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My Weigh iBalance i3100 Precision Balance

High capacity precision at a great price.
3100 gram capacity x 0.01 gram resolution

"In A Nutshell"
PowerRechargable Battery Pack and
AC adapter (included)
Display1" Backlit LCD : 0.75" digits
CalibrationExternal : 1000 g (included)
Platform Size5.75" x 5"
Overall Size
(Without Draftshield)
10" x 7.5" x 3.25"
10" x 7.5" x 10.5"
Weighing Units4
Included Accessories1000g calibration weight

Weighing Modes

Mode: GramsCapacity: 3100.00 gResolution: 0.01 g
Mode: CaratsCapacity: 15500.00 ctResolution: 0.05 ct
Mode: OuncesCapacity: 109.3492 ozResolution: 0.0002 oz
Mode: Troy OuncesCapacity: 99.6672 oztResolution: 0.0002 ozt
Mode: CountingCapacity: -Resolution: Pieces

Product Details

Rechargeable Battery Pack You won't have to worry about searching high and low for a wall outlet to plug this scale into. The My Weigh iBalance 3100 has an internal, rechargeable battery pack.

Removable Glass Draftshield When you're weighing with high precision scales like this one, even the tiniest breeze can interfere with weight readings. That's why this My Weigh i3100 precision scale comes with a durable, glass windscreen to keep out those pesky drafts. Oh, and don't worry, this scale makes it easy to put your items on, or take them off, the platform. The top and sides slide all the way back.

Programmable Backlit Display The iBalance i3100 has a bright, white backlit display with dark, 0.75" inch digits. You'll have no problem reading this precision scale, even in the dimmest lighting. You can even program the scale's backlight to stay on or off while the scale is on, or to only light up when the weight on the platform changes.

Easy Calibration To get the most precise weight readings from your scale, you'll want to calibrate it from time to time. This precision balance comes with easy to follow calibration instructions and the calibration weight you need to get the job done.

Does This Thing Count? You bet it does! All you need to do is weigh a sample amount of pieces, so the i3100 can know how much each piece weighs, then start counting. You'll be finished in no time.

RS232 Port The iBalance 3100 has an RS232 communication port built in for easy communication with printers and computers

Stainless Steel Platform The i3100 has a durable stainless steel weighing platform that doesn't scratch easily and will keep its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

Tare Feature The tare button on the front of iBalance 3100 can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This sure is useful when you want to use a container to weigh your things.

Liquid Level Indicator & Adjustable Feet To get the most accurate weight readings from this precision scale, My Weigh designed the i3100 with a liquid level indicator and adjustable feet for adjusting the balance.

90 DAY MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If you have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to you within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

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Product Reviews

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Great Range, some QC improvement opportunities
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First: We're delighted in the range of 3.1KG at 0.01 readout and are keeping both of our units! The QC challenges: 1. Both balances: a. Bubble level isn't right. We ended up buying one for each balance at Home Depot, putting it on the platform and using it to level the balance. The one embedded in the balance is quite far off and obviously not leveling the balance. Bubble levels are around $2.50 so this is not a major issue. b. Leveling feet difficult to use. The plastic ring on the screws to adjust is far too small a diameter as it is under the balance. These need to be made in a larger diameter to allow adjustment easier. Also, the threads on these should be finer than on the balance to make adjustment easier. We also did comparative measurements on the two balances and for 6 different masses. While the display does indeed show 0.01g readout, we feel confident it can actually measure to about +/- 0.05 to 3 standard deviations, but this is quite adequate for our needs. With more temperature control and after the units "settle in". we suspect the precision and accuracy will improve. This is the balance's greatest challenge and we hope the maker improves the measurement algorithm for future buyers. c. Pan a little "bowed". Putting the bubble level on the pan shows that parts of the pan are not "level" with respect to other parts. This isn't terribly important, but can result in slight mass errors if samples are placed offset from center. We placed a target dot in center of the pan to resolve this possible issue.
Reviewed by: David Hackleman from Oregon State University on 3/24/2015

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