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My Weigh UltraShip 35 My Weigh UltraShip 35 My Weigh - Ultraship 35 - Showing Tube Holding Attachment In Use My Weigh - Ultraship 35 - Showing Letter Holding Attachment In Use My Weigh - Ultraship 35 - Showing Corded Remote Weight Display Detached From The Scale's Body My Weigh - Ultraship 35 - Showing Scale, Tube Holding Attachment, and Letter Holding Attachment

My Weigh UltraShip-35 Digital Shipping Scale

Filled with features that other shippers can't match up to
35 pound capacity x 0.1 ounce resolution

"In A Nutshell"
PowerAC adapter (included)
4 C Batteries (Not included)
DisplayBlue, Backlit, remote
Tare FeatureYes
Hold FeatureYes
Great ForHome, Office, Small Business
PlatformDurable Plastic
Platform Size8" x 6.25"
Scale Size8.9" x 8.1" x 2.8"
Weighing Modes4

Included Accessories

  • Envelope Holding Attachment
  • Shipping Tube Holding Attachment
  • Power Adapter

Weighing Modes

Mode: Pounds : Ounces Capacity: 0 lb - 2 lb
2 lb - 35 lb
Resolution: 0.1 oz
0.2 oz
Mode: Pounds Capacity: 0 lb - 2 lb
2 lb - 35 lb
Resolution: 0.005 lb
0.01 lb
Mode: Ounces Capacity: 0 oz - 32 oz
32 oz - 560 oz
Resolution: 0.1 oz
0.2 oz
Mode: Kilograms Capacity: 0 kg - 1 kg
1 kg - 16 kg
Resolution: 0.002 kg
0.005 kg
Mode: Grams Capacity: 0 g - 900 g
900 g - 16000 g
Resolution: 2 g
5 g

Product Details

It's Like Getting Two Scales In One Need a shipping scale? Postal scale? The UltraShip has got ya covered. To get the most accurate weight readings of items both small and large, My Weigh designed this shipping scale with dual resolutions. Why? Small items, like letters and envelopes need more accurate weight readings since you pay by the ounce to mail them...Larger items, packages and boxes, require a higher capacity and are usually rounded up to figure shipping costs. This ultra scale's design will give you the accurate weight readings you need at a very affordable price.

Digital Remote Weight Display If you've ever had a tough time seeing the weights on your scale's display because of a large package, (or anything else that might cover your weight display) you'll know what a great feature this is. My Weigh designed this shipping and postal scale with a backlit weight display that pulls away from the scale so ya can see your weights even with a BIG package on the scale...the display's cord reaches over three feet long! When ya don't need the remote readout, just pop the display back into place on the front of the scale.

Hold Feature With this cool feature you can weigh your item, press the "HOLD" key, and remove your items from the scale. After you take your item off the scale, the weight reading will remain on the display. This can come in handy for larger packages...you can even switch through the different modes and see what your items weigh in each unit.

Tare Feature The tare button on the front of this digital scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This sure is useful when ya want to use the included attachment pieces for weighing your things, or if ya want to get separate weights of multiple items.

Programmable Auto-Off Feature If you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program the Ultra 35 to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

It Remembers The Last Unit Ya Used If your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the My Weigh Ultra Ship turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when ya turned it off.

3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

Product Questions

Number of questions: 4
So just to be clear when you weigh a product and it weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces for instance what will you be setting the mode for ? Pounds or ounces? I just want it to tell me what it weighs in pounds and ounces. Is that a problem?
Asked by: Larry Brinneman on January 23, 2021 10:28 AM
If you want to read Pounds and Ounces on the display at the same time, you'll need to select that weighing mode (lb:oz). Or you can select JUST pounds (lbs) or JUST ounces (oz).
Answered by: Pati62365 on January 25, 2021 11:25 AM
is the platform replacement available? while picking up a small package pulled the platform and broke the little prongs underneath it.
Asked by: on July 2, 2020 7:22 PM
We have a replacement Stainless Steel platform available (UltraShip Stainless Steel Platform), but if the pegs on the body of the scale are broken, you won't be able to use the new platform. Unfortunately the entire scale may need to be replaced.
Answered by: Pati62365 on July 6, 2020 1:11 PM
I've had this scale for a number of years, it works well. It is starting to act funky. It starts deducting weight after the initial weight registers. I want to order another one will my current AC adapter work for the new one? I use it daily for dog food, so I keep it plugged in and don't use batts. Thanks.
Asked by: Mary Jo Koranda on July 2, 2019 11:26 AM
I'm unaware of any design changes on the UltraShip 35. I can't guarantee that the AC adapter will work, but it should. If the scale isn't weighing accurately, you can either try to calibrate the scale by purchasing calibration weights, or you may want to check into the 30-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Thanks for the question!
Answered by: Pati62365 on July 2, 2019 12:49 PM
This scale looks great but can you please clarify the gram weighing capability? If I am weighing a piece of gold or silver jewelry, will this scale be able to display an accurate gram weight, i.e., partial gram weight (e.g., "2.7 grams")? Thank you!
Asked by: Ursula1011 on July 30, 2017 12:14 PM
This scale doesn't show partial gram weight. The closest you'll get is 2 grams. Thanks!
Answered by: Pati62365 on September 21, 2017 11:49 AM

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 85 customer reviews.
Best all around Scale
We use this scale for weighing food items, its best scale on the market for the price
Reviewed by: Glenn from Mississippi on 4/14/2021
Happy with my new scale
This goes quicker for me than my old manual scale. Fits easily on a stand next to my computer.
Reviewed by: Judy Rohrbaugh from Ohio on 10/28/2020
Uktra ship 35
Excellent scale and reasonable price. works very well. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: Monica from California on 5/4/2020
Great value.
Reviewed by: Hoss from on 3/19/2020
Thanks for fast delivery and a good scale ..You do GOOD
Reviewed by: Frank from on 2/11/2020
they are great scales for the price
Reviewed by: heidi from on 7/8/2019
Another fantastic transaction and product
Always the highest quality item and service to back it up. I've used this company more than once and they have never NEVER let me down. I highly recommend them and appreciate what they so. So nice and refreshing to deal with a company like this.
Reviewed by: Steve Baumann from Missouri on 6/25/2019
i believe this will be a great addition to my farm-market stand but it will be a few month before we will put it to work
Reviewed by: ulyra ship 35 from on 1/22/2019
My Weigh 35
I like the machine a lot. Wish it give a point point oz. like 9.26oz. I just round up or down.
Reviewed by: Kim from WI on 11/27/2018
Reliable Scale that works well for what we use it for.
The scale is the perfect size for what we use it for and the detachable display enables us to way out toppings without having to look under the pizza to see how much it weighs. The only issue we have is that it's not as durable as we would like it to be. The plastic platform pegs that sit on the metal weighing mechanism usually break easily. Another issue we have is that the scale isn't liquid proof. Other than those two issues, we find that for the price it works better than many expensive scales we've tried that cost more but aren't any more durable.
Reviewed by: Nelson from on 9/5/2018
Scales work great and reasonably priced. Had a couple plastic dodads in the shipment with no explanation. Had to call to find out what they were. Didn't need them, threw them out. Happy with my purchase.
Reviewed by: Tom from MO on 8/8/2018
My Weigh UltraShip 35
Received promptly and seems to be perfectly fine. Expect it to be accurate to 0.1 lb. To be used infrequently.
Reviewed by: UMASS Med School from on 7/23/2018
My Weigh UltraShip 35
I raise sheep for their wool, and sell it to hand spinners. Sometimes they buy it by the ounce: sometimes entire fleeces by the pound. The portability, detachable readout and range of accuracy of this scale make it ideal for my purposes. So far, I'm very happy with it.
Reviewed by: Jan from on 6/9/2018
Scale works perfect for weighing puppies in a new litter...perfect for my needs.
Reviewed by: J. Warren from Home on 5/31/2018
Scale works perfect for weighing puppies in a new litter...perfect for my needs.
Reviewed by: J. Warren from Home on 5/31/2018
MyWeigh 35 - nice little scale
Scale arrived quickly. I ordered mine with the stainless steel top, which goes on OVER the existing plastic top. I called Old Will Knott's customer service w/ a question about the two screws that came with the unit, and Cleetus was very professional and nice.
Reviewed by: nanuq from Alaska on 4/18/2018
A very useful scale
I bought this scale to weigh puppies, I love the fact that I can zero out the tray that I use to hold the new born puppies and change from OZ to LB as they grow. It also had the tray to weigh letters and packages, so this will not be put away between litters
Reviewed by: Kidson Standards from Wittmann, AZ on 3/5/2018
Digital Scale
I am so glad I picked the product I did. Just right for my needs. I have an eBay store & website so this is perfect. Also a personal eBay store. Love the design. Thanks a lot.
Reviewed by: Catherine McGregor from Red Bluff CA on 2/16/2018
So far, it looks like this is exactly what I needed for my business.
It weighs small items and items up to 35 pounds accurately.
The feature I really like is the detachable screen, so that I can easily see the scale without a large box blocking it.
Reviewed by: ULTRA-35 from Los Angeles on 1/10/2018
Great little scale
I have owned this scale for several years and bought another one for a client. I have always be impressed with the way these scales worked.
Reviewed by: Walter from on 6/23/2017
I have been using your scales for a while now and so far I have been satisfied with them I have 20 divisions in our bass league so I will be getting more as I need them thank you
Reviewed by: Ray Reynolds from Bc michigan on 6/20/2017
The Gun Club scale.
The scale is now a staple inside our skeet Club clubhouse. It gives the entire Membership the opportunity to weigh their guns accurately, which is important info in our sport. Most guns weigh between 7 & 9 pounds, so the smallest scale is what we needed. The plastic curved platform top is perfect for holding the shotguns in place while being weighed. It is a fantastic addition! Thanks!
Reviewed by: John Koch from Cleveland, Ohio on 5/25/2017
Received the scale promptly & used it twice. It was very accurate as it gave the same reading as our vets on one of our pets.D
Reviewed by: D Jones from on 2/22/2017
Shipping scale
Affordable, incredibly accurate, love the zero feature to allow weighing within a box or bin because we bought this scale to get accuracy down to the ounce with newborn rescue puppies. Great product and company!
Reviewed by: Kim Kreem from Rougemont, NC on 11/25/2016
ultra 35
My scale arrived just in time for me to take it to a soap making workshop that we were holding for 30 people. This scale was front and center and your contact info was on all of our handouts as usual. I LOVE your products. They are easy to operate, easy to read and are the work horse of my soap business. Thank you so much for making my life easier :)
Reviewed by: Charlotte Hayer from Choctaw, OK. on 11/11/2016
Great scale
I like having a scale that I can use with an electric plug in or with batteries. This makes it very versatile. The scales seem to be extremely accurate and help with my blends.
Reviewed by: Jan J from on 11/2/2016
Five Stars for My Weigh UltraShip 35!
This is seriously one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have been selling online for about 15 years, but only as a hobby, and I have never been a big fan of dragging packages to any shipping service, but the only way to avoid over or under paying postage was to go, go and go again. Now my hobby has turned into a full time gig, and this little, but mighty scale works so hard for so little money. It is very accurate, simple to use, and it took all of about 5 minutes from opening the package to doing my first test weigh. The AC adapter is a must have. Who wants to be bothered with the inconvenience, cost and environmentally detrimental effects of the throw away battery? No one I know would choose that route. I mulled over the stainless steel platform, for about 30 seconds. This scale is super useful in the kitchen as well. Nothing is easier to clean than stainless steel. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with my scale. The shipping fees are reasonable and delivery was just about four days. I am a very happy customer, and I definitely will be making more purchases.
Reviewed by: Mary Kay from Port Charlotte, Florida on 10/10/2016
good product for the money
We use this scale in a pizza store. good product for the price. Fast shipping
Reviewed by: kevin from on 10/10/2016
Very pleased!!
I have been making soap for 17 years and the majority of those years I have used these scales! I am very pleased with the performance of these scales:) AND with oldwillknottscales . Simple fast ordering and shipping.
Reviewed by: Debbie Acree from Indiana on 4/10/2016
Great scale, easy to use, convenient size, get the adapter, very worth it. This website has the lowest price on this model scale.
Reviewed by: Joe Shmo from NYC on 3/27/2016
My Weigh Ultraship 35
Great set of scales; I got these for my son's business since he mails out items daily.
Reviewed by: Gary from Meridian MS on 12/24/2015
This scale has saved me a lot of time in my Ebay sales as I can do all of my weighing and shipping from home. This scale is super easy to use and accurate. I'm glad I spent a few extra dollars and bought the wall plug in as I wont have to worry about batteries.
Reviewed by: brak from Michigan on 11/27/2015
As advdertised
The service was extremely fast and the scale arrived packaged well. Scale is simple to operate and I really like the quick warmup and the ease to change measurement modes. I also got the power supply and SS platform cover and the PS is working fine and the pan cover fit nicely and looks good, too. So far after about 2 months I say that the scale has met or exceeded my expectations. Thanks for fast shipping! Lynn
Reviewed by: Lynn from Texas on 10/9/2015
Received my order fast. I was happy with fast response time it got to me. The scales are perfect for my needs. reliable and precise. I was so happy with my product I purchased my bathroom scales from here a week later.
Reviewed by: elizabeth from Gilbert on 7/9/2015
Good Value
I brought this "shipping" scale to weigh food portion and it works perfectly. This is the cheapest one I've ever seen for the functions I need. I would love to see one made of all stainless steel than this black plastic model.
Reviewed by: Karmen from PA on 3/2/2015
My Weigh UltraShip-35 Digital Shipping Sale
This scale works GREAT! and very easy to use. I checked it out with a mailing I had with USPS to see if their scale registered the same as this one and it was exactly the same. So I would highly recommend this scale. Customer Service was very helpful as well.
Reviewed by: Jupiter from USA on 2/10/2015
Great Buy!
I researched many sites for a shipping scale and the UltraShip 35 is exactly what I needed! Very affordable and my tests show to be very accurate. I also purchased the stainless steel platform and for just over $5 more, it gives the appearance of a much more expensive scale. I have to say the prices were so low that I was hesitant to buy...thinking it was going to be cheap looking. I am so glad I decided to take a chance because the price and the quality can't be beat! Thank you Old Will Knott!
Reviewed by: Cat from Texas on 1/7/2015
Ultraship 35
Excellent scale. easy to use Shipping was super fast and price was affordable
Reviewed by: Barry Reever from Millbury, Ohio on 12/4/2014
digital scale
We were very surprised and happy with how quickly we received our scale order. The unit is light and compact and seems to work just fine. We like the fact the digital readout module can be pulled away from the scale via the wiring making it easy to see the readout. We think it is a very good unit for the price we paid.
Reviewed by: Darlene Martin from Kapolei, Hawaii on 10/1/2014
Nice Scales
We use it for postal shipping, and it is much nicer than our old postal scale.
Reviewed by: Mike from Midwest on 8/17/2014
Great Service when 1st scale didnt work, Got New one RIGHT AWAY!
When got, 1st one, it wouldn't shut off. So I read directions again & said to Calibrate (with 22.?=Lbs) to set its weight. OH MY.. I was Los6t then,, I don't even have a bathroom scale to weight something that's exactly 22.?? Lbs! I Made 1 call.. Guy said All ours are already set, No CALIBRATION NEEDED!! Well Great I though... will send another right away! I Didn't even Have to hassle with sending one that possible missed a good inspection (nothing this company did wrong). Got it in just a couple of days & WORKS GREAT!!! I LOVE IT! This one can take off the front (other one was a Battle), & weights Perfect, looks good & fits right where I like/want it too! I Not only Recommend this product, but I HIGHLY Recommend This Company!!! Thank You for Being So Easy to Deal with, COMPLETE Hassle Free! Not even a You could or should have...Just Let me help & fix this for you Ms. Arbiso, well get you a new one right out! THATS IT! Easy Peezie~ I will send your site to others & buy Products you carry & I need, from You only, now! Like I JUST saw On Your Page "Its All About The CUSTOMER SERVICE Before AND AFTER The Sale!" I'm Impressed all the way around~ Keep Up The Great Customer Service & Wonderful Product lines. Sincerely, Kymmberly
Reviewed by: Kymmberly Arbiso from Tustin, California on 6/23/2014
Just what I thought: tough, easy to use, well built, and perfect for determining shipping prices. 35 pounds covers all my needs selling online.
Reviewed by: Mike from New Jersey on 4/11/2014
Just want to thank you Old Will Knott Scales for the great scale and the great customer service! The scale is well worth the money: very accurate and very easy to use. The customer service is exceptional! I had a problem with the scale (my fault) and they shipped me a new one after I contacted them right away! Very professional and very pleasant to deal with! Thanks again!
Reviewed by: Maria from Brooklyn, NY on 3/28/2014
Great Scale
I purchased this scale to weigh my new litter of puppies, and it's great! I keep a cloth-lined basket on the scale, set it to zero, plunk a puppy in the basket, and we're good to go. I'm tracking ounces and grams, and it's simple and quick. Also, the scale arrived quickly and was well packaged, which I also appreciated. I would definitely recommend both Old Will and this scale to my friends!
Reviewed by: Aruuuu from Central Massachusetts on 3/4/2014
Love it
I love this scale. It saves a lot of money on shipping using these at home and printing your own labels.
Reviewed by: Amanda Mitchell from Peoria, IL on 2/10/2014
Just the scale I needed to ship packages to the UK. Very simple to use & reasonably priced. Works great.
Reviewed by: Rusty from St. Louis, MO on 2/8/2014
I had a litter of Shih-Tuz puppies on the 19th of Nov and was hoping my scale would make it by the time my puppies were due. The scale made it in the evening on the 19. Was able to weigh my puppies that evening and have used it every morning to weigh my puppies since.Thank-You like the scale. Susan
Reviewed by: Susan Wojciaczek from White Cloud, Mi on 12/9/2013
Ultra ship 35 scale
I ordered the wrong scale and OWS's staff was very helpful and polite in fixing my mistake. I bought the right scale and returned the other for a refund without any problems. As a business owner myself, that is excellent customer service! Thanks!
Reviewed by: Brian from NC on 12/8/2013
Ultraship 35
very happy with the Ultraship 35. This is my second one. Business requires that I now need two. easy and reliable. love the detatching display.
Reviewed by: Chuck from Seattle on 11/25/2013
Love this Scale!
This scale is a great size for any home office. I bought this to weight envelopes for art prints and so the letter holder attachment is a great thing to have. The first scale that was shipped to me was defective and wouldn't turn off, when I pushed the on/off button it would just turn back on and reset itself. I contacted Old Will Knott Scales and they sent me a new one that same day! This scale is great but the customer service for this company is even better! My second scale works perfect! Great price for a great scale!
Reviewed by: Brooke from Texas on 10/9/2013
mail scale weighs rabbits
This scale is exactly what I wanted. Very easy to use. I just put a 9x13 cake pan on it. The machine zeros it with one button. And I weigh rabbits quickly! Great price.
Reviewed by: brenda eshuis from kalamazoo, mi on 9/11/2013
Great Value
Just started using this scale. I am very pleased with it so far. I checked accuracy with some packages I took to the Post Office. It is very accurate. This is not a rugged scale. Made of average weight plastic, but it looks like one that, if taken care of, will give good results. It is a good value for the price.
Reviewed by: R. Hall from Columbus, GA on 7/30/2013
My Weigh UltraShip-35 Digital Shipping Scale
This scale is perfect for me(weighing bowling balls). It measures to a tenth of an ounce. It is easy to tare the weight and I love clip out face panel so I can put a wide load on the scale. Thanks, T.C. White
Reviewed by: T.C. White from 215 Countrywood Dr, Forest City, NC 28043 on 7/17/2013
GREAT scale...GREAT value!!
I bought this scale to weigh how much brass is going into my tumbler barrel to clean it. The tumbler can only weigh up to a certain maximum and I was having a hard time finding something other than a kitchen scale that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I found this web site, saw this scale, and it fits my needs PERFECTLY. Great buy and I hope to use this scale for years to come.
Reviewed by: J. Bruno from Tomball, TX on 5/25/2013
Super products
I ordered the Ultraship 35, the AC adapter and the s/s platform cover and all arrived quickly. The scales are very accurate and are used frequently, as I knew that would be. In fact, I put this order off way too long. I have other scales from Old Will Knott and they also are accurate. Don't hesitate...it's good stuff, well built, priced right, arrives pronto and will serve you well!
Reviewed by: chris from Texas on 5/8/2013
Great Scale
This scale is fantastic! I was looking for a reliable shipping scale, but all of the available ones in the "big box" stores only weighed up to 3-5 lbs OR were ridiculously over priced. This scale is perfect if you need to weight lightweight OR heavy items for shipping, and it even lets you switch between different weight systems. Fantastic!
Reviewed by: Rozena from Michigan on 3/25/2013
UltraShip 35
Amazing product for the money! I am the weigh-in master for my fishing club and have used these scales so far two times and was really impressed how accurate they are! It does everything my friends $500 scales do and is just as accurate for a fraction of the cost! I use a large ziplock bag to keep them dry from the occasional water splash and they work like a champ! I highly recommend these scales to anyone. For the money they can't be beat! Thanks Old Will Knott Scales for a great product.
Reviewed by: Jonathan from Virginia Beach on 3/18/2013
Ultraship 35
Had this unit for a couple of weeks and it works great. I use it to track my rattie girls weight (by grams). If they lose weight it is the first sign of a possible respitory infection and that is something that has to be dealt with very quickly. I use part of the shipping carton to hold them in place, using the tare feature to get an actual weight. Again, it works great. I would recommend this unit to my friends.
Reviewed by: Jim Swanson from 112 Cameron Douglassville PA on 3/11/2013
Ultra ship 35
Great little scale.. perfect for weighing daily feed rations and milk production of our goats.. Would recommend to others.
Reviewed by: Kevin from Rural Iowa on 3/9/2013
Finally found what I was looking for
I am the kind of person that like to get referred to buy something by someone I know who knows what they're talking about. I wasn't able to find someone I know who knew about scales. Since there are sooooo many scales out there on the market I didn't know where to start. I consider myself so lucky to have found Old Will Knot Scales in my search on the internet. I also don't like to rely on a rep from the company to recommend a product. I ended up doing that with this company and I couldn't be happier. This scale is EXACTLY what I wanted and it works GREAT. I was prepared to pay ALOT more for what I wanted and was shocked at how inexpensive it was, especially in this day and age where it seems like everything costs way more than it should and yet the quality of this scale so far is great. THANKS !!!!
Reviewed by: Scott L from Forked River, NJ on 3/6/2013
user friendly
I make a lot of sausage, dried and fresh, and used the old spring weigh scales to see how much waste I had after cutting a Pork butt. I also used a Diet scale to measure my spices. Although accurate, it was always a guessing game, and zeroing the scale was a pain. Now, with my new scale, I can do it all within a matter of a few minutes. Best scale for every day use in the kitchen. The scale is light weight, takes up minimal space, and is very accurate. Take it from me, this scale is the ticket to success in perfection of those recipes you never could get right because you had too much, or too less of that special spice. Now, you can nail it down and just listen to the folks compliment the Chef.
Reviewed by: Yankee Bob from Fort Mill, SC. 29715 on 2/16/2013
Bought scale to weigh food, but I find myself using it for packages since it goes up to 35 lbs. It automatically zeros when turned on. I can put a bowl or a plate on it, turn it on and the scale will automatically zero out before I add your food. Its perfect. It also has oz, lbs, lbs w/ oz, grams, etc. EXACTLY what i was looking for!
Reviewed by: Danny from Texas on 2/10/2013
Great scale and very good value.I use it in the kitchen to weigh meats/ roasts and of course for mailings.
Reviewed by: Joe from Grants Pass on 1/14/2013
Reviewed by: SUE K from TEXAS on 12/31/2012
Best Scale on the market
Bought 3 of these scales for Quality Audits in a dusty print production environment. We specifically use them for postage verification and can honestly say they are extremely accurate! We've utilized them for a little over 1 month and each week we check them in anticipation of needed calibrations. To date, no calibration has been needed and the scales are functioning as advertised! Very happy customer.
Reviewed by: Dennis from Columbus, Ohio on 12/11/2012
Love my new scale1
I bought this scale in order to monitor my cats' weight. I need to put my cats in a carrier to weigh them, they won't stand quietly. But the scale is great! It works wonderfully, the hold feature is perfect so I can get an accurate weight and get cat and carrier off the scale. The accuracy of the weight is wonderful, it's making it very easy to monitor my cats' weight and now that they know the drill they purr in the carrier while I'm weighing them.
Reviewed by: Denise Vaillancourt from Concord, NH on 11/17/2012
My Weigh Ultraship 35
I have 4 of these scales in my vet clinic to weigh cats, and they have worked very well. On one of them the display broke after a year. I mailed it back to the company and they sent us a new one. The only thing I wish was different about them is that it tared faster (cats don't like to wait), but for the price it is a great scale.
Reviewed by: Jenny from Lawrence, KS on 11/4/2012
Another Delighted Customer!
The scale of my dreams! It has every feature that I wanted all packed into one scale for easily 1/3rd of the price anywhere else. It was pre-calibrated and is extremely accurate. The web site is highly informative, answers all questions you may have about scales and this company is super friendly. OldWillKnottScales has FAR exceeded my expectations! Business owners take note! Thanks again, Sara
Reviewed by: Sara from Louisiana on 10/27/2012
Ultra Ship Digital Scale
I love my scale--it's perfect for what I needed and the description was spot on. Reasonable price, fast ship. Would recommend this company and would buy from again and again and again!!!
Reviewed by: deborah from New York, NY on 10/7/2012
Great scale! works great Knott Sales is a great company with excellent service Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: Enrique (Rick) wegel from asbury park NJ on 9/18/2012
UltraShip 35
As far as I can tell, this is a great product and easy to use and accurate. Service was extremely prompt and I recommend Old Will Knott to anyone who is looking for a reasonable price on a scale!
Reviewed by: Barbara from Smoky Mountains, NC on 8/22/2012
Great Scale
This scale is perfect and the price was outstanding.Very easy to use.
Reviewed by: Louis Tammaro from Boston,MA on 8/8/2012
Works well as vet scale
I use it to weigh my cat, who is ill. So far, the tare function and the hold (displays the weight even after the cat is removed) function are the BEST!
Reviewed by: Shauna from No. CA on 8/6/2012
This product provides so much for the buck. It's excellent. I couldn't have purchased a better peice of equipment. So glad I purchased here than from any where else. The price was unbelievable ! I would definitely recommend this site and shop here again. Thanks for the price, convenience and overall easy shopping experience.
Reviewed by: Melody N. from Hampton Roads, Va on 8/5/2012
great title
Great scales for the money. They work perfect for my needs
Reviewed by: Richard Ralstin from Crown Point Indiana on 7/24/2012
My Weigh 35
Got this scale in two days. Just got back from a show where I use it to weigh wool curls from my sheep to use in spinning. I would recommend this scale, especially the low price. The best feature is being able to move the read ut away from the scale so you can see the weight on bulky items that hang over the readout.
Reviewed by: Nancy from Alton, MO on 7/18/2012
I love my scale. I use it to weigh puppies. So far, they are only 2+ weeks old, and it is more challenging to weigh puppies that are a little older as they wiggle more. But, so far it works absolutely great. I am very happy with it.
Reviewed by: Carol from IL on 7/11/2012
I bought one similar scale (earlier model), Now I needed two more, so I came right back here. All were exactly as advertised, arrived promptly in perfect condition, worked as advertised, I'm completely happy.
Reviewed by: Robert Di Giorgio from San Diego, CA on 6/20/2012
My weigh scale
Great scale, I love it.
Reviewed by: Micheal from Las Vegas on 6/14/2012
My Weigh Ultraship-35 Digital Scale
Lot of scale, not a lot of cash. I use this scale in our reptile room. The tare feature is a great function for weighing the Kids corn snakes and bearded dragon in grams. You can tell a lot by picking this unit up in your hands, feels sturdy, looks good. Will buy from Old Will again. Great communication through ordering and shipping, packaged well, good value for your money. Thanks Old Will, keep up the good work.
Reviewed by: Bobby from Davenport Iowa on 5/26/2012
Great Scale for the Price and Features
The little Ultra Ship 35 is a staple in my paintball business. We use it outside of the normal application to weigh small Co2 bottles used in our paintball business...very tough little scale!
Reviewed by: Bobby Goedecke from Houston Texas on 5/23/2012
Great scale and wonderful service
This is a great scale, accurate, small, and the extension for the LCD is perfect for large items. I'd buy again from Old Will. Timely service and reasonable prices. Thanks Old Will! A++
Reviewed by: ProfRC from Denver, CO on 2/18/2012
My husband uses the scale for mail from his business. He can't say enough good things about it. Well built, sturdy, accurate. Very happy with the scale and your company.
Reviewed by: Susan from Nescopeck, Pa on 1/18/2012
Nice Scale
Very nice unit. I use it to weight my too fat foo dog.
Reviewed by: Eddie from South Florida on 12/31/2011
great scale very fast service
Reviewed by: Gertrude Anderson from Torrington, Wy on 12/7/2011

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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