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Taylor 7340B

Taylor 7340B Lithium Electronic Bathroom Scale

14" wide design for plenty of foot space
440 pound capacity x 0.2 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery (included)
Display 1.8" LCD
Main Color Black
Platform Size 14" x 12.5"
Scale Size 14" x 12.5" x 1.5"
Weighing Modes 2

Included Accessory

  • One CR2032 Lithium Battery

Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Mode:Pounds Capacity:440.0 lb Resolution:0.2 lb
Mode:Kilograms Capacity:200.0 kg Resolution:0.1 kg

Product Details

Sleek Design, Sure To Complement Any Home If you're looking for a new bathroom scale for your home, look no further. This Taylor bathroom scale has a super thin, silver profile with a black mat weighing platform. This bathroom scale's large, non slip platform, extra big weight display, and sleek black and silver design, make it a great addition to any home.

Easy To Read Weight Display A lot of the bathroom scales ya see around have a teeny tiny weight display. Now, that's fine for most people, but not if ya have trouble seeing that tiny stuff. Salter designed this digital bathroom scale with a great big, LCD weight display with digits nearly two inches tall. This feature is great for users with not-so-great vision.

Slip Resistant, Black Mat There's no need to worry about this bathroom scale causing ya to slip and fall. The platform on the 7340 B has a black, mat finish that helps prevent accidental slipping and sliding. So you can safely get your weight readings, even if your feet are a little damp.

Step And Weigh Feature You won't have to bother bending down to switch this bath scale on...just step on it. When you're ready to weigh, just step up on the scale, it'll turn on and you'll see your weight readings in no time. Pretty easy, huh?

5 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! Taylor provides a five year warranty on this digital bathroom scale. So, if ya have a problem with the 7340-B within the first five years ya own it, just send it to the Taylor warranty center. They'll fix it or replace it and send it right back to ya.

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 29 customer reviews.
Reviewed by: RICHARD ELLISD from on 4/24/2020
Exactly as Advertised
Scales were exactly what we wanted - accurate, easy to read, and reasonably priced!
Reviewed by: Geezers 1 and 2 from on 9/25/2018
Only had scale 6.5 months...
I won't be buying any more Taylor scales, the quality of these scales is less than impressive, the digital reading would only read out in kgs not lbs, no matter what setting I put it on, I called Old Will Knotts and they gave me the # to Taylor scales since I had the scale longer than Old Will Knotts warranty period. Taylor scales did promptly replace the scale, with another one that doesn't work well either, reads 2-4 LBS difference, and doesn't tap on easily either, I have to basically stomp on it. I won't be dumping any more money into any more Taylor scales.
Reviewed by: idahome from on 8/7/2018
This is the second set of scales I have bought from your company. The first set was for my son. They are so easy to use and so lightweight! We liked them so much that I bought another one just like the first one for my husband. We really like how you just get on them and within a few seconds it beeps telling you it’s done. And the numbers are so easy to see. I will recommend these to my friends.
LB from Texas
Reviewed by: LB from on 1/16/2018
Great scale!
This scale is slim, light-weight, and good looking! The larger number display makes reading it very easy. I'd highly recommend it.
Reviewed by: Claire from on 9/19/2017
It took us a few days to figure out that our old scales were reading low.
Fine product.
Like the large display.
Reviewed by: Ron from on 8/24/2017
Doesn't work well
I've used this scale a few times but it will never come to weight and stop at it. The numbers just keep jumping around and the display finally says error. I weight well under 400 lbs, and this is supposed to have a limit of 440 lbs. so it's not that I'm too heavy. Just not really pleased with the way this scale operates.
Reviewed by: DanCF from on 7/24/2017
Great scales
Bought these scales because I hated the cheap ones they sell at other retailers, and I have been very happy with them. Very well made.
Reviewed by: Terry from on 6/24/2017
Great scales
Bought these scales because I hated the cheap ones they sell at other retailers, and I have been very happy with them. Very well made.
Reviewed by: Terry from on 6/24/2017
Great scale!
I'm a big guy who pictures a scale with it's guts springing out when I step on. Not this one. It doesn't even beep or flash or cough when I tax it with my presence. So far I'm very pleased. The price and attention to my order is testimony to Old Will....
Reviewed by: Big Dad from COLCHESTER on 5/29/2017
Taylor 7340B Scale
Only thing that was a little tough getting used to was having to stay still for a good 2-3 seconds before the scale beeps and gives you your weight. Otherwise I am happy with the choice of this scale.
Reviewed by: Mike H. from Saint Louis on 2/22/2017
My daughter and I love this scale. Its extremely accurate and fits right in with the decor.
Reviewed by: hayvicki from JASPER on 1/30/2017
The trick is holding still
The scale works exactly as advertised. In stowing the scale I have moved the switch on the back from pounds to kilos. After a brief moment of rejoicing, common sense tells me that can't be right! Operator error!
The hardest part for me is to hold still long enough for the scale to make a decision. Sometimes I argue with it, but so far the scale always wins.
Reviewed by: OldFatGuy from on 12/2/2016
Great Service
Easy to use website, great communication and fast shipment. Out of all the companies I've ever ordered online from, you guys are the best!

Thank you for making everything go smooth and easy on this order. Other companies could learn from you!
Reviewed by: Steve from on 10/31/2016
terrible scale
I received this scale two weeks ago. It has said I have lost anything from 50 lbs to gained 20 lbs. Used it today and 7 out of ten times I received a error or low sign. I changed the batterie and it made no difference.
Reviewed by: Dan from on 8/1/2016
Taylor 7340B
Very nice scale big numbers and it a good looking scale. I'm very pleased with it.
Reviewed by: Ralph wilson from Hesperia ca on 3/27/2016
Great working scale! Fast delivery!
Reviewed by: Michelle from California on 8/26/2015
Easy to use
The title says it all. I love the beep that lets you know that it is done. This was a replacement for an older Taylor scale and I am glad I made the switch. There was noting local that came close to the selection that O.W.K. Scales offers. The shopping convenience and shipping was awesome and I will be doing more business with "Old Will Knott Scales".
Reviewed by: Robert from Idaho on 2/26/2015
Love the new scale! It is easy to stand upon, and the numbers are easy to see. Like the wider platform and rubberized mat. It seems to be weighing on target. Would definitely recommend this scale!
Reviewed by: RAL from Knoxville! Tn on 2/14/2015
Carries Its Weight !
This is the best scale we have ever had ! We like the size.......its very easy to stand on and the best thing are the easily visible numbers. Would highly recommend this scale to everyone !
Reviewed by: Sandra Brewer from Dallas,Tx. on 3/6/2014
New Scales
I am very pleased with these scales. Very affordable product.
Reviewed by: Rick from Nederland, Texas on 1/24/2014
This is the best bathroom scale I have ever own. when you are over 400 lbs. you don't expect the scale to be so accurate. my other scale went to 300 lbs. at that needle went over 300 and stop at 170 plus the 300 no accuracy. know this new scale even gives the 422.05 lbs. this is very accurate. this is a ten. I would recommend this to everyone including DOCTORS. and it is very cheap.
Reviewed by: ARNOLD EICHHORST from CANADA on 1/9/2014
The way America used to be
The service was great, delivery fast and the scale is accurate and non-fluctuating and sturdy.
Reviewed by: Cordia from New York on 11/11/2013
Accurate scale for BIG people
Bought this scale since the maximum capacity is well beyond what I needed. Being over 300 pounds, I wanted a scale which would provide accuracy each time it is used. I have weighed myself multiple times each day to ensure that there was no fluctuation in the weight. The display is very easy to read. The platform contour provides for a secure footing. This is a quality product and delivery was super quick. Thanks OldWillKnottScales!
Reviewed by: P F from Plainfield, IL on 9/2/2013
This scale is a great scale. The design is very simple and yet classy, easy to put away and has a big numbers for easy viewing. It's very easy to use, you step on ti on a flat surface and stay put until the numbers stops blinking. You have enough time to get off the scale and view your weight without standing on the scale. Just the way I wanted my scale to be.
Reviewed by: normita from forestburgh, NY on 3/25/2013
Very nice accurate scale
When I first got this scale I thought it had about a 4 lb error compared to the electronic scale at my local gym. I took the scale to my office and compared it to 3 commercial electronic scales. The Taylor scale reads about 1/2 lb higher than the average of these other scales. This is a very accurate reading for a bathroom scale. Turns out my problem was that the scale was on a ceramic tile floor and I can only surmise that I didn't get it on a really flat surface. After repositioning the scale on my tile floor taking care that all 4 feet contacted the surface of the tiles it reads very accurately. This scale must be on a flat surface to get accurate readings and then it is very accurate.
Reviewed by: David Banks from Dallas on 9/4/2012
Love this scale!
I ordered this scale to use at a new weight lose meeting that I have started up. It works great. It has a nice big area to stand on, big numbers to be able to read. It is easily transported in the very nice box with a handle that it came in. And most of all the price was right! Thank You!
Reviewed by: Lezlie Samuelson from Iowa on 3/10/2012
Great Scale
very sturdy. Using it for a office weight loss challenge and the price is great for its load capacity.
Reviewed by: Rachel from North Dakota on 2/2/2012
Great Product
Excellent product for the price. Large, easy to stand on, great display. Allows weighing up to 440.
Reviewed by: jan leonard from Rosenberg, Tx on 12/3/2011

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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