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A&D AD-8922A Remote Controller

A&D AD-8922A Remote Controller for use with Many A&D Scales

D-Sub 25-pin to D-Sub 9-pin cable included. D-Sub 9-pin to D-Sub 9-pin cable upon request only.

"In A Nutshell"
PowerPower adapter (included)
Display7 digit VFD
SignalRS-232C (D-Sub 9-pin)
Baud Rate600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps
Display Refresh RateAbout 10 times/second at 2400 bps or greater
Communication Cable Length~ 6'
Size9.3" x 5.2" x 6.7"
Compatible ScalesSee Table Below
Compatible Scales:Connection / Cable:Additional Scale Requirements:
Scale: BM, EK-i, EW-i, EK-L, FC-i, FC-Si, FX-i, FX-CT, FX-GD, FXi-WP, FZ-i, FZ-CT, FZi-WP, FZi-R, FZi-WPR, GF-A, GX-A, GF-M, GX-M, HR-i, HRA, HRAZConnection: RS-232C / D-SUB9Additional Requirements: None
Scale: AD-4212CConnection: RS-232C / D-SUB9Additional Requirements: None
Scale: EJConnection: RS-232C / D-SUB9Additional Requirements: EJ-03
Scale: ET-W, ET-WRConnection: RS-232C / D-SUB25Additional Requirements: OP-03W
Scale: FGConnection: RS-232C / DIN 7-pinAdditional Requirements: OP-03 and AX-KO1786-200
Scale: FG-KBM, FG-KAM, FG-KALConnection: RS-232C / DIN 8-pinAdditional Requirements: FG-23 and AX-KO1786-200 cable
Scale: GX, GF, GX-K, GF-K, GP, AD-4212A/B, GR, HRConnection: RS-232C / D-SUB25Additional Requirements: None
Scale: HV-G, HW-G, HV-WP, HW-WPConnection: RS-232C / DIN 7-pinAdditional Requirements: AX-KO1786-200 cable

Product Details

This remote controller not only allows you to control your scale or balance from a distance, but also displays your weighing data.

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