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Great news! The KD7000 Black now comes complete with power adapter.

My Weigh KD-7000 Black Multi-Purpose Digital Scale

Considering the KD's innovative features, other scales don't match up!
7000 gram capacity x 1 gram resolution

"In A Nutshell"
Power3 AA Batteries (included)
AC adapter (included)
DisplayBlue Backlit LCD
Tare FeatureYes
Calibration FeatureYes
Hold FeatureYes
Platform Size6.8" x 6.8"
Scale Size9.8" x 8" x 3.8"
Weighing Modes5

Included Accessories

  • Protective Gunk Shield
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • Power Adapter

Weighing Modes

Mode: Pounds : Ounces Capacity: 15 lb : 7 ozResolution: 0.1 oz
Mode: Pounds Capacity: 15.450 lbResolution: 0.002 lb
Mode: Ounces Capacity: 246.9 ozResolution: 0.05 oz
Mode: Grams Capacity: 7000 gResolution: 1 g
Mode: Kilograms Capacity: 7.000 kgResolution: 0.001 kg

Product Details

Protective "Gunk" Shield The KD comes with a removable gunk shield to protect the display and keys from any concoction you might be mixing up. This is perfect if ya plan to use the 7000 as a candle making or soap making scale.

Programmable Auto-Off Feature If you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program the 7000 to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

Bright Backlit Display This table top kitchen scale has a fancy backlit display to help ya see your weight readings, even in dim lighting. Not only that! This digital scale's display will tell ya if it's holding a weight, if ya pressed the tare button, and the unit you're weighing with.

Tare Feature The tare button on the front of this digital food scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the item you're adding. This sure is useful if ya want to use a separate bowl for mixing up your ingredients.

Hold Feature This feature lets ya remove weight from the scale and keep the weight reading on the display. This sure comes in handy if ya need to remove your item from the scale, or if you're having trouble seeing the weight display.

Stainless Steel Platform This digital food scale has an easy to clean, stainless steel weighing platform. The good thing about stainless steel is, unlike gold or silver, it doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

It Remembers The Last Unit Ya Used If your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the KD 7000 turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when ya turned it off.

3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

Product Questions

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Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 58 customer reviews.
This is my third scale from this company. The product is just as described and the price reasonable. Most importantly the service is excellent. I will continue to do business with them and will recommend Old Will to everyone who has similar needs

Mill Pond Essentials
Reviewed by: Mill Pond Essentials from on 6/3/2021
Modified for falconry.
I purchased one of these scale years ago to modify for weighing trained raptors. I'm a falconer.
I removed the stainless plate and drilled two small holes at edges.
I bent 1/8" aluminum bar stock to fit up to clear pan and provide a perch. A wooden piece was fastened to top of perch.
I love this scale as it allows me to not only weigh my bird, but also weigh the food, sometimes bloody.
Stainless pan cleans off and digital settings are easy to go from ounces to grams.
Great scale !
Reviewed by: Sully from Idaho on 1/17/2021
Ideal for My Needs
This scale is perfect to weigh beans and grounds for pour over coffee, bread dough for even loaves, and, most of all, my African Grey Parrot climbed right on board so that I could get a weight. The platform is easily removed for cleaning, and, it really doesn't take much space on the counter. I am delighted with my purchase and I do recommend this scale, particularly for parrot owners, as my nervous bird was not the least afraid of the platform.
Reviewed by: Ali S. from on 1/12/2021
These scales are great and they STAY ON
These scales are great and they can actually be set to stay on throughout the entire day while we work. We consider them consumables as we beat up on them pretty bad but they are cheap, reliable, simple and just awesome.
Reviewed by: Mr Hankey from on 9/2/2020
I love this scale
I love this scale.
Reviewed by: Beth from on 8/12/2020
Great scale...Bargin price!
Reviewed by: Tom from on 7/3/2020
Best Scales
i've been working in restaurants for the past 28 years and these are the best scales i have used. I only purchase them through oldwillknottscales web site. I have used many other brands but they seem to break more easily and the price is more than i want to pay
Reviewed by: chefmasa from on 7/3/2020
Excellent service as I have come to expect!
Perfect rapid shipment of one of my favorite scales.
Reviewed by: Diana O from Everett, WA on 10/23/2019
This purchase was our second of this model of scale (My Weigh KD7000). We use it daily from weighing out dog food to checking the size of farm-fresh eggs. The original scale had simply worn out after over ten years of faithful service. What I especially like about this new one is that it came with an adapter so that we are no longer using battery power. Batteries can be installed should the need arise, however.
We also use the different modes. Some of my baking recipes call for ingredients by weight, in grams. No problem. And we can weight potatoes in pounds and ounces. Most of the time we use the ounces only mode. Very versatile! If you are looking for a kitchen scale I recommend this one most highly!
Reviewed by: Bonnie D from Loveland CO on 10/7/2019
This scale is PERFECT!
After months of online research and reading reviews for the 2019 and 2018 BEST food scales, this particular scale was never mentioned! What a loss for the online community!.. First, my BRAVO to Old Willknotts for including the electrical adapter in the purchase. This saves the customer and the environment from purchasing and discarding batteries. This is stated on their website. Amazon offers the newer version of this scale but with the incorrect adapter and must be purchased separately... Booo on that.
The scale is perfect!. It tars immediately and is on point with the correct readout.. The display is large and clear, easy to read and comes with a clear cover shield to protect it from kitchen splatter. I love it.. and well worth the months of research to find it.
Reviewed by: The Marshmallow Kitchen from NY on 8/8/2019
Great scale
Great scale. I weigh dough with it daily and it performs great. Love the cover over the buttons!
Reviewed by: Brett from on 7/9/2019
Nice little workhorse
Works as I wanted...especially for the price. It has a 30 year warranty and the manufacturer seems to honor it! I had the display light go out after years of use and they sent me a whole new unit within days. Good customer service. Don't get this as a commercial scale...it can't be licensed for trade. However, we use it for prepackaging and for weighing out proportions for recipes. I've bought three!
Reviewed by: Tim from Idaho on 5/11/2019
Excellent service and delivery. This is the best scale for soap making and easy to use. From start to finish no complaints. Awesome!
Thank you!
Reviewed by: Pam from on 3/11/2019
Bought the above scale for weighing ball pythons. My son is extremely happy with the choice we made. He's told me he's very glad we purchased this one.
Reviewed by: Mom from on 1/25/2019
awesome scales.
Reviewed by: Kaye from MI on 12/11/2018
Great Scale
Bought this scale to replace an older, much lower quality scale, used in weighing ingredients for soap making. The new digital scale is easy to program and is of quality construction. The stainless steel weighing platform makes it easy to clean and the lighted screen makes the digital numbers really stand out. A real plus with this scale is the ability to use the optional power cord instead of batteries. As long as the electronic internals hold out, I anticipate we'll be using this scale for many years.
Reviewed by: Soapy from Denver on 11/30/2018
impressive scale
After weeks of researching scales and looking for the best product for the price, we ran across this scale and decided to order it. We were more than impressed by its ability to tackle the jobs we were doing. Great scale at a great price. We highly recommend this scale.
Reviewed by: Turquoise Shell from Kansas City, Missouri on 9/7/2018
KD 7000
Love this great inexpensive scale for its ruggedness and reliability. We are a completely scratch bakery using it on sweets production as well as bread production. This is the 2nd set of scales we have used in this model and love them.
Reviewed by: Wayne from on 6/14/2018
Works Great!
This scale works great and is even better than I'd hoped for.
One disappointment: it lacks an audio music feature to supplement my cheery mood!
Reviewed by: Easy to read and keep clean from on 6/4/2018
Top notch
When it comes down to it, bakers need accuracy and this scale delivers with precision. The look is minimal, very easy to clean. I recommend and have people asking about it. Great customer service, thanks for dedicating your work to great quality
Reviewed by: Holly from Austin, Texas on 6/4/2018
So far it has met all of my needs I use this for home business for casting jewelry so at times it gets used quit a bit have not had any bad issues with this
Reviewed by: Bill from on 4/20/2018
Kitchen scale
I love the scale. I also very much appreciate the customer service- they helped me with a little road bump, immediately without trouble. I am pleased !
Reviewed by: Maja from on 2/5/2018
Haven’t owned many scales but this one is by far the best does exactly what it advertised to do I weigh snakes and I need it all the time to check there weight making sure they are gaining and not loosing thanks so much for a perfect product
Reviewed by: Cory from on 1/25/2018
Its all good
use scales to weigh engine parts to balance. perfect weight readout. Its all good Thanks
Reviewed by: Bennie from Ryan okla on 11/20/2017
Great - as usual
This is either the 4th or 5th product I have from this company, man or group. The first time I was skeptical of how good it could be because of the low price. That one was excellent so 2 more followed with same experience. I had a problem with one and it was handled immediately and well.

Why would you go anywhere else this is a top notch outfit with the best product.
Reviewed by: Hoosiermike from on 8/15/2017
Great Scale!!
Re: My Order
I am very happy with the scale and swift time in getting the order out the next day!!
Thank You so much and if I know anyone else that requires a scale, I will recommend that thet get it from you fine folks!

Mark S. Hammond
Reviewed by: Mark Hammond from on 3/13/2017
Great Scale!!
Re: My Order
I am very happy with the scale and swift time in getting the order out the next day!!
Thank You so much and if I know anyone else that requires a scale, I will recommend that thet get it from you fine folks!

Mark S. Hammond
Reviewed by: Mark Hammond from on 3/13/2017
all units were good. completely functional an accuracy within 1 gram from 0 to 5,000 grams
Reviewed by: Mel from on 3/10/2017
Love it, just what I needed, Thanks
Reviewed by: Bill Jones from Memphis, Tennessee on 3/7/2017
I've recently started doing small batches of handmade soap, and this scale has been fantastic. Very accurate.
Reviewed by: alianore213 from on 1/24/2017
Quite a Bargain !!
This scale is definitely a Bargain. I weigh ingredients and this allows me to be quite accurate. I also purchased the power supply so as not to rely on batteries. It has an auto shutoff which thankfully can be disabled.It has 4 different weight configurations so it is versatile for almost any weighted recipe. I recommend this with no reservations.
Reviewed by: Ed from Ohio on 1/9/2016
A great value!
When my tried and true $250.00 scale finally bit the dust and was no longer available, I started looking for options....in the meantime I needed something in a hurry and ordered the KD7000 to get me through until I had time to research my options....well I have been using the KD7000 ever since with the same confidence as my previous more expensive scale. I am on my second scale in five years....because I didn't by my first KD7000 from Old Will, no one told me about the 30 year warranty, otherwise I would still be on my first! This scale has all the features and accuracy of higher priced models. I would highly recommend purchasing the AC adaptor to go with the scale.
Reviewed by: Jackie Thompson` from Talco, TX on 12/9/2015
KD7000 Scale
I'm in the BBQ business and we weigh meat all day long for sandwiches and plates. This scale is the perfect size and weighs accurately. I have purchased two of these scales and the adapter to go with it.
Reviewed by: Tamara from Portland OR on 10/27/2015
Great Scale
I had brought other scales and they just did not give the correct oz, lbs, and kept changing the weight as it was just sitting on the scale. This scale is so precise on it's weighing. I am so happy that I got this scale. Great product and great PRICE. When I ordered it ,it came so quickly.
Reviewed by: Donna from Florida on 10/21/2015
Okay, but...
This is not sufficient for making soap. I have learned that I need a scale with precision to .01 oz., not .05 oz like this one. If you are going to make soap, don't get this one if you like working in ounces.
Reviewed by: Cheryl Doss from Florida on 8/6/2015
My Weigh KD7000
So many uses on our homestead! I appreciate the small footprint because it constantly sits on my counter always at the ready for making soaps, lotions, fiber for spinning, dye stuffs, herbs and cooking. EXCELLENT PRODUCT and Old Will Knot has the best service around!
Reviewed by: Muller's Lane Farm from NW IL on 6/26/2015
Quality Product
Scale came in a timely manner and the product is very easy to use and easy to read. The scale has a protective shield and soft covers for the buttons which suggests the idea of a long term reliable product. No faults that I can determine. Thanks
Reviewed by: Jim from Tiffin, Ohio on 3/20/2015
Great scale!
This is the second one of these we have purchased.This is one for an additional location for our business. It is so easy to use and is very accurate. It really makes our work easier! Thanks for a great product!
Reviewed by: penny calcina from south carolina on 3/1/2015
Happy customer!
Very happy with everything pertaining to the order & product. Great scale what I needed and at a good price too. Would recommend it to a friend both Merchant and product. Thank you Joe Torre And no I am not the x manger of the Yankees!
Reviewed by: JOSEPH TORRE from Bay Shore, New York on 12/6/2014
Great Scale
I would recommend this scale for anyone who needs an accurate reliable scale. We have already used the scale for a sandwich sale at the local school and for processing several deer.
Reviewed by: Cheryl from Broadway Virginia on 12/1/2014
KD-7000 Multi-purpose Digital Scale
This is the first scale I've purchased for weighing soap making ingredients. It is just what I needed. It has a Tare button, weighs in oz and grams, is easy to clean because the scale platform is removeable and because there is a shield protecting the buttons. I highly recommend this scale!
Reviewed by: PJ from De Pere, Wisconsin on 11/29/2014
Works well
I've had first almost a year. Very happy with it. No reason I shouldn't expect same from second just purchased a few weeks ago.
Reviewed by: Bob from Home on 9/22/2014
My Weigh KD700 - Black Scale
I used the My Weigh KD7000 ? Black Multi-Purpose Digital Scale ?Daily? when weighing produce and other items when I?m juicing, blending smoothies, cooking or packaging in advance. I like the Tare Feature because I use various size containers to hold the items (all at once) that I?m preparing without getting the scale dirty. I like the Protective ?Gunk? Shield. I have splashed stuff on it a few times and it protected the number pad and was easy to clean. I like the Programmable Auto-off Feature. It saves my batteries. I will soon use the Remembers The Last Unit I used. I like the fact that in weighs in Pounds: Ounces, Pounds, Ounces, Grams & Kilograms because my recipes from various sources use different weight measurements, especially grams. I like the fact that the scale has a small footprint on my counter. I keep it on the counter instead of having to get it out everything I want to use it. I will be purchasing a Chamber Vacuum Sealer and so I?ll be weighing continuous juicing/blender smoothie drinks, Sous Vide Recipes (Cooking In A Bag), Food Recipes and Cold Storage of produce & meat in advance so this scale will surely be of use. I have the power supply as a backup just in case the batteries go dead and I don?t have any spares in the house. I have not used the Power Supply to date. The batteries seem to last so far.
Reviewed by: Don from Jenks, Oklahoma 74037 on 8/26/2014
KD 700 black weigh scales
Very nice little scales, haven't had a chance to use them a lot yet. More than I expected for the price and the people seem to be very customer friendly and respectful like it was in the old days.
Reviewed by: Kenneth Cruthis from High Point N.C. on 7/23/2014
100% pleased with this purchase!
I'm so happy with this scale! I purchased it for cold process soapmaking. It's very easy to clean, and it is far more accurate and easy to use than the one I've had for the last 8 years. I should have upgraded sooner! Speedy shipping and top-notch customer service from Old Will Knott too!
Reviewed by: jms from TN on 7/8/2014
Dandy tool
Gave it a run through weighing local foods for uniform vacuum packing for freezing. Easy to read and clean, good accuracy, and handy options. Finally, a good set up!
Reviewed by: Dennis from Prince of Wales Island, Alaska on 5/7/2014
my weigh kd7000 scale
This scale is just what I was looking for, I make sausage and it is important to have the same amount of spices in each batch for consistency And this unit is simple to use and does the job very well, Couldn't be happier.
Reviewed by: T.J. Randall from Rockford Mi. on 3/21/2014
I purchased this scale for my soap making and find it very easy to use. I am very pleased with my purchase, it was exactly what I ordered, arrived quickly and the transaction went smoothly.
Reviewed by: Fancy from Kentucky on 3/20/2014
ship shape
It does what I need it to do. At a sweet price. Gonna buy a bunch for work.
Reviewed by: Moj from pacific northwest on 2/7/2014
I have a commercial bakery and have been using these scales for years. I cannot remember how many of these scales I have gotten over the years, but I do know it is quite a few. They have taken a lot of abuse in the commercial setting, but if the scale turns up a defect, I send it back and get a new one under the warranty. Who can ask for better than that? I continually recommend them and give them as gifts.
Reviewed by: Michael Yoss from Norcross, GA on 1/10/2014
Christmas present from my beautiful wife and she could not have done a better job of choosing a general purpose scale for me and choosing such great people to purchase it from. I mostly use it for weighing packages for shipping, but it will also get some kitchen use. Has a nice large platform and large easy to read display. Setup and settings are easily adjusted although instructions actually read somewhat incorrectly for adjustment of the weight response speed and auto turn off, however they are close enough that you can figure it out. GREAT Price and a 30 YEAR Warranty make this scale a great value.
Reviewed by: Keith from Pennsylvania on 1/2/2014
Great Scale
This is a great scale for a great price, I love the fact that you can purchase an ac adapter for it, it weighs in 5 different modes and you can switch modes while weighing without zeroing out your ingredients, it weighs a whopping 7000 grams and its cute and compact. I love this scale!!!
Reviewed by: Eve from Polkville on 11/14/2013
KD-7000 Review
I use this scale to weigh hops used for brewing. I love the tare feature on it. Makes it so easy to only weigh the contents of any container. I am pleased with the scale. It is quick simple to use and accurate. All I could ask for...... Very fast and friendly service too....... Thanks again, John
Reviewed by: John Erickson from Virginia on 9/17/2013
This is an excellent scale for making soaps and lotion. It's much more accurate than my previous scales. Thanks!
Reviewed by: Elise from San Diego on 3/19/2013
Awesome scale!
This scale is very high quality for the price. I like the "gunk shield" that is attached. I think this scale will hold up much better than scales we have had in the past.
Reviewed by: Laura from Boise, ID on 10/23/2012
Excellent weigh scale
Thank you very much for an excellent weigh scale. Just to compare and test I have also ordered a Calibration Weight - 5 gram. I already have faulty weighing machine that I got from Amazon and already know it doesn't work well at all. After I got the weighing machine from OldWillKnottScales(By the way the S&H was handled to perfection) I put the 5 gm on this and my broken one. Clearly the test revealed that KD7000 is top notch. I make lotions and herbal medicine with this scale. And having a great time making them with this perfect scale. I thank the author Anne L. Watson for refering me OldWillKnottScales in her lotion making book.
Reviewed by: Sushma from Tampa, FL on 10/3/2012
My Weigh KD7000 - Black
I bought this for weighing my grains for home brewing. It's works very well, as expected. This is my fourth purchase from you and all have been good. This scale actually replaces a similar model I bought from you at least six years ago. Thanks for the great service.
Reviewed by: Joel from Carlisle, PA on 7/2/2012
In my opinion, this scale is the best choice if you're looking for perfection. I've made cold processes soaps and lotions for years and have used several scales. The KD 7000 gives the accuracy I need and is a real work horse. Recently, my older KD-7000 had problems accurately weighing lighter amounts of materials. I contacted Old Will's where I learned this scale has a life-time warantee. I was sceptical but sent my older scale back to have it looked at and then purchased a new scale...just in case. I'm excited to tell you not only did I get my wonderful new scale complete with another life-time warantee, but today in the mail, as promised, I got my replacement scale because the older one was not fixable. Having two is wonderful since I teach soap making!! Way to be and kudos to Will Knott Scales. I've never experienced such wonderful customer service anywhere, ever!!
Reviewed by: Bonnie from Glenwood Spring, CO on 4/24/2012

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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