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My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale

High capacity bariatric scale ~ It even talks!
550 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power 4 AA Batteries (included)
Display LCD
Main Color Black
Memory No
BIA Feature No
BMI Feature No
Platform Size 14.7" x 11.25"
Scale Size 14.7" x 12.5" x 1.6"
Weighing Modes 2

Included Accessories

  • Four AA Batteries

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Mode: Kilograms Capacity: 250.0 kg Resolution: 0.1 kg
Mode: Pounds Capacity: 550.0 lb Resolution: 0.2 lb

Product Details

It Talks! Only If Ya Want If you, or a friend, have less than perfect eyesight, the XL-550 talking bathroom scale is for you. When you weigh with this scale, your weight readings will be said aloud in a pleasant, easy to hear female voice. If you're not in the mood to have your weights announced, just flip the switch on the bottom of the scale to make it hush up.

Easy To Read Weight Display A lot of the bathroom scales ya see around have a teeny tiny weight display. Now, that's fine for most people, but not if ya have trouble seeing that tiny stuff. My Weigh designed this digital bathroom scale with a great big, LCD weight display with digits nearly one and a half inches tall. This feature is great for users with not-so-great vision.

It Won't Scuff Up Your Floor Don't you worry about the XL550 scuffing up your pretty bathroom floor. The XL has scuff resistant foot pads to keep your floor safe, and to keep your scale from sliding around.

Step And Weigh Feature You won't have to bother bending down to switch this bathroom scale on...just give it a quick tap it with your foot. The scale will turn on and you can get to weighing. Pretty easy, huh?

3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

Product Questions

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 74 customer reviews.
Very nice scale and A+ Seller
This scale is very nice and is exactly as described by seller.
My only issue "only for me personally and might not be an issue with most",
anyway due to personal health/physical issues I have a hard time standing still
long enough for it to get and accurate reading. Once I let go of my walker
I start losing balance thus need to sit back into my wheelchair before it
reads my weight. I understand I should have thought of this before buying
but due to health issues I needed to get a heavy duty 550 lbs scale ASAP and
this was/is within my low disability budget. Other than that this scale is build
solid and functions 100% as described by the seller. Have a nice day ?
Reviewed by: BOB from Louisville KY on 6/7/2021
The talking scale
My husband love ?? this item thank you
Reviewed by: Crisonda Horton from on 6/2/2021
The talking scale
My husband love ?? this item thank you
Reviewed by: Crisonda Horton from on 6/2/2021
My Weigh XL550 is FABULOUS
The scale is better than I even expected. It is light weight, makes me laugh when it says "good by" and gives me accurate information to track my weight. Absolutely recommend it!!!
Reviewed by: LaVeta from WA on 5/3/2021
Talking scale
We are very pleased with this scale. It is easy to read and hear.
Reviewed by: Larry from on 4/26/2021
audible scale
Really like the scale - I use it to weigh my dog. I hold my dog and then we step on the scale - if I cannot see the scale the audible voice lets me know how much we weigh. very handy for weighing my dog...thanks guys
Reviewed by: terry from on 3/1/2021
Works great
Works great ad expected. It did hurt my feelings when it told me my true weight!😂😪
Reviewed by: Barry B from Mississippi on 12/29/2020
Love it!
The product arrive on time and looks,sound and does everything it says. The whole family even like using it. Thank you.
Reviewed by: New Fan from KY on 9/12/2020
Good product, and does what I need it to do
I will never fall in love with a scale, because scales tell me things I don't want to hear. This one does so in a weird robotic voice. You can turn the voice off, but you can't freeze the display so you can read the result after getting off, so I left the voice on.

However, it appears to do what it's meant to do, and the price was good. So all in all, a satisfactory product and one I would recommend.
Reviewed by: Jane from Maine, USA on 8/26/2020
Very Happy Woman!
This is my second My Weigh scale and I love it! My apartment is small and I need to move it to weigh myself. It's lightweight and easy to carry. And I love having a talking scale again! And very happy and grateful for Old Will Knott Scales! Love how they follow up with their customers! So happy!
Reviewed by: Irish from on 8/24/2020
Great Scale, very consistent
I chose this scale because it had really good reviews. I liked that one reviewer said that no matter how many times you get on this scale (in a short time period) it shows the same weight. That is exactly how it works. It doesn't matter if I go on 2-3x it shows the same weight. The nice wide platform is really easy to stand on, without feeling like you are going to tip over because your feet are too close together. I've had my scale for a couple of months and I would absolutely recommend it. I also really like that Will Knott Scales has good customer service. After my purchase they verified I received it and wanted to make sure I was happy. I would purchase from them again & highly recommend this scale.
Reviewed by: Erica from CA on 8/4/2020
This scale works! My friend weighs 395 and is having issues with water retention and his weight drastically goes up and down. Managing weight with edema is critical and having a scale that works his a must! I order 2 different scales from Amazon that were junk said to weigh up to 450 and he would step on them and the display pad would just flash numbers. This scale works. I explained to this company the importance of this scale and they actually replied to me and understood the importance of my situation for my friend to have a good scale. Thank you again O W K S :)
Reviewed by: wander from Washington on 6/5/2020
Great Scale
This is my third time purchasing this scale. The first two met their demise through no fault of their own. The scale works great and if this current one somehow goes to the great scale in the sky, a fourth one will be ordered!! LOL!!
Reviewed by: Gail from on 1/29/2020
Wonderful Scale!
I purchased this scale as part of a surgery prep where I needed to monitor my weight, and it has been fantastic! It is quick, responsive, accurate, and the voice has been fun as it’s provided a laugh or two the first time unsuspecting family members hear it. I cannot recommend this enough!
Reviewed by: PirateyGoodness from Florida on 8/26/2019
Love this scale
This scale is great! As long as you could stand still long enough it works well. I have bad knees so I’m a little shaky so I sometimes have trouble getting the scale to read properly. Other than that it’s and all around good scale. Love the talking feature unless other people are near me! Haha 😂 Because I don’t want everyone hearing how fat I am! Lmao...
Reviewed by: Kevin from Pennsylvania on 8/9/2019
Mr. Ross Beltran
This product has worked great. I am 493 lbs and it was impossible to find somewhere to weigh myself other than the Dr. office. (And not just any Dr. office) We can now monitor our weight much better and can see the results of our weight lost. I got my information from another friend who is also overweight and owns one.
Thank you for your products.
Reviewed by: Ross Beltran from on 7/23/2019
Love The Scale
This is a great scale. It’s perfect for my mother. Some it talks, she doesn’t have to try to hop off and try to see the numbers before it clears. My only initial issue was that the screen cover was not glue down properly, so when it arrives it was turn sideways. This was only a minor issue that I was able to remedy myself. Other than that, everything else is perfect!!!
Reviewed by: D. Brooks from on 7/1/2019
Will Knott Scale XL
Scale came in on time as promised works great ... However the face plate over the lcd number showing weight was not attached. I had to reattached is that normal?
Reviewed by: Raul Gonzales from CA on 4/4/2019
Great scale!
I got this scale from this site about 5 years ago and it is still holding up and still accurate!
Reviewed by: Kjs from NC on 3/2/2019
Excellent Scales
I love the scales I ordered. They are exactly what the description they said they were. I was worried about them weighing me, but, I didn't have any problems with the scales. It was an excellent purchase. I would advise anybody looking for good scales, to use you company because you all are awesome. Thank-you for the sevice.
Reviewed by: Sally from on 9/24/2018
Great scale.
My wife has a problem with her stomach and I had to find a way to get her weighed other than going to Weight Watchers or somewhere outside our place.

We found this scale on the internet and decided to purchase it. It is an outstanding scale, very easy to use and easy to store. My wife likes it because she does not have to travel somewhere to find out how much she weighs. Convenience is key here because she cannot stand for a long period of time and wait to find out her weight.

5 stars from my wife and I.

Reviewed by: Billy from California on 9/21/2018
fast delivery works great
Reviewed by: grissly from on 8/15/2018
Digital scale
I have had one of these scales at home for well over 8 years. I am very pleased with it, so I decided to gift my daughter one. She received the product without a problem. Thank you
Reviewed by: Susana Scott from on 6/27/2018
The product is what we need. I recommend this site!
Reviewed by: Elaine from CA on 4/15/2018
Weight scale
I love it. I get on it every morning
Reviewed by: Brenda Dickerson from on 1/16/2018
Perfect for my needs
This is a great quality product. Big enough platform to stand on and the voice is clear and easy to understand. Thank you!
Reviewed by: Mrs DJS from on 1/12/2018
Excellent scale for the price. Stable base. Sufficient volume. I'm a big 400 lb guy with a size 12 EEEE shoe. Perfect.
Reviewed by: Stephen from Alabama on 1/11/2018
Awesome & accurate scale
This scale is perfect. The only thing is o wish the platform was a little wider and that there is a voice volume button.
Reviewed by: Happy heavy customer from on 11/13/2017
Scales I Purchased
I really enjoy the scales so far great. Like the company and there need to please. thanks so much for the customer service
Reviewed by: Betty from Texas on 10/24/2017
Great Scale
Product is great
Reviewed by: Cornerstone from MI on 10/4/2017
It's gives me the correct weight everytime. Just what it's suppose to do!
Reviewed by: Mandy from North Carolina on 9/28/2017
Good product.
Good service.
Reviewed by: David Goodridge from Pell City, on 8/1/2017
Quality product
I haven't had a scale in my home for many many years. I was worried that this would be a flimsily made scale but it is sturdy and I love it. It's also wide enough and comfortable to stand on. I am very happy with this purchase.
Reviewed by: Tammy B. from Waxhaw, NC on 6/8/2017
Works well, and reads the same after stepping off and on again.very polite speech wise. Very good price for the product.
Reviewed by: Hootie from Florida on 6/2/2017
Good Quality.
This scale works well. You can hear your weight, without looking down. Great Price.
Reviewed by: Don from on 5/17/2017
Just what we needed
I treat people for nutrition therapy and weight loss. Most of the time the scale we use weighs up to 400 lbs. and that's adequate. However recently we did an intake for a 6'10" fellow who we could not weigh on that scale. We ordered the XL-550 and it was delivered in just a few days. It works fine but I haven't figured out how to stop the scale from talking when weighing a patient. I would recommend your company and this product to anyone needing a scale for the obese person.
Reviewed by: Lois R. from Stoughton, MA 02072 on 4/20/2017
Great product, service
have looked at many scales for obese persons with much disappointment. Came across your page and can only say, economical, sturdy, quickly delivered and functions well. Could not be more pleased.
Reviewed by: Kathy from St. Petersburg, Florida on 4/6/2017
XL-550 review

This is the second XL-550 I have purchased from Old Will Knott Scales. I bought this set of scales for my wife when hers (not an XL-550) started giving her trouble. It took her a couple minutes to realize how to use it, i.e. step on, step off, then wait until it says "Its ready" to step on and weigh yourself. She did not want to read the instructions. As I mentioned, these scales talk to you, which is good if your belly gets in the way (my problem). If you do not want the rest of the room to hear what you weigh, there is a mute switch on the bottom. I have owned the XL-550 for years with absolutely zero problems, I highly recommend it.

I like doing business with Old Will Knott Scales when buying scales, because scales are their only business. The only scales I have purchased have been the XL-550, however the rest of their products appear to be quality products also.
Reviewed by: Steve from Star from Star, ID on 3/7/2017
Scale works great talking part is not does not have not volume to hear it
Reviewed by: xl 550 from on 2/19/2017
large scale, v ery easy to use
The product is great, but the service you provide and the ease and speed with which the order was received was great.
Reviewed by: Ken from on 1/13/2017
reliable company with quality products
i have and then gave for Christmas a talking scale. I would use Will Knott again and again!
Reviewed by: steel source co from San Ramon on 1/5/2017
I love this scale it is very accurate to the doctors scale, and is very durable.
Reviewed by: John from on 8/26/2016
Great scale
We really love this scale. It's fairly lightweight considering some I've seen. It's easy to use, accurate and it even comes with batteries. You won't be sorry for this purchase. I will buy from this company again.
Reviewed by: Karen Dowson from Ohio on 5/11/2016
Love this scale
Was so excited to get this scale and was not disappointed! Accurate reading and love that I can shut off the talking. Received it quickly with standard delivery. Great customer service! They even check on u to make sure you are satisfied with your order.
Reviewed by: Joline from Illinois on 3/24/2016
excellent customer service
This company has been awesome in providing a scale for one of my clients and did it so very quickly and it was so very appreciated. I will use this company next time I need to purchase a scale!
Reviewed by: janet meadows from South bend on 2/17/2016
Scale works as advertised (which is a rare thing in this day and age) and I am totally satisfied !!!
Reviewed by: M Ramsey from Kentucky on 1/21/2016
Great Scale
I have had a lot of regular store bought scales die on me, so I decided to buy a sturdier scale with good reviews. This one arrived quickly and was super easy to set up (literally just take it out of the box and go). It talks to you, which is cute. The accuracy of the weight was a consideration of mine, because I joined weight watchers recently as part of this endeavor and wanted a scale that would be accurate to what I would be weighing in on that program, and it was 100% accurate. I am very pleased and would recommend this site and this scale to anyone looking for a quality product from a great retailer. The customer service here has also been fantastic.
Reviewed by: K from WA on 1/17/2016
Reviewed by: ELEANOR KRUSCHKE from LAS CRUCES NM on 1/12/2016
Very good
The scale came quickly in good condition and is easy to use I like it very much95f97y818
Reviewed by: Nancy Sowers from Middletown on 1/4/2016
My Scale
I have had my scale for approx. 2 weeks. The scale came as promised and was exactly shown in the pictures. I love my scale and plan on using it daily.
Reviewed by: Kelly Armstrong from Dinwiddie, VA on 10/4/2015
Wonderful Scale
Works great would recommend it to anyone. I like it talks to me I don't have to try to look down. The wide base makes it easy to step on and off. Well worth the money.
Reviewed by: BB from Escondido on 8/5/2015
Love This Product
I bought this for my son and he loves it. He says it gets 5 stars!
Reviewed by: Kathryn from Alabama on 4/29/2015
Very good scale
Very happy with this scale got it the day before I went to the doctor got the same reading on both scales so I like the accuracy
Reviewed by: Mike W from Iowa on 3/17/2015
Gr8 product
Gr8 scale. Order Arrived fast and they were fast. With a follow up email. Very happy
Reviewed by: Gregory from nevada on 3/3/2015
my weigh xl550
I am so happy with this scale, it is everything I wanted. It is being used on a daily basis by the entire family, the display is large enough I don't need my glasses to read it, we haven't used the voice activation feature yet but will eventually get around to it. The scale is light weight to move around but is heavy duty enough to hold all the weight put on it. I highly recommend it.
Reviewed by: donna braun from red bud il on 10/24/2014
Very Happy with my purchase
It does everything it says very easy to use, and have not one problem with it. It is so easy to use and convenient I'm surprised it doesn't tell me my weight when I just walk by it. Maybe I am so happy with it cause my weight loss is going good and it tells me what I want to hear I don't know. LOL I'm just very pleased with the the customer service as well.
Reviewed by: Robert from Hood River Or. on 9/19/2014
Great Scale for all sizes
I bought this scale to use for our company weight loss challenge. I liked the talking function but we turned it off easily so others wouldn't overhear.After 1 month We have had a couple people comment that have came from doctors office and say the scale is pretty darn accurate. We have people using it from 150 lb all the way up to 470. Only thing I noticed is that the heavier the person the more solid the floor under the scale needs to be ( don't use it on carpet)
Reviewed by: Linda from MN on 4/22/2014
MY XL-550
Reviewed by: DEBORAH FOSTER from OHIO on 4/14/2014
Great scale
This is a great scale. My wife and I are very happy with it. We love the talking feature. We don't have to look down to see the weight, it just tells us. Great value, great product !!!!
Reviewed by: Will from Welling, Oklahoma on 2/23/2014
Great scale. Very accurate.
I ordered this scale to use in a weight loss challenge at my place of employment. We do have some employees that are on the heavier side so I had to make sure the scale was not only portable but had a heavier capacity. The wide platform, large pound capacity, and performance are exactally what we needed. I am very please with my purchase!
Reviewed by: Michelle Pearl from Virginia Beach, VA on 1/9/2014
My Weight XL550
I have found this scale easy to use and accurate. The talking feature makes it a pleasure to use, especially for someone of my size. There is a delay from the time one touches the scale until it says "hello" , then a delay until it says "ready" , and a long delay until it reads out the weight - but it is accurate. I found purchasing from Old Will Knot to be effortless, with good feedback from the company on the purchase, well packed and prompt delivery. A good company to do business with.
Reviewed by: Santa from Star, ID on 11/1/2013
My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale
This is the best scale we have ever bought. My husband is very satisfied with the talking function. Our grandchildren love it. YOUR COMPANY MADE THIS ITEM SO EASY TO ORDER. If the scale does not work at first replace the batteries and away you go!!!!!!!!!! Will pass this wonderfull information on to all I know.
Reviewed by: simms from tulsa oklahoma on 10/22/2013
My Weigh XL550
Great scale that talks and is accurate! I needed a stronger scale to weigh both me and my great dane as long as I could carry him. Both of us on this scale totaling 280 lbs! The danes's weight of 118 was the same at the vet's office! Very happy with the scale!
Reviewed by: George from Angleton, Tx on 9/11/2013
Talking scale 550lbs
So far so good! We've had the scale 2-3 weeks and it works great! Absolutely no complaints at this time, and it seems to be a great scale for the price. I just wish it had a button to switch from "reality weight" to "delusional weight" , but ya can't have everything, I guess.
Reviewed by: Diane from Iowa on 4/15/2013
My Weigh 550XL
I got this not knowing my actual weight. It works great, and the bad news isn't as bad as I thought, so that's good news, right? Now I can keep track of my weight again!
Reviewed by: RJ from Virginia on 2/12/2013
Great Scale
I had a hard time finding a place to weigh me as I am over 440 lbs. I finaly broke down and bought this scale and it is a game changer. I can step on it every morning and get my exact weight with ease. Fantastic product. I recomend it highly to anyone out there.
Reviewed by: Christian reed from mesa AZ on 2/11/2013
Fantastic Scale
I bought this scale so I could have an accurate weight at home, and so many scales do not go up high enough or have the accuracy that exists on this scale. The platform is wide enough to do an accurate weight. I don't have the talking feature enabled. The only thing I would change in this design is the display. It would be better if the numbers were just a bit bigger and bolder and contrasted against a lighter background. However, I can read the numbers OK in typical bathroom light. This scale is also accurate at the low end. I have weighed my new cat over the past year and watched him grow from under 5 pounds to 9.8 pounds, then 10 pounds so far. I am pleased to see it accurate on both ends of the weight spectrum. This scale has become my best friend because I am on the new Shaklee180 Turnaround program and so far have lost 35 pounds in just 5 weeks!!!
Reviewed by: Karen from Wyoming, MI on 2/6/2013
Scale: My Weight XL550
Purchased this for Christmas...anticipating making changes in 2013. Scale looks great, works great, and Old Will Knott was a great company to work with! I was a little concerned about ordering on line, and trying to find something in my price range, but I was pleased with the response, follow through and follow up by Old Will Knott, and am generally pleased with the product. Hopefully this scale will provide many years of service.
Reviewed by: marcus from WA on 1/7/2013
Excellent Scale
The XL550 is an excellent buy!Great product,accurate too.I am so happy to have found this wonderful scale.
Reviewed by: monica from Washington on 10/23/2012
lovin it
i fell in love with my talking scale ever since i unpacked it i was surprised to see that it was very light weight it is easy to understand and it cuts it self off not to waste any of it battery power my best purchase this year.
Reviewed by: sandy from woodbridge virginia on 10/12/2012
Talking Scale
My mom is almost 90, almost blind and almost deaf. She has a hard time. Her doctor asked her to monitor her weight due to congestive heart failure and fluid build up. I bought the talking scale in bopes that she would be able to do what the doctor asked. What a success! She can hear and underswtand the voice and loves the fact that she can monitor her weight herself. Home health care is very supportive of her ability to follow through. Thanks so much.
Reviewed by: Pam from Austin, TX on 2/3/2012
Talking Scale
No worth the money, will not recommend
Reviewed by: Joe from Mississippi on 1/17/2012
Three time buyer.
This is the third time I have purchased this scale at friends request, for them. Once they saw and used mine, they had to have their own. Can't see how I could give you a better endorsement.
Reviewed by: Ellene Bunner from California on 1/16/2012
My Weigh XL550
Great product, easy to use, very accurate. The BEST customer service I have received in a long time, keep up the good work!!!
Reviewed by: Jane from Gadsden, AL on 1/12/2012

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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