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My Weigh XL-700 High Capacity Talking Bathroom Scale

Extra-large 19 inch platform and 4 languages to choose from.
700 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power4 AA Batteries (included)
Display2.125" LCD : 1.825" digits
BIA FeatureNone
BMI FeatureNone
PlatformTextured Plastic
Platform Size19" x 11.75"
Scale Size19.825" x 11.825" x 2"
Weighing Modes3

Weighing Modes

Mode: Pounds Capacity: 700.0 lbResolution: 0.2 lb
Mode: KilogramsCapacity: 320.0 kgResolution: 0.1 kg
Mode: StonesCapacity: 50.00 stResolution: 0.01 st

Product Details

It's Ginormous! The XL700 is one of the biggest personal bathroom scales we offer. This scale has a whoppin' 19 inch by 11.75 inch platform. Before ya spend your dough on this mighty scale, make sure ya have room!

Stays Powered On While You're Getting Steady Don't ya hate it when you step on a scale and it shuts off before ya have a chance to steady yourself? The XL700 will stay on as long as you need. Once it senses you're stable it will capture your weight reading, display it for you, and say it aloud.

It Talks! Only If Ya Want If you, or a friend, have less than perfect eyesight, the XL700 talking bathroom scale is for you. If you'd rather not have your weights announced, the talking feature can be turned off and your weights will still be displayed on the reverse lit LCD display.

Speaks In Four Languages This high capacity talking bathroom scale comes ready to weigh in English, but you can program it to read your weights in German, French or Spanish if you need to. It's easy to change, too. Just press the "UNIT" button on the bottom of the scale for seven seconds, then press "UNIT" until you get to the language you want. After you've found your language, just press and hold the "UNIT" key until the scale says goodbye. Your language selection will be saved until ya change it, or take the batteries out.

Extra Large Weighing Platform The new My Weigh XL-700 has a super large, 19" weighing platform that is low to the ground and extra durable.

Big 1.825" Weight Display That's right, this high capacity bariatric scale has an LCD with digits that are just under two inches tall. You won't have a problem seeing you weight with those.

Easy On Activation Button When you're ready to weigh just give the activation button a tap with your foot. It will turn on, say "hello" and let you know when it's ready to weigh.

3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

Product Questions

Number of questions: 2
Hello, Are you currently offering any senior citizen specials or discounts for disabled customers? Do you offer free shipping? Thank you
Asked by: Kelly R on January 31, 2019 6:37 PM
Hey Kelly - we don't offer specific discounts to any group. As a small, family-owned company, we try to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Some of our scales have shipping included in the price. If you have any other questions, give us a call!
Answered by: Pati62365 on February 1, 2019 9:06 AM
How much does the scale weigh itself - it looks robust - and do you have them in stock at the moment?
Asked by: JimF on July 23, 2018 7:29 AM
Hey Jim - yes, we have these scales in stock. The actual scale weighs just under 8 lbs, but the shipping weight is 11 lbs. Thanks for asking!
Answered by: Pati62365 on July 24, 2018 11:12 AM

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 80 customer reviews.
Was looking for a scale big enough for my nephew and this was it. Great product and it was shipped fast.would definitely recommend this company if you need a big boy scale.
Reviewed by: Joki248 from on 4/30/2021
Nice product
It's very comfortable. Reads right. Like it. Great purchase
Reviewed by: Countrykiller from on 4/13/2021
Nice product
It's very comfortable. Reads right. Like it. Great purchase
Reviewed by: Countrykiller from on 4/13/2021
Exactly what I wanted. Arrived before predicted date. Very Pleased.
Reviewed by: Timex from on 4/9/2021
Bought the scales for my grandson. They are perfect in size for him to be able to get on without any problem. They are quality made and look really nice. I like the fact that they go up to 700 pounds. I would recommend them to anyone.
Reviewed by: Vickie from Richmond Ky on 4/6/2021
Bought the scales for my grandson. They are perfect in size for him to be able to get on without any problem. They are quality made and look really nice. I like the fact that they go up to 700 pounds. I would recommend them to anyone.
Reviewed by: Vickie from Richmond Ky on 4/6/2021
Love it!
It's amazing
Reviewed by: Jason from SC on 3/31/2021
Very Great Product!
I have been very happy with my scales! They are very sturdy and accurate! My wife is very skinny and I am big ! I am very impressed with the scales ! Thank you!
Reviewed by: Big Bruce from Kansas U. S. A. on 3/27/2021
started 730 LB's, already down to 640, scale is helping big time.
so the scales nicer than i thought it would be for the price. its wide, not ENORMOUS, but its wide, i have lymphedema between my legs so i require a lot of space. the button to turn it on is in front, you tap it with your foot or a cane. it powers on and tells you when its ready. you step on and after a few seconds it says your weight loudly for you to hear.

nicest scale ive owned and for the price its pretty great. it doesnt wiggle or wobble when i step on it, but i step cautiously so should should you when you're doing so. definitely recommend for anyone looking for a scale of this size.
Reviewed by: Big Customer from Chicago ,IL on 3/17/2021
Easy to stand on.
I chose this scale because of its wide platform. I have a hard time keeping my balance on the average sized bathroom scale, being able to have my feet wider apart helps a lot. The scale will give different read outs every time I stand it, varying one or two pounds, but my previous scale did that also. So if that is something that would bother you, this might not be for you.
Pros: Large display, voice read out of the display, wide platform makes it easy to stand on, batteries are supplied.
Cons: Doesn't give me the same reading if I weigh myself several times. The wideness of the platform might make it difficult to find a place to put it.
Reviewed by: Scotty from on 3/15/2021
Proof Amazon doesn’t have it all
I have been wanting to keep an better eye on my weight and as I am well I’ve most scales, major online stores didn’t have what I needed. Came here and ordered exactly what I needed and was pleasantly surprised by the speed and politeness shown by the staff. If I ever need another scale for anything I’ll be back here!
Reviewed by: Josh from on 3/11/2021
Great Customer Service and Good, Quality product (so far)
Firstly let me say that I placed my order and I received shipping confirmation in under 15 minutes the same day. These guys are fast. I received my scale 4 days later exactly as projected in perfect condition. Excellent customer service.

As for the scale itself, it was packaged well, is of good quality with the wide platform that is sturdy and performs as stated, giving an accurate weight (to my knowledge). It even came with a set of batteries to operate it. Time always tells the tale with most products but so far so good and I don't anticipate any issues as long as I use it appropriately. I would recommend the scale and would definitely recommend ordering from this company to anyone and would do so in the future should the need arise.
Reviewed by: Angela from CA on 3/10/2021
No more dr visits
so had we found this scale we don't have to sneak into the Dr's office to weigh ourselves anymore
Reviewed by: Ken from Crstline on 3/10/2021
Best Scale Ever
It shipped fast and then even noted on the package where to leave it. FedEx didn’t listen but, hey they tried. It works GREAT! I love how it tells you your weight, and you can easily turn that feature off if you wanted to. It is very accurate too! Love it!
Reviewed by: Apope from Concord NC on 3/9/2021
I love this scale. I have used this brand for our clinic for 8 years.
Reviewed by: Trisha Lackey from Orange Texas on 3/8/2021
Works as advertised.
Reads accurate and is easy to use. Audible is nice. Tap the bottom to turn on. It notifies you when it's ready. I'm big so the extra wide base keeps me from wobbling without having to touch the wall to stabilize myself.
Reviewed by: Patrick from TX on 3/1/2021
My Weight EX 700
I've had my scale for about three weeks. I'm an old time weight lifter, with a background in many sports and nutrition. Before I started using my scale, I waited one week before I placed a 20lb dumbbell on the scale to see the result. I would say 20.1 makes the scale very accurate, all dumbbell are not accurate. So thank you for the equipment.
Reviewed by: Ricky from Longwood Florida on 2/10/2021
Great scale
I got this scale a couple weeks ago because the one I had from the local store would fluctuate wildly. This scale is very accurate and well built. It has great feet on it for uneven surfaces. At 400 lbs it has no problem holding me. Well worth the money spent to finally have a consistent scale.
Reviewed by: Jeremiah from MI on 12/21/2020
Great scale
Well I do not need a scale that goes up to 700 pounds, I figured it must be well-built if it would handle that type of weight. So I bought it and I’m very happy.
Reviewed by: Citcate from on 9/7/2020
Love this scale. It is everything I needed.
Reviewed by: Val C. from Washington on 7/22/2020
Bariatric scale
I could not be more pleased with the scale that I ordered from you. It does everything that you said it would, AND it is VERY ACCURATE! The wide platform is ideal, and again, I could not be more pleased. I was not able to find another scale quite like this one on the market, and your price is very affordable. If I had enough money to choose between your scale and one of those $1,000.00+ scales, I still would have purchased your scale! You have an outstanding product!!!
Reviewed by: Thomas Allen from Schererville, IN on 7/13/2020
Great product and customer service. Easy to use and very sturdy. Super fast shipping. I would order from them again!
Reviewed by: ClearH20 from on 7/6/2020
Great scale if your heavy
Talks and works great
Reviewed by: Rebecca from on 6/12/2020
It does what I needed and I like it.
Reviewed by: Ronald Hardin from on 5/27/2020
Talking scale
Product as described. Came very quickly and in good condition. Would definitely order again from this company.
Reviewed by: Diane from Indiana on 5/26/2020
Big Man scale
Received product in a very timely matter so far product seems great and very accurate. It's hard to find quality products for big and tall men at to fair price to the consumer Thanks to the little guy shops (Small Business) make to world go round
Reviewed by: Rod from FL on 5/26/2020
I love this scale it is everything I need it to be. I am can not stand long and need my feet to be at least 10 in apart and this definitely works!!!
Reviewed by: Pleased to the max from on 5/15/2020
talking scale
The scale is everything as written in the description. And the service was great, fast and accurate.
Reviewed by: pm from OR on 2/26/2020
Excellent product
My mom is in a wheelchair and very unsteady on her feet. This wide scale works wonders for her. She is supposed to weigh herself everyday. This works great!

Reviewed by: Happy Cat from Ohio on 10/14/2019
Weight Scales
Love the voice in these scales and the accuracy! Great find and buy!
Reviewed by: Donna from MI on 6/12/2019
Awesome scale
Large surface, easy to read display. It even came with the batteries.
Reviewed by: Dan B from PA on 3/22/2019
Our family loves the scale it is user friendly and you have lots of stability when you're on the scale.
Reviewed by: Rice from on 2/18/2019
XL 700
Reviewed by: LANCE from CA on 9/6/2018
I have a x700 talking scale. I need to talk about operation of scale.I like the size of platform.
Reviewed by: James Cornett from Maryville tn 37804 on 8/22/2018
My Weigh XL700 Scale
Great scale, fast shipping.
Reviewed by: My Weigh XL700 from Iowa on 8/13/2018
What a great product! We needed a scale to weigh my husband everyday due to CHF that was wider to step on. This product works great and even tells us his weight
Reviewed by: Jane from N.Y. on 8/2/2018
Awesome Product!!
I have purchased scales for myself and wife over the last few years and none have been this good of quality and precise accuracy as this scale!! Do not hesitate to purchase its a very very good scale!
Reviewed by: Kristian from Texas on 7/30/2018
Great product
Very pleased with the product. It does what it is suppose to do. It was easy to set up and keeps me and my husband on track!
Reviewed by: Loosing weight from VA on 5/21/2018
MyWeigh 700xl
Perfect size for a large man. Easy to use and read. Like the speaking feature. The only thing that would make it better is to have a save feature so CHF patient can track weight automatically.
Reviewed by: Sherry from on 3/30/2018
I’m not sure how acruate it is!
I weighted on this scale serlveral times and it kept giving me a different reading all in the same day. So I weigh somewhere between 464-471 this is very disappointing. I need a scale that is consistent. Once I’ve had it a week or two I will give another review.
Reviewed by: FatManD from on 3/27/2018
Awesome product! We were looking for something that would accommodate 600lbs and this easily did that. Its a great scale and affordable. We are happy to have made the purchase.
Reviewed by: Diaz from Texas on 3/27/2018
Very helpful scale.
I love my new scale I am 600 pound man in his 40s trying to lose weight by dieting and exercise. My new scale is an invaluable help in tracking my progress. The ability to track weight daily helps keep me motivated. So yes thanks.
Reviewed by: Eric from on 2/26/2018
Great product and even better customer service!
The display on the first scale we were sent did not work. Old Will Knott Scales customer service were very helpful and we had a replacement scale in a couple days from reporting the problem. The scale has a nice bright and large display. I like the bar in front to activate the scale. The wide platform is the best feature. I don't feel unsteady on the scale which means the scale doesn't take much time to land on the weight. We don't use the sound to announce the weight but in testing it out we can say it's load. With the door closed to the bathroom upstairs my husband could hear the sound down in our livingroom.
Reviewed by: Jefferson from on 2/17/2018
very nice purchase
Very happy with my purchase. . . will recommend it to my friends. . . Thank you so much. . . .
Reviewed by: no thanks from no thanks on 1/16/2018
Nice device!
Very nice, easy set up. Easy to use, very stable.
Reviewed by: Greg from on 11/16/2017
I bought the scale as a gift and since they received it they have lost 12 pounds! The scale is a hit! Nice to know how much you weigh and have a scale in your home that can handle your weight. Thank you
Reviewed by: Noreen from California on 10/25/2017
great product, reasonable price
this is a great product that gave our clients the accurate and quality information for which they were looking. While online the specifications sate that the scale is able to talk, my supervisor was a little surprise when we tested it out and it announced our weight! Teachable moment :) I would highly recommend this product
Reviewed by: KK from on 9/25/2017
I am so happy to now be able to see what my weight is. I have issues with water gain. Now, I can keep track daily! Thank you! What a God send! It works amazingly!
Reviewed by: R.H. from Michigan on 8/24/2017
First let me say I was impressed that I was contacted to see if I was happy with my purchase! I am amazed by the customer service, that alone gets 5 stars. As for the scale, it is perfect, the platform is wide enough so I can stand on it comfortably and it is very accurate. I love this purchase and the price was much lower then other similar scales on the market.
Reviewed by: Debbie from Long Island on 6/6/2017
my weigh cl700
works great and price is right
Reviewed by: Kenny Z. from Mcallen, Texas on 3/20/2017
XL 700 Scale
<p>I just love this scale and the capacity is excellent. The large step on platform of the scale is really sturdy and the numbers are large enough to see without having to strain your eyes to read it. The fact that the scale talks and tells you how much you weight is Great!!!. This purchase was a great investment. I'm telling all my friends about it. What a great purchase.</p>
Reviewed by: Linda from Capitol Hghts on 3/11/2017
Medical Office Manager
An accurate bariatric scale is vital in a busy medical practice. I was surprised at how quickly the My Weigh XL700 arrived! There are several features that make this product a winner. The scale is compact, yet the base is wide enough for a large patient to stand comfortably. It is light-weight, can be stored out of the way, then easily moved to an area comfortable for weighing our larger patients. The optional audio feature is great. In our office we keep it silenced to protect our patient's privacy, but at home it would enable the patient to hear their weight if their stature prevents them from seeing the digital readout. The value for the cost is unmatched. I see no reason to pay thousands of dollars, when I can get the same benefit at a tremendous savings.
Reviewed by: Debi H. from Elizabethtown, KY on 3/9/2017
550 plus
I use this everyday because of my CHF..very accurate scale. I need to know if my weight fluctuates because of my heart ?? condition. Very happy customer and I highly recommend this scale.
Reviewed by: Huskie from NC on 1/11/2017
Not 5 stars...
I would have given the scale 5 stars but it not accurate all the time.
It goes off up to a half pound sometimes. I don't know why all the scales have graduations of .2 lbs. They should have just left them a 1/2 pound graduations. Ever since they started the .2 lbs. graduations, it's been imposible to find a scale that doesn't bounce around in any of the stores. Most of the scales these days bounce abound by 2 or even 3 pounds so that's why I gave this scale 4 stars because it only bounces around by 1/2 pound or sometimes just .2 lbs. and that's tolerable. So far, the most it's moved when weighing myself is 1/2 lbs.

I always weigh myself 3 time in a row every morning. This is when I notice the .2 lbs. to 1/2 lbs. irregularity in weight measurements.

Thank You!
Reviewed by: Michael from on 11/21/2016
400-700lb scales
Excellent product. Excellent service. What more can I say?
Reviewed by: medical Weight Loss center of NEPA from Kingston on 11/21/2016
It has ample capacity
I bought this scale because it had such a huge capacity and I knew the quality of OldWillKnott scales since I had one before but it was mistakenly sold in a garage sale. So far it is pure awesomeness and I expect many years of use out of this scale. I will use a big stick to protect this one from the prying eyes of garage salers however.
Reviewed by: Ryan Pietsch from Texas on 4/12/2016
Loved it
I got my scales just a few days after ordering. Was suprised it come so fast. We had a small problem setting the pounds and not stones. Had to call customer help. They helped me get it fixed. I have had no problems with it since then. My scales has told me i have lost total of 103 pounds so im thrilled with them even told my local Drs about them so they could look into them for his office.
Reviewed by: Stephanie Beasley from Southern IL on 3/21/2016
Wonderful scale
This is a great scale! I bought this scale for a few of our clinics because our larger patients have difficulty standing on the platform of a regular physician scale. Now our staff would like them in all of our clinics and so far I have probably bought a dozen and no problems with any of them. I am buying 2 more today. A wonderful scale. I highly recommend the My Weigh XL700..
Reviewed by: Susan from WV on 3/17/2016
I was really happy with the quality of scale. I loved the size of and width of it because my husband's legs have a problem where they bow out a little, and it worked great for him. I will say, make sure the floor area you use is FLAT because the scale is so accurate that it will weight itself (almost 8lbs).
Reviewed by: Chelsea from Eau Claire on 3/10/2016
Buy it!!! You will not regret the purchase ! Worth the price, does exactly what it says! Purchased for my husband who is a CHF patient, he's 6'2 400+ lbs his thighs are the size of my waist; his calves are the size of my thighs... This is the first scale NOT located in a hospital that he can place both feet on properly for weighing! His gait is very wide, but he feels extremely comfortable standing on this platform. Make the purchase, it's worth it!
Reviewed by: Jenn from Woodbridge Va on 2/21/2016
We purchased this scale for my son. He is in a weight loss/surgery program. This scale exceeded our expectations for design and reliability.
Reviewed by: Linda Cox from Tennessee on 2/2/2016
This scale is so GREAT, Easy to use and GLAD it is in my bathroom, Have had problems with weight over the years and it was embarrass to go to the doctor and they could not weigh you because you weighed to much so now when I go to the Doctor ,I weigh myself before I go
Reviewed by: Allen Smith from Lincoln, Ne on 1/15/2016
Great Great Product
Great Great Product, Price, Quality, 5 Stars All Day Long!!!
Reviewed by: Michael from Winooski on 6/1/2015
Love my new scale...
I had an old XL550 that decided to break down on me (as well as being at the upper limits of the scale). So I decided to upgrade to the XL700 to have the higher capacity for a similar price. The fact that similar scales that hold this weight cost four times as much amazes me. Anyway, the first scale I purchased was broken. Customer service was most excellent and I had a replacement scale within two days. That alone will keep my business. Long story short, I love this scale. The nicest thing is that it has a wider base that is comfortable to stand on.
Reviewed by: Jeffrey from Illinois on 5/28/2015
Getting my weight under control
I had go to the Er To weight my self and had such a hard time and thought there has to be a easier way so I goggled Bariatric scales and sound this website and ordered the scale just so I wouldn't have to go back to weight my self at the hospital is is so nice just to turn on step on and hear my weight I must admit I thought at first is might say AHHH get off me your crushing me but it didn't just said my weight and then Good Bye if you looking for a good scale this one is it its huge 24x 12 so make some room other than that Perfect
Reviewed by: Bryson from Tolleson Arizon on 5/14/2015
Great for home
Great scale for patients preparing for bariatric surgery, scale is wide enough and less expensive than buying a hospital scale for at home use.
Reviewed by: Franny Davis from Herndon, VA on 4/28/2015
These scales are amazing. I was kind of skeptical when ordering them that they may not work properly but they are amazing. They are exactly the same as the ones in the doctors office. The shipment was fast and no problems at all with payment. I would highly recommend these scales for anyone of size that need a scale that reads higher than the store bought scales.
Reviewed by: Steven from Kentucky on 4/25/2015
great scale
This scale is awesome very wide so you will need room for this bad boy worth the money very well built
Reviewed by: Daniel r from Pittsburgh pa on 4/17/2015
Great Scale
Quick shipping! Excellent works perfectly. Had a slight scare at first because the batteries that came with the scale were dead. Tried different batteries and scale powered right up. No problems since.
Reviewed by: Gerry from Sioux Falls, SD on 12/25/2014
Weigh XL700 works great
So far this scale has worked like it should and not having to try and look down and see what my weight is also a plus. If there is any little problem i have with this scale it's that from what can tell there is no on/off switch. This is only a minor problem due to it runs on batteries. I know the scale will turn it self off over time, but as soon as it does even the smallest jolt seems to bring it back on. So i end up having to remove one of the batteries to make sure they don't get drained. Other then that this is a very sturdy scale, big, and easy to stand on even with my cast on my leg. Even better then some of the small older scales at Kaiser. The talking portion of the scale is clear enough to hear. So if you are Big and Tall and looking for something that will fit your needs or don't like to try looking down at the numbers and having them change on you as you move to do so, get this. The price of $75.+shipping is worth it, and to find a scale that can do 700lbs for this price is hard to find. A lot of 500lbs scales can be $200 and up + shipping. Also they're not going to give you the surface to stand on like this. So i would give this a Five star, but not having a manual off switch kinda bothers me. Though I'm still going with a four star and would recommend this to anyone looking for and Big and Tall scale.
Reviewed by: Nathan from Benicia on 9/16/2014
Anyone who is over 550 pounds knows that finding a scale to weigh them is really difficult. They are nearly always at least $300, and they're so heavy and unwieldy! I was so excited to finally find this scale. It is affordable and works perfectly. Plus, the platform is nice and wide. I think most manufacturers don't notice that very large people often have a very wide stance that makes standing on a narrow platform really difficult. The platform on this one is the widest I've ever seen and is way more comfortable than those $300 models. Highly, highly recommended!
Reviewed by: Ash from Ohio on 8/18/2014
Great Quality, Must Have!!!
HOLY EXCELLENT!!! Where the heck has this scale been!?!?! Nice to find an affordable scale without breaking my bank account!!! The scale has a large stepping on surface, which is great. Display is large and clear. This scale is a must have if you're overweight and a conventional scale won't work for you. Item was shipped quickly and well packaged. Thank you Old Will Knott for providing a great product for this section of the demographics at a great affordable price!!
Reviewed by: Sal from Tampa, FL on 8/9/2014
Extremely huge which makes a perfect fit
I bought this for my step dad for father's day. He is currently 497 pounds and has been doing a great job with losing weight. So far he has lost 85 pounds. This is a heavy duty scale and is so wide that he has no troubles whatsoever stepping on to weight himself. The digital numbers are large and bright enough that he can see them, but it is nice that it talks as well. Overall very happy with this purchase. I would recommend this scale to anyone that is over weight where a normal scale will not work for them.
Reviewed by: Dawn Vaughn from Texas on 6/25/2014
Great Purchase
I purchased this scale for my 93 year old dad who has to monitor his weight daily. He is partially blind and unstable on his feet. The talking feature and the large digital read out were perfect for him. The large base helps him to be able to stand on it with out tipping over.
Reviewed by: Betsy Hoefler from Louisville Ky on 5/26/2014
Excellent machine
Durable and very reliable.
Reviewed by: Arona Lualemana from California on 4/10/2014
As a heavyset adult age 47 I've always had a hard time finding a scale that was comfortable inwaying me until now. This scale is " amazing" very reasonably priced, non evasive, and I love the platform for standing. Definitely recommend this scale to anyone.
Reviewed by: Reginald from Leawood, KS. on 3/20/2014
Great and inexpensive
I am a heavy set man, and can not weigh on normal scales you find at the super market. The scale at my Dr's office doesnt even work for me. But, This inexpensive scale works nice, I reccomend it, its a good investment. Only thing, is make sure its level, becuase due to the position it could be 3 pounds off, but positioned correctly its fine, and the best thing i ahve bought in a long time, A obese man can keep track of his weight now, and try to lose some of it!! :)
Reviewed by: Donald from Tampa on 3/17/2014
My Weigh XL-700 High Capacity Talking Bathroom Scale
We have a CHRIST based weight group with a min. of eight people attending regularly and this scale has been perfect. Making it possible for heavier people to join us!!! one weighed at the Dr. then came to the meeting and this scale weighed her exactly the same as the Dr. We are all very pleased with this product. Thank you, and GOD bless you as you choose life the healthy way!!!
Reviewed by: Tina from U.S.A. on 3/17/2014
Great value!
Thank you for carrying a large capacity scale at a reasonable price. Now I can track progress in my quest to lose weight!
Reviewed by: Jay Woodford from Frackvile, PA on 3/4/2014
Great scales
Just received this extra wide scales and it is perfect. It is very user friendly. It works as well as the one in the doctor office. Thank you for making a bariatric scales that is super size!
Reviewed by: Delores Flippo from Stevensville, Mi on 2/21/2014

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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