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Seca 700 Pounds Only Model Seca 700 Pounds Only Model The Seca 700 - Bottom Of The Scale, Showing Rolling Castors And Weight Platform The Seca 700 - Close-Up Of Weight Display's Front Side The Seca 700 - Close-Up Of Weight Display's Back Side
Is this the right scale for your home? Maybe not.
These scales are great for clinics and hospitals, but due to their size and design they may not be the right fit for your home. We're always here to help if you need advice on what kind of weight scale is best for your needs. Here's how to contact us.

Seca 700 High Capacity Mechanical Column Scale

Perfect for hospitals and health centers
500 pound capacity x 1/8 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
PowerNone (mechanical)
Main ColorWhite
Height RodNot Included
Platform Size13.2" x 13.6" x 3.1"
Scale Size61.2" x 20.5" x 20.4"
Weighing Modes1

Weighing Modes

Mode: PoundsCapacity:500 lbResolution:1/8 lb

Product Details

Easy To Use Weight Beams Once the scale is set up, weighing will be a very simple task. All ya need to do is step on the medical scale, slide the larger weight to the approximate weight area, then do some fine tuning with the smaller weight. You'll want to keep manipulating the smaller weight until the hand and counter-hand, on the right side of the balance beams, line up.

Tare And Fine Tuning Knobs This mechanical doctor scale has a tare knob on the bottom of the large sliding weight, and a fine tuning knob on the side of the beams, that lets you set the balance to zero before you weigh. This can come in handy for accurately measuring weight even with a weighing pad on the scale.

Easy Transportation Seca equipped this hospital scale with rolling castors on the rear of the platform to help ya move it from place to place without taking it apart.

No Batteries Here You won't have to ever worry about running out of battery power, or trying to find a wall outlet, with this beam scale. This scale's two beam design allows you to accurately weigh patients, in as small as 1/8 pound graduations, without a digital readout.

5 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! Seca offers a five year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. In the rare case ya have a problem with this scale, contact Seca for a repair or replacement.

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Product Reviews

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from 13 customer reviews.
What i Ordered .
I'm very well pleased and intend on passing along information about my scales to friends .
Reviewed by: unknown from on 6/22/2020
I finally have an accurate scale!
I'm glad I got this scale. After having 2 digital scales that never matched each other and seeing a variance in the result on the same scale within 5 minutes, I decided to get this scale. Very happy I did!
Reviewed by: Karen Keene from WI on 6/11/2020
New Seca 700 Scale
Great product. My wife is visually impaired and cannot read digital scales. This scale sure solved that issue. It is very, very accurate, was easy to set up, and moves around easily. The order was promptly processed and shipped. Thanks for everything!
Reviewed by: T. Wade Austin from on 12/27/2019
the scales got here quickly and were easy to assemble and are very professionally built and accurate. thanks for your service and you even gave a phone # I can call if I have a problem.
Reviewed by: mike from Pikeville, Kentucky on 8/14/2018
Outstanding scale
The Seca 700 is accurate, easy to setup, and has a high quality look to it.

It is such a pleasure to step on a scale that you know will provide an almost instantaneous feedback on whether you have gained or lost weight since the last reading. Fine tuning to exact zero was quick and all I needed was a flat headed screwdriver.

Shipping was fast. I am very happy with my purchase.
Reviewed by: Don C from Virginia on 7/4/2018
The scales were exactly what we ordered and we love them. Also, ordering was easy and quick. The customer service was very friendly and professional.
Reviewed by: jonedie from on 1/1/2018
Seca 700 scale
I am a very proud owner of a Seca 700 pound scale. It is very easy to assemble and calibrate. If you have tile in your bathroom, just make sure not to set the legs on a grout line. It is a very accurate scale at a very good price. Checked out all of the sites that you could purchase a scale, and read all the reviews. Once you establish what your weight is, you always get the same reading, no matter how may times you get on and off the scales. It was shipped on time, and was in very good condition. It looks really nice in my bathroom. If you are interested in losing a little weight, or just keeping track of your weight, this is the scale to buy. You won't be disappointed. I would give it more than 5 stars if I couls.
Reviewed by: Judy Robinette from Abingdon, Va/ on 3/24/2015
Seca 700
Highest quality I could find; form, fit and function all excellent. Even the packing was impressive. Assembly is simple, requiring only a phillips head screwdriver. The only fault I find is the crappy instructions. You don't need them to assemble this scales, but some words on how to use the fine adjustment screws would be nice. Nevertheless, I'm extremely happy with the device, and the service from Old Will Knott was spot on.
Reviewed by: M Boardman from Tucson AZ on 8/6/2014
Love the SECA
First of all, can't believe how fast this was delivered and this was the best price we found on the internet. Great service - thank you. The scale itself is exactly as we had anticipated based on many reviews. We checked the accuracy using two 45 lb. lifting weights. At first it seemed 10 lbs. off but the scale was not sitting squarely on our tile floor (one side was on a grout line). After correcting this, everything was fine. It weighs very consistently and looks good in our bathroom. Very satisfied.
Reviewed by: Ellen from Alpine, CA on 2/28/2014
Very Happy
They work fine, easy to assemble, arrive on time,Thank You.
Reviewed by: Elmer Hostetler from Pekin, Indiana on 1/9/2014
Seca 700 scale
Our Seca scale arrived quickly from Old Will Knott. Even though the assembly instructions are entirely pictures, the scale was assembled and balanced in about half an hour. Remember your high school or college days using a triple beam balance scale? That could help you in understanding this scale. Calibration is by turning a screw with a flat blade screwdriver and/or by using an enclosed Allen wrench for more drastic calibration movement. I only had to use the screwdriver a turn or so to bring the scale into balance. It would be nice to verify the accuracy of the scale by weighing a large, known mass, but where would you find such an object? The floor in my house that this scale sits on is wood and a little uneven. Use a level on both the scale and your floor to tell you if any of the 4 rubber feet need to be shimmed a little. These feet don't appear to be adjustable. Best of all, I've already lost 5# because my old scale was that far off. I am happy with my purchase so far.
Reviewed by: John from Missouri on 12/24/2013
Seca 700 scale
I received my new scale just a few days after ordering and found the scale very easy to assemble. The unit works great and I am very happy with it!
Reviewed by: Mark Hohstadt from portland, or on 8/1/2013
Seca 700 scales
Totaly satisfied with this scale. After calibrating (extreamly easy). This scale weights down to 1/8 lbs. In a rating of 5 star and 5 being highest This scale is a *****
Reviewed by: Ron from AZ. USA. on 4/23/2013

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