Ohaus - 30304102

Ohaus 30304102 Ethernet Kit For
Select Ohaus Scales and Balances with an Existing RS-232 Interface

"In A Nutshell"
Compatible Ohaus Scales and Balances Defender 3000:D31P15BR, D31P30BR, D31P60BR, D31P60BL, D31P150BL, D31P300BX, D31P150BX Defender 5000:D51P15HR5, D51P30HR5, D51P60HR5, D51P100HL5, D51P100QL5, D51P60HL5, D51P150HX5, D51P300HX5, D51P10QR5, D51P25QR5, D51P50QL5, D51P250QX5 Defender 7000:D71P30HR1, D71P100HL2, D71P150HX2, D71P15HR1, D71P300HX2, D71P60HL2, D71P60HR1, D71P10QR1, D71P25QR1, D71P50QL2, D71P100QL2, D71P250QX2, D71P15HR5, D71P60HR5, D71P100HL5, D71P300HX5, D71P25QR5, D71P30HR5, D71P60HL5, D71P150HX5, D71P10QR5, D71P100QL5, D71P50QL5, D71P250QX5 Moisture Balances:MB23, MB27, MB90, MB120 VN:VN31P5000L, VN31P5000X PR:PR64/E, PR124, PR124/E, PR223/E, PR224, PR224/E, PR322N, PR323N, PR522N, PR523/E, PR523N, PR822N, PR1602/E, PR2201/E, PR2201N, PR2202/E, PR2202N, PR4201/E, PR4202/E, PR5201N, PR5202N, PR6201N Indicators:T31P, T32M, T51P, T71P

Product Details

Use this kit to Ethernet connectivity to select Ohaus scales and balances that have an existing RS-232 interface.

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