.3 g / 0.3 oz
Cup 42" diameter x .75" deep
Cup's weight: 6.2 g / 0.22 oz
Cup 51.75" diameter x .75" deep
Cup's weight: 4.8 g / 0.18 oz

Product Details

This universal cup set is the perfect companion for any of our scales. This set comes with five plastic nesting cups that are great for all sorts of different applications. Use them to separate your ingredients for that delicious recipe, weigh small gems and jewelry pieces and more! These cups are deeper than a lot of other cups on the market, so even the tiny one can hold quite a bit. Each cup in this set even has a little spout for easy pouring.

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Product Reviews

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from 25 customer reviews.
Good choice
Good quality, design, and materials. Happy to have them.
Reviewed by: brfinley from on 2/16/2021
The product was great...the service even better!!
Reviewed by: Joe B from NJ on 7/29/2020
Amazing service, came very fast, perfect order. I spent an hour googling scale trays since the one which had came with my millagram scale cracked and broke, and i could not find any sort of replacement trays anywhere that were not like 40 bucks for one tray that wasnt at all the shape i was looking for. Then i find this site and i get 5 scales of every size i could need for under 10 bucks. Thank you SOOO much i highly recommend.
Reviewed by: Madalyntayler from Lake forest, California on 5/14/2020
5 piece weighing cup set
Good quality for plastic cups, heavy duty. I give it 4 stars since they are not stainless steel.
Reviewed by: RandyL from on 12/30/2019
Good Selection of Scale Pans
This set of scale pans was just what I was looking for. They're well made and the price is right, and they add a lot of convenience to my bench.
Reviewed by: Fred from Oregon Coast on 4/23/2019
Nice Set
If you need/want a set of small weighing cups these will meet your needs.
Reviewed by: Doug B. from on 4/2/2018
Not what I thought
So if I'd paid better attention to the description I wouldn't have been surprised. I thought that the largest one would be a full cup, it's not. These are tiny. Way to small for what I'm using them for. My fault for not reading the descriptions and sizes well. I just went by the title which says "Weighing Cup Set" and assumed at least one of them would hold 1 cup.
Reviewed by: Christina from on 2/5/2018
Measuring scoops
I like them well made. The only problem I have is I really wish they where marked as to what they are spoon full cup full 1/2 cup stuff like that. Other wise well made good stuff.
Reviewed by: Lester Miller from on 11/13/2017
Love them
Reviewed by: Doug from Georgia on 10/20/2017
Great buy
Excellent product and high quality. It was shipped very quickly !
Reviewed by: Jeff from Phoenix,az on 5/22/2017
Weighing cup set
I like the weighing cups. I like them because they are light weight but would prefer if the pour area was thinner and sharper at the tip.
Reviewed by: Trina from Fruitland on 3/18/2017
very happy with this weighing set
Reviewed by: Barbara from on 10/28/2016
Measuring Cups
These measuring cups are perfect for weighing gold!
Reviewed by: Rebecca from Wa. on 4/9/2016
Great Scale
This scale is very durable and accurate. Hasn't let me down yet. Very useful for weighing out various powders and herbs. Would recommend to anyone need accuracy with grams or 8th's of product.
Reviewed by: Robert Ishmeal from Florida on 9/1/2015
Great for measuring out and weighing gunpowder.
Reviewed by: Dawn from Michigan on 8/22/2015
Five Piece Weighing Cup Set
I used the Universal Plastic Cup Set "Daily" when weighing small amounts of Herbs, Lemmon, Lime, etc., when I?m juicing or cooking, I also purchased my scale from Old Will Knott.
Reviewed by: Don from Jenks, Oklahoma 74037 on 8/26/2014
Great set of cups
I bought this set when I ordered my scale (JVSG 20) but didn't really need them. Now that I have them I have been using the two small ones only. The only thing I would recommend is to wipe them with some rubbing alcohol prior to use for gun powder. It will keep the fine powder from sticking in them. Other than that not much else to say except they are very nice, and handy to have/
Reviewed by: Frank vF from Fresno, CA. on 5/24/2014
Weighing Cup Set
I LOVE these little cups! I weigh out grams of beads for beading classes, so these are perfect to use on my small digital scale, especially with their small pour spouts.
Reviewed by: Sally Penley from Olympia, WA on 3/22/2014
Five Piece Weighing Cup Set
I ordered this cups to weigh the gold i purchase. love all the sizes. fast delivery. thank you
Reviewed by: sandy bussell from san antonio tx on 11/20/2013
these are nice
They are just the right size and I am very happy that I got them.
Reviewed by: Gary Provencher from N.H. on 11/7/2013
Five piece weighing cup set
i use these for weighing powder and shot.They are perfect for the application and were a great buy.
Reviewed by: Ron Crosson from Henderson, Navada on 5/2/2013
Cups set
Reviewed by: Edward Hersey from Southwest Texas on 1/28/2013
Nice set
The "squattiness" of this set is just perfect for me to scoop, weigh and put the products into large bath-sized "tea" bags.
Reviewed by: Kim from Glen Burnie, MD on 12/6/2012
5 piece cup set
I purchased these along with the Jennings CJ600 as they looked like a nice set of mearusing cups. They fit nicely inside each other and they are nice low profiles so it's easy to get product in and out of them. I purchased for the use of dye in wood working and they will be a nice addition to my other measure containers.
Reviewed by: Carl Posz from Excelsior, MN on 11/11/2012
Great Product
Perfect sizes for whatever you need to weigh. Easy to handle and no fear of spilling whats in them. Great product!!!!
Reviewed by: Melissa from Bonifay, Florida on 6/27/2012

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