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My Weigh iBalance 1200 Table Top Digital Jewelry Balance

10th gram resolution and eight different weighing modes.
1200 gram capacity x 0.1 gram resolution

"In A Nutshell"
PowerPower adapter (included)
6 AA (not included)
Display1.125" LED : 0.75" digits
Tare FeatureYes
CalibrationExternal : 1000g
Count FeatureYes
Platform Size5.8" x 5.8"
Overall Size8.5" x 5.8" x 1.75"
Weighing Modes8

Weighing Modes

Mode: GramsCapacity: 1200.0 gResolution: 0.1 g
Mode: CaratsCapacity: 6000.0 ctResolution:0.5 ct
Mode: GrainsCapacity: 18,520 gnResolution: 2 gn
Mode: OuncesCapacity: 42.325 ozResolution: 0.005 oz
Mode: Troy OuncesCapacity: 38.580 oztResolution: 0.005 ozt
Mode: PennyweightsCapacity: 771.6 dwtResolution: 0.1 dwt
Mode: PoundsCapacity: 2.6430 lbResolution: 0.0005 lb
Mode: CountingCapacity: -Resolution: Pieces

Product Details

Energy Saving Programmable Auto-Off If you've ever had your scale turn off on you in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program the i1200 to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

Really Cool, Reverse Lit Display The i1200 has a bright, reverse lit display. You'll have no problem reading this precision scale, even in the dimmest lighting.

Does This Thing Count? You bet it does! All you need to do is weigh a sample amount of pieces, so the scale can know how much each piece weighs, then start counting. You'll be finished in no time.

Tare Feature The tare button on the front of this digital scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the item you're adding. This sure is useful if you want to use this scale as a diamond or carat scale for weighing your jewelry pieces.

Stainless Steel Platform This compact digital scale has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. Unlike gold or silver, stainless steel doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

It Remembers The Last Unit You Used If your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the iBalance 1200 turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when you turned it off.

It Has WeighMeter™ Technology! If you put too much weight, (more than the capacity of the scale) on any scale it can cause permanent damage. Unfortunately, most scales warn you of an overload after it's too late. Luckily this precision scale comes with WeighMeter Technology to tell you when you're coming close to the maximum capacity. This will save you from overloading your scale and damaging it beyond repair.

Easy Calibration This scale comes factory calibrated and ready to use. Just in case you need to calibrate it, the i1200 comes with easy to follow calibration instructions. You'll just need to pick up a 1000 gram calibration weight to get the job done.

90 DAY MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If you have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to you within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

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Product Reviews

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from 14 customer reviews.
So Far So Good!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Scale seems to be very accurate! As accuracy is extremely important in my case, I decided to invest in this company as reviews on Amazon pointed to the other scales listed on there were...crap, basically. I cannot speak for its’ battery usage because I’m using the electrical cord instead, which I planned on for ensured reliability. I thought I read in the manual that the product comes with batteries, but I didn’t see any. No matter to me, though! As I said, I’d rather not use them. I’ve only used it once so far, but it seems it will serve my needs quite well. Thank you!
Reviewed by: Dom from NY on 7/16/2020
Everything I needed!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This scale does everything I need it to do. Accurate, simple to use, perfect size and attractive enough to leave out on the counter. I use it mainly for aromatherapy projects and homemade cat food. I'll also be using it for the counting function. What I LOVE is that I can set the scale to stay on. Nothing worse than weighing and taring and have a scale turn off while reading a recipe or getting the next ingredient.
Reviewed by: AnnieB from WA on 5/10/2019
Great Addition to Our Home - Multiple Uses
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
While this was originally purchased to weigh coins, it's being used to determine postage, too. Love it. It's easy to use and a great size for easy storage.
Reviewed by: Dee from on 3/21/2019
Great Scale for the Price
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I bought an open box scale to weigh my baby birds. It's accurate, small enough to store easily and even better at the discounted open box price. Customer service with this company is wonderful.
Reviewed by: JEA from on 10/3/2017
new purchase
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I am very pleased with the scale I bought. What more I am ever grateful for the people who work here. I made a mistake the first time I ordered and left a message. I forgot to call, but the called me, helped me to order the right scale. I am very pleased with your service and the ease of your website. Thank you!! Earl W Molin EGT certified gravel testing.
Reviewed by: Earl from Mora, Mn. on 4/29/2017
Excellent scale, display is particularly nice.
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
So far so good, I haven't calibrated it yet but it was so close out of the box it's not a high priority for me at the moment. It's a great combination of capacity and accuracy, perfect for the various ratio measurements I have to make of fairly low density materials.

I was pleasantly surprised by the display, it's fantastically sharp and bright and also easy to read with sizable digits. They also weren't too stingy with buttons, so the interface is reasonable instead of having to push a single button a billion times to get to some setting or mode.
Reviewed by: Rocketguy from on 1/17/2017
Nice Scale so far
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Have had it 3 weeks. Used it in weigh mode & count mode. Used it with AC adapter in just batteries. Works fine so far. Don't have calibration weights so trusting the numbers, which seem on target. Count mode was accurate w/a bunch of lego pieces. Was off by 2 when counting over 100 very tiny & light pieces, so, was actually pleased it was as accurate as it was.
Reviewed by: Andrew from Grand Rapids, MI on 1/13/2015
Very happy
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Performs exactly as I had hoped. It has a great range and I love the maximum weight indicator bar, that way if I'm making a big batch of something and getting close to it, I can plan to stop measuring at an even weight amount, pour off, and then easily pick up where I left off. It's light weight and doesn't take up a bunch of space like some other professional scales do. After every use, it goes back in it's box and gets easily tucked away in my supply closet. The display is nice and large and very bright. I LOVE that you can disable the auto. turn off feature! It's extremely sensitive and fast. It was well packaged for shipping and arrived very quickly! Worth every single penny. Thank you Old Will Knott Scales! for great customer service , fantastic products, and great prices.
Reviewed by: Jennifer from Pennsylvania on 6/23/2014
Good... But not a 5 star scale
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
First impressions, Lighter than expected. Not a heavy weight industrial scale as I have seen in other reviews. I was very surprised the top plate was mostly plastic with a thin layer of lower quality stainless steel. My biggest question was, why does the platform just sits loosely on the unit. When moving it, you have to be careful not to tilt it too much or the top will just fall right off. Also, I think it should have come with a plastic cover like the Jennings CJ-300. My previous experience was with the CJ-300 which feels a little heavier than this scale and has a plastic lid that come in handy for weighing things. With that said, this is a very accurate scale. The scale is very quick and pretty stable. Has a little drift after it sits for a few minutes? but that could have to do with temperature. Pros ? Very Accurate scale. Easy to operate and calibrate. Nice key pad. Small foot print. Comes with an AC Power supply and vibra kill pad. The top can be removed and cleaned. Cannot beat the Warranty ? Lifetime. Remember the last unit is a very nice feature. Nice easy to read display. 1200 gram capacity is very nice. Cons- Top plate cannot be locked in place so it does not fall off when moving. Top Plate is mostly plastic with a thin layer of stainless. Would be much better if it was all stainless so you could throw it in the dish washer. Does not come with a hard plastic cover that could be used as a bowl to weight things. This should be a no brainer of what should be included in a scale that sells at this price. Over all nice scale. But, I was expecting a little better scale for this price range. Still I give it a 4 star rating.
Reviewed by: PPate from Mid-West on 10/9/2013
My Weigh iBalance 1200 (i1200)
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
So far, I love it. I've made several pounds of perfect soap from it. The only thing I would suggest, is to emphasize that vibrate-killer thing more. When my shipment arrived, I thought that thing was padding or something and did not use it. But I did experience annoying vibration problems with the scale, that got resolved when I simply moved it away from the counter where I was working. I did not realize until now, the purpose for the black pad enclosed in my shipment. But overall, this is a very accurate, amazing little scale, and I appreciate the customer service I have received so far. Thanks
Reviewed by: BARBARA L BARBER from Cincinnati on 12/29/2012
1200 table top
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
For those of you like me, this scale works great for molecular cooking. records in 10ths of a gram for very precise reciepes. I did need to calibrate it but instructions were easy to follow. I purchased the 1gm weight for calibration just in case and I'm glad I did. Order came in as promised and while I've never used "Oldwillknottscales" before, I will either do so again, or refer my friends! Steve
Reviewed by: Steve from Kingston, WA on 8/5/2012
My Weigh iBalance i1200
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The scale worked great right out of the box. I like that it had an AC adapter included. Ordered the scale on friday and got it the following wednesday. Great Service!!!
Reviewed by: Willis C Freeman from Dawson, Illinois on 7/19/2012
Excellent choice
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Very satisfied with the i1200 scale. Initially I wanted to spend less, but the extra capacity, large platform, and ability to read in grains made this model well worth the extra money. I've tested this scale alongside a lab-quality A&D at work, and the My Weigh is spot on throughout its range - quite impressive. The only complaint I have is that the included manual and spec info is rather perfunctory, so you'll want to make note of additional information from the box packaging for future reference. Thankfully, Old Will Knott has everything listed right here on the web site. Great company to do business with, couldn't be more pleased!
Reviewed by: John from Oklahoma on 5/20/2012
Great scale
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This is a nice scale. I like that I don't have to have batteries and it has a back lit display. Well Knott is the best. How old is he?
Reviewed by: Daniel from Sacramento, California on 4/2/2012

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