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A&D GP-40K Washdown Scale A&D GP-40K Washdown Scale A&D - GP-40K With The Display Arm Folded Down

A&D GP-40K Washdown Precision Industrial Balance

Water resistant industrial balance with user friendly interface
90 pound capacity x 0.002 pound resolution

"In A Nutshell"
PowerPower adapter (included)
Rechargeable battery (separately sold option )
DisplayBlue vacuum fluorescent display
Calibration Internal
External : user-selectable 20kg, 30kg, 40kg
CommunicationRS-232C (included)
RS-232C, current loop, comparator output (separately sold option )
Analog, current loop output (separately sold option )
Ethernet converter (separately sold option )
Platform Size15.1" x 13.5"
Scale Size
(with arm raised)
24.21" x 14.64" x 5.1"
(17.4" x 14.64 x 25.66")
Weighing Unitsg, kg, oz, lb, lb:oz, ozt, ct, mo, dwt, SGt, HKt, TWt, t, ms
Weighing Modesweighing, percent weighing, counting, dynamic (animal) weighing, checkweighing, accumulation, solid density determination

Weighing Units

Mode: GramsCapacity: 41000.0 gResolution: 0.5 g
Mode: KilogramsCapacity: 41.0000 kgResolution: 0.0005 kg
Mode: OuncesCapacity: 1446.24 ozResolution: 0.02 oz
Mode: PoundsCapacity: 90.390 lbResolution: 0.002 lb
Mode: Pounds : OuncesCapacity: 90 lb : 6.24 ozResolution: 0.02 oz
Mode: Troy OuncesCapacity: 1318.18 oztResolution: 0.02 ozt
Mode: CaratsCapacity: 205000 ctResolution: 5 ct
Mode: MommesCapacity: 10933.4 moResolution: 0.2 mo
Mode: PennyweightsCapacity: 26363.5 dwtResolution: 0.5 dwt
Mode: Tael SGCapacity: 1084.68 SGtResolution: 0.02 SGt
Mode: Tael HKCapacity: 1095.40 HKtResolution: 0.02 HKt
Mode: Tael TWCapacity: 1093.34 TWtResolution: 0.02 TWt
Mode: TolaCapacity: 3515.15 tResolution: 0.05 t
Mode: MessghalCapacity: 8746.6 msResolution: 0.2 ms

Product Details

Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) Technology The A&D SHS combines magnetic force restoration and single-point parallelogram load sensing technologies to bring you fast stabilization and high resolution. This increases productivity for all weighing work-flows and offers higher maintenance accessibility.

IP 65 Water Resistant HousingThe GP-40K has a water resistant housing with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 65. This means the GP-40K is protected from dust and low pressure water jets from all directions.

Automatic Internal CalibrationThe GP-K can be programmed to perform calibration using the internal mass in response to change in ambient temperature. You can also perform calibration at any time with the one-touch calibration key.

Bi-Directional RS-232 Interface The GP-40K has an RS232 communication port built in for easy communication with printers, computers, monitors and more.

WinCT Communication SoftwareThis washdown scale can be connected to a computer using the RS232 port and the included WinCT software. This software can be used with Windows based computers to transmit data to and from your GP precision balance.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) & Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Data Output The GP-40K can output data such as ID, date, time, calibration and more for traceability of results.

Data Memory The GP can store weighing data, calibration data, and unit mass for counting depending on your settings.

Automatic and Manual Response Adjustment This function automatically updates the response adjustment by analyzing the influence of the environment on the weighing data and also self-checks the balance performance using the internal mass. You can also perform manual adjustments to suit your environment.

Overall Capacity Indicator Reduce the probability of accidental overload by displaying the load on the platform as a percentage relative to the capacity of the balance.

Dynamic / Animal Weighing This precision balance has a useful dynamic weighing feature that allows you to accurately weigh unstable items by calculating the average weight of what's on the platform.

Checkweighing With LO-OK-HI Visual IndicatorTo make sure you get your weights just right, this precision balance has a checkweighing feature that will let you set your target weight. Once your target weight is set, the GP40K will let you know when you're over, under or just right.

TotalizationYou can use this accumulation feature to weigh a sequence of items together. This is a great feature if you need a scale with cumulative weighing for recording production runs.

Percent WeighingThis feature will let you compare the weights of your samples against a predetermined reference weight. This can be helpful in weight checking, compounding, formulating and more.

Does This Thing Count?You bet it does! All you need to do is weigh a sample amount of pieces, so the GP 40K can know how much each piece weighs, then start counting. You'll be finished in no time.

ACAI™ (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement)This function will improve the accuracy of the unit weight by re-calculating the unit weight with each addition.

Adjustable Display Position The GP-40K indicator is attached to a swing arm that can easily be adjusted to your viewing needs.

Stainless Steel PlatformThe GP-40K has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze.

Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)This digital scale has a VFD display with bright blue digits so your weight readings will be nice and clear. Benefits of the VFD compared to LCD are a wider range of viewing angles, brighter digits, better contrast and easy viewing from greater distances.

Below Balance Weighing (Hook Attachment Sold Separately ) The GP-40K can be equipped with an optional underhook to facilitate below balance weighing. Perfect for measuring magnetic materials and aiding density determination.

Liquid Level Indicator & Adjustable Feet To level the GP40K, simply screw each foot in or out until the spirit bubble is centered within the level indicator. A level scale is important for getting the most accurate weight readings.

Tare FeatureThe tare button on the front of this digital scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding.

5 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY!This industrial washdown scale is covered with a 5 year warranty from AND Weighing against defects in material and workmanship.

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