Ohaus - 30572910 IR communication cable Ohaus - 30572910 IR communication cable Image showing the IR sensor attached to the front of the i-DT61PW indicator.

Ohaus 30572910 Magnetic Infrared Communication
Ohaus Defender 6000 i-D61PW Models

"In A Nutshell"
Compatible Ohaus Defenders Defender 6000:i-D61PW125WQL5, i-D61PW125WQL7, i-D61PW12K1R5, i-D61PW12K1R6, i-D61PW12WQR5, i-D61PW12WQR6, i-D61PW12WQS5, i-D61PW12WQS6, i-D61PW150K1L5, i-D61PW150K1L7, i-D61PW25K1R5, i-D61PW25K1R6, i-D61PW25WQL5, i-D61PW25WQL7, i-D61PW25WQR5, i-D61PW25WQR6, i-D61PW2WQS5, i-D61PW2WQS6, i-D61PW50K1L5, i-D61PW50K1L7, i-D61PW50WQL5, i-D61PW50WQL7, i-D61PW50WQR5, i-D61PW50WQR6, i-D61PW5K1S5, i-D61PW5K1S6, i-D61PW5WQS5, i-D61PW5WQS6 Indicator: i-DT61PW

Product Details

This IR sensor attaches magnetically to the front of the indicator to allow USB communication.

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