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    2 Pack - Hard Plastic Shields
    For My Weigh KD-7000 & KD8000

    Replace your original shield after ya gunk it up

    KD7000 KD8000 Hard Shield Replacements
    "In A Nutshell"
    Compatible WithMy Weigh KD-7000
    My Weigh KD-8000
    MaterialHard Plastic

    Product Details

    Two My Weigh scales, the KD7000 and KD8000, come equipped with one of these hard clear plastic shields. They're designed to precisely cover the KD's weight display and control buttons. They do a good job of preventing whatever gunk you're measuring from fouling up your scale. When ya get too much gunk ruining the view of your scale's weight readout, you'll need another of these specially designed swiveling shields to replace that used and abused shield.

    Product Reviews

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    from 5 customer reviews.
    Exactly what I ordered, shipping cost was way better than the other site I checked, and arrived very quickly.
    Reviewed by: Biill from on 3/14/2017
    I am happy with these shields, (2 pack.) The one I installed works WAY better than the original.

    As one reviewer observed, there may be some molding residue which needs to be removed, and that is a very simple process.

    Use a 5/32 drill bit, hand held, NOTHING ELSE; just run the bit through the hinge while twisting a little to make a perfect fit.

    I do believe clearing the hinge should be done by "MyWeigh," but I am just happy it is available; it is super clear, well made, (with the one exception noted hince the four star rating,) and it does protect the panel from splash etc. Worthwhile purchase!!
    Reviewed by: Willie from on 2/22/2017
    Replacement Shields for KD-8000 scale
    I received the product I ordered in a timely manner. The shields had manufacturing defects: the pins could not be placed in the hinges, because the hinges were clogged with plastic. My wife is a jeweler and was able to ream out the hinges for me. They now work properly.
    Reviewed by: LeRoy from Connecticut on 2/21/2016
    Great Product
    You will want to keep a couple spares of these around which really help to keep your scale looking like new. Very hard plastic that can take the abuse of oils and especially Essential and Fragrance oil spills.
    Reviewed by: Dale from Hudsonville on 8/7/2015
    Greasy finger free
    Nifty little item to protect the keypad of my KD8000 scale. Depending oin what you use it for you got to have some of these around.
    Reviewed by: Steven Santiago from Kissimmee, Florida on 11/2/2014

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