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Great news! The KD8000 now comes complete with power adapter.

My Weigh KD-8000 "Baker's Math" Scale

"Percentage Weighing" proportional measuring makes for precise recipes
Also allows bakers to easily make larger or smaller batches of a given recipe

"In A Nutshell"
Power3 AA Batteries (included)
AC adapter (included)
DisplayBlue Backlit LCD
0.75" Tall Digits
Tare FeatureYes
Calibration FeatureYes
Hold FeatureYes
Platform Size6.8" x 6.8"
Scale Size9.8" x 8" x 3.8"
Weighing Modes5

Included Accessories

  • Protective Gunk Shield
  • 3 AA Batteries
  • Power Adapter

Weighing Modes

Mode: Pounds : Ounces Capacity: 17 lb : 9 ozResolution: 0.1 oz
Mode: Pounds Capacity: 17.620 lbResolution: 0.002 lb
Mode: Ounces Capacity: 281.90 ozResolution: 0.05 oz
Mode: Grams Capacity: 8000 gResolution: 1 g
Mode: Kilograms Capacity: 8.000 kgResolution: 0.001 kg

Product Details

Baker's Percentage Feature This feature does away the usual math required in adding just the right amount of ingredients, in proportion to the main ingredient (flour, for instance) of a recipe. This feature allows you to easily resize recipes based on percentage and makes mixing up batters and dough a piece of cake.

Protective "Gunk" Shield The KD kitchen scale comes with a removable gunk shield to protect the display and keys from any concoction you might be mixing up. This is perfect if ya plan to use the 8000 as a candle making or soap making scale.

Programmable Auto-Off Feature If you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program the 8000 to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

Bright Backlit Display This baker scale has a fancy backlit display to help ya see your weight readings, even in dim lighting. The digits are 0.75" tall. Not only that! This digital scale's display will tell ya if it's holding a weight, if ya pressed the tare button, and the unit you're weighing with.

Tare Feature The tare button on the front of this digital bpf scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the item you're adding. This sure is useful if ya want to use a separate bowl for mixing up your ingredients.

Hold Feature This feature lets ya remove weight from the scale and keep the weight reading on the display. This sure comes in handy if ya need to remove your item from the scale, or if ya use this scale as a postal scale and are having trouble seeing the weight display because of a big box.

Stainless Steel Platform This digital food scale has an easy to clean, stainless steel weighing platform. The good thing about stainless steel is, unlike gold or silver, it doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

It Remembers The Last Unit Ya Used If your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the KD-8000 turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when ya turned it off.

3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY! If ya have a problem with this scale, just send it to MyWeigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix or replace your scale and send it on its way back to ya within a week of receiving it. You should expect your replacement to arrive in about two to three weeks from the day you send the original off. Keep in mind that sometimes MyWeigh runs out of stock, which can cause a delay in the warranty replacement process.

Product Questions

Number of questions: 2
I am interested to get the KD8000. Will the power adaptor worked in Singapore which runs on 230/50hz. Thank you.
Asked by: SueH on November 14, 2020 10:31 PM
The adapter is a basic AC adapter used in the USA. 110/60hz
Answered by: Pati62365 on November 17, 2020 2:44 PM
I have had a KD-8000 for a long time and the plastic sheet with printing on it, (On, Tare, etc.), has started to crack over the On/Off button. Is there a replacement sheet available? BTW - I love this scale and it sits on the counter because I use it frequently...
Asked by: Ron Benson on October 22, 2020 9:33 AM
Are you referring to the rubber-like cover or the hard plastic shield? You can order a replacement hard plastic shield (see "related items" below). However, if you are referring to the rubber-like cover over the display buttons, there isn't a replacement for it.
Answered by: Pati62365 on October 27, 2020 2:42 PM

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
from 77 customer reviews.
Kitchen scale
I knew, from using the talking scale that I’d receive a high quality kitchen scale IF I ordered a Will Knot scale. Sure enough, it’s everything I’d hoped. I’m now empowered with a trusted product, again, and can move forward in confidence that my weighing is accurate! Timely, quality ease of ordering AND affordability.checks all the boxes!
Oh, lastly,the little note, stating “enjoy “ with my order was an appreciated personel touch as well.
Reviewed by: Nancy from San ramon on 4/20/2021
Works as advertised
Easy to use, on battery or outlet.
Reviewed by: David from on 3/27/2021
Love it!
This is my 3rd MyWeigh 8000. We have a small bakery, 100+ loaves a day, and for us we can usually get one of these to last 3-4 years before it gets worn out. That's a lot of bread! Very economical too, great for small businesses everywhere.
Reviewed by: Baker Ian from Helena, MT on 2/9/2021
excellent quality, easy to use
very happy with this for baking!
Reviewed by: Fred from on 2/2/2021
Scale review
Love the scales as well as the wonderful customer service.
Reviewed by: PS from Florida on 1/26/2021
Fabulous KD8000!
Ordering was a pleasure, the product arrived quickly and I'm already using it. I love this scale! No more bending down to read the tiny, unlit number because my bowl covered it. This new scale is lit up and protrudes out far enough so my bowl doesn't cover it at all. So easy to use and keep clean too. I love it and plan many more hours of happy weighing to bake my goodies!
Reviewed by: Edna from CA on 1/4/2021
A good reliable scale is essential for the work I do as recipe analyst and culinary nutritionist. The KD7000 was my first scale and my workhorse for many years before recently upgrading to the KD8000. Thanks for including the power adaptor. I ordered the adaptor separately with my first scale. Power adaptors are the way to go - more friendly to the environment and less stressful. Like Murphy's Law says, a battery will fail at the worst possible moment.
Reviewed by: gourmetmetrics from on 1/2/2021
Love it
Bet pleased with the scale and the customer service at your company.
Reviewed by: Kia from on 11/25/2020
I love it. It has made my sourdough baking much easier.
Reviewed by: Nancy from on 11/5/2020
Good kitchen scale
Functionality should satisfy our household needs, and really like the adapter to avoid use of batteries.
Reviewed by: Debra from on 11/2/2020
Great service and great price
Just got this scale about 2 weeks ago - so far so good. I can report that the scale was shipped immmediately and delivered way faster than expected. Communication from the company was terrific, timely, appropriate. Will definitely be back whenever the need arises.
Reviewed by: LSBrothers from VA on 10/29/2020
Love the scale so far! Also, great customer service too (so far!)!
Received the scale as promised and on time. This scale is awesome. Very easy to use and keep clean. Also, loved that I could buy direct and didn't have to purchase through Amazon!
Reviewed by: Leslie F. from Oregon on 9/28/2020
My Weigh KD800 Works Like A Charm!
I'm very satisfied with the scale so far! I'm really glad a power adapter was included. So, I was able to put it to use right out of the box, or it would have been quite a hassle to look for batteries or shop for some. Only wishing it had come with a bowl and a 0.1 gram resolution, but that's just me. I'd buy it, again!
Reviewed by: Eric from California on 9/15/2020
A great scale!
The scale is really great, and a nice upgrade from the small one I had before. The feet are sturdy, the cover over the buttons is nice, and the plate fits a foot amount of stuff.
Reviewed by: AishaA from on 9/15/2020
Clear and easy to use
Small size for this capacity is very convenient. Backlight is great, and front-panel unit switching is also a big help.

And Old Will Knott got it here sooner than expected!
Reviewed by: David from on 8/17/2020
Good value for the price.
We needed a battery powered portable scale for our crystal showroom and this works well. The 8 kg capacity at 1 gram resolution is perfect for our needs.
Reviewed by: Treasure Crystals from California on 8/17/2020
The best kitchen scale from the best people
I had worked with the MyWeigh KD8000 for years as a baker. When I got out of the industry, I ordered one to replace the old, slow, shady, and cheap digital scale I had in our home kitchen.

I love this one because it has a lot of functions and is still easy-to-use. I use it for all our cooking at home as well as my morning coffee and weighing the cats.

On top of that, the team at Old Will Knott was attentive and responsive. I got my scale super quick and have been highly satisfied.
Reviewed by: Brian F. from CO on 7/8/2020
I love my new scale!
This scale is easy to use, to clean and I love having an adapter instead of purchasing and fiddling with batteries. The buttons are responsive and the ability to have it do the percentages for weighing bread ingredients is wonderful.
My scale was shopped within the day it was ordered. I thank you so much! Happy Baking to all.
Reviewed by: Carrie from on 7/4/2020
My Weigh KD8000
Excellent. Love the percentage function.
Reviewed by: Bruce from on 6/26/2020
My Weigh KD8000
Excellent. Love the percentage function.
Reviewed by: Bruce from on 6/26/2020
All that we hoped for!
This was a Father's Day gift for my husband, who baked professionally 40 years ago and picked up baking again in March, at the beginning of our Covid-19 lockdown (still trying to get whole wheat flour!). A small kitchen scale that we'd had for about 20 years just wasn't cutting it, and he cursed it every time he tried to weigh out ingredients. He absolutely LOVES his new My Weight KD8000, and the batch he made the day after he received it was perfect!
Reviewed by: Eleanor from on 6/26/2020
Outstanding product and First Class service
Very versatile scale and works like a wonder. Vendor is First Class in service and shipped my purchase promptly and with care. Thank you!
Reviewed by: Bryn from on 6/9/2020
Weigh KD8000 - Power Adapter Now Included!
This scale lives up to the hype. It's easy to use, and provides very precise measurements. I love the protective shield for the key pad, I am a bit of a mess in the kitchen, so anything that helps me keep my equipment protected is great! So glad I upgraded. I especially love the lit up screen, my old scale was really hard to read.
Reviewed by: Zoe Flanagan from on 6/1/2020
Accurate, robust, and easy to use
Scale has been in use for ~ 3 weeks. It was easy to set up and is straight forward to use. Switches between lbs, oz, Kg, and g very easily. Large wt range (all the way up to 8Kg). Accurate - I tested it with a 1 g calibration wt and it was spot on.
Why not 4 stars? We have only had it for 3 weeks. That said, from the way it is made I would predict to last as long we need it. Recommended
Reviewed by: Weigh-on from on 5/27/2020
Baker here...
Love, love my KD-8000 scale. I was looking for a reliable and accurate scale for some time and finally discovered your site after a lot of researching. I use the scale for regular baking, portioning dog food for my three Husky dogs AND the best part is the baker's percentage weighing feature because I grind my wheat berries for use in bread baking. A happy customer.
Reviewed by: diane ciulla from Arizona on 5/15/2020
Perfect baking scale
I baked professionally for over a decade. Bought this for home use and so far have loved it. Excited to try the percentage feature for artisan bread baking. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
Reviewed by: Sourdudette from on 5/7/2020
Soapmaking Scale
Great product! It’s a real workhorse and lasts and lasts. This is my 4th KD8000. I’ve always bought the adapter so I don’t have to worry about buying batteries. The only reason I’m replacing one is because I dropped it and destroyed the display.
Reviewed by: Melanie from Oklahoma on 4/15/2020
Great, easy-to-use kitchen scale
I love my new Weigh KD8000 scale. It's super easy to use, and sturdy enough for heavier baking loads.
Reviewed by: Mary Kahle from TX on 4/7/2020
My Weigh scale
Great scales. Used one in my restaurant until I left. Bought another and used it til my son came home for Thanksgiving and I gave it to him. Now I need another for my retirement, lol.
Reviewed by: Headcooker from CA on 2/24/2020
More accurate and precise, no more batteries
No more frustration with fluctuating readouts. No more timing out in the middle of a recipe. No more batteries. This is a very good investment and costs no more than battery powered versions with less precision. This could be my last scale.
Reviewed by: Coneil from on 1/22/2020
This is my 3rd MyWeigh scale. First one was the 7000, the earlier version of this scale. This new scale is accurate, light-weight, easy to use, and I love that the power cord came with it. It also has a shield that keeps the read-out area clean. That is really great when you are weighing splashy or messy ingredients.
Reviewed by: MrsM from New Jersey on 10/2/2019
Lightweight plastic but seems accurate and good value
Reviewed by: Byron from AZ on 10/1/2019
My Weigh
S.O. N. ministries, has to weigh boxes of donated food from donors. This scale has already paid for itself. It's a little small but once we get use to it, there will be no problems. We just have to put the boxes of food on it gently and not be rough taking them off. I'm glad I found you, be sure if we need anything else like, we'll keep you contact info handing and order again.
Reviewed by: Jinnie from Newalla Oklahoma on 8/24/2019
Love It
Awesome, will definitely repurchase!
Reviewed by: KD8000 from Georgia on 7/25/2019
Very Pleased!
This scale is perfect for my needs !
Reviewed by: WallyN from on 7/11/2019
Great features
The baker’s percentages feature is an outstanding feature for those of us who use baker’s percentages to develop our recipes and scale by weight.

Other features such as the display backlight, auto shut off, and respond time can be set to user’s preference.

Since the platform is elevated you can place a very large bowl on the scale without obstructing the display.

The platform and display shield easily remove for cleaning.

Scale runs on 3 AAA batteries which isn’t the most efficient but an AC adapter plug sold separately is available for the scale (which I also purchased.

There is a trade off though for all of these features in the KD 8000 is larger than most kitchen scales. My scale is always on my countertop since I use it every day. But for someone that uses a scale less frequently, storage might be an issue.

And if you are wondering if Old Will Knotts Scale is a good company—yup, they are. They ship timely. If you email them, they will respond very timely. If you order something and it’s on back order, a notice pops up on the order page clearly stating the item is out of stock, on back order, and offering you the option to complete the order or not. And you don’t have to contact them to hunt down that back order if you decide to order any way. Old Will Knotts Scales will sent it to you as soon as they get it in stock.
Reviewed by: Cate from Northern California on 5/10/2019
Great for my small business
I bought this scale on the recommendation of several people on one of my soap making pages. I am glad I did. I bought the ac adaptor at the same time, and would suggest that any purchaser does so. I like that it is easy and intuitive to use, and that the numbers are large, backlit and easy to read. All in all, I think this is great value for my hard-earned money.
Reviewed by: Mary Allan from Oklahoma on 11/26/2018
Exactly what I needed. Good job, folks, from website to delivery.
Reviewed by: KD-8000 from on 9/10/2018
Great kitchen scale!
This is the third KD8000 I have purchased in the course of about 8 years. They are great for use in the kitchen and anywhere else you need a reliable, easy to use scale. The Baker's Math function simplifies making small batches of recipes. I use these scales in my professional kitchen every day and am very happy with them. The lifetime warranty is the cherry on top!
Reviewed by: Luisito from on 7/31/2018
The service was great! I love the scale, it’s easy to read, small enough to store, and easy to keep clean.
Reviewed by: Scale from on 6/29/2018
My Weigh KD8000 easy to use! accurate!
Great easy to use scale. Best part: Easy to use: I was able to push the buttons and quickly figured which did what, without instructions, intuitive. When I open box, I did read initial assembly and set up instructions, Great having a clear cover over controls to protect them. I leave it on, doesn't get in way of the smaller bowls I weigh at home. Great to be able to put empty bowl on scale , zero scale then weigh actual food put in bowl. Ease to switch from oz. to grams, ect. Great easy to use scale. Top scale plate is easy to keep clean. For fun I got two inexpensive 100 gram cal weights and scale read one at 100, other at 99, both at 199. very accurate, excellent. Went with on line reviews and glad I chose this scale.
Reviewed by: BruceL from CT on 5/23/2018
Everything they said it would be.Fast shipping.Great company.
Reviewed by: LastEagle181 from on 4/26/2018
Great scale
Definitely a good scale for weighting products. Happy with my purchase.
Just the right size. Thumps up.
Reviewed by: luna from Mesa on 2/24/2018
I've used it about 10 times for various projects. Fermenting and Baking Bread. I like it.
Reviewed by: MPJRandall from 80452 on 10/9/2017
One Gram is Important
This sure beats my old scale for accuracy! I weighed a couple of things and found out my old scale rounded everything either up or down to the nearest even number. It never displayed odd numbers at all. Something weighing 923 grams read 922 (-1) on my old scale. In another case, something weighing 535 grams weighed 536 (+1) on my old scale. Now I can get much more accurate measurements for small amounts.

I use this scale to measure bleach powders for lightening my hair 1-2 shades. The difference between 7 grams and 14 grams is critical to avoid over lightening my hair. I also need accuracy for consistent, repeatable results. This scale is easy to clean and I also use it for baking artisan breads where accurate amounts of salt, yeast, and cinnamon are important. I am very happy with the KD8000.
Reviewed by: JanieB from on 9/13/2017
This is Great
I love my Scale the customer service and shipping was outstanding
thank you
Reviewed by: Rosy Blanco from Miami Florida on 7/21/2017
love the products. Very easy to use. Bought it for soap making.
Reviewed by: Lori from on 2/16/2017
Perfect for soaping
This scale is great... Just have to make sure to calibrate it so it doesn't automatically turn off (but that's easy enough to do). Love the "protective screen" as it keeps everything clean while I'm measuring out oils for my soaps.
Reviewed by: MysticOrient from Braintree on 1/30/2017
Scale is fine but the Keypad wears out in just a few years.
The membrane on the ON/OFF button wore through in just a few years.
Reviewed by: Doug_B from Minneapolis on 1/5/2017
Excellent for the price
My only quibble is that the display and keyboard are pretty vertical. This makes the display more visible when you have something large on the top to be weighed. However, if the scale is on a relatively smooth surface, it will slide backwards when you push on the buttons. (They're membrane keys, so they require a bit of a press to register) I may be able to fix this with a rubber nonslip pad glued on the bottom; haven't tried it yet.

It could use some sort of inward dent on the bottom so your fingers could get under it to pick it up; it's too smooth and tall to pick up one-handed even though it's light enough.

Response time and accuracy of weighing is excellent.
Reviewed by: Justin from on 11/14/2016
Good kitchen scale
The scale is very nice and easy to figure out. It had shields included to cover the buttons I had a little problem weighing spices. The scale does not show only 1 g. It seems to only show an amount at 2 g. The description might have mentioned this, but I missed it. Usually no problem.
Reviewed by: Charlotte from Watford City on 10/27/2016
Very happy with this product. I had been using a battery operated scale for soap making but it kept turning off on me while I was weighing, not good. Did some research and found the KD8000 to be a top choice for soapers and bought the AC adapter as well. Scale looks good, not too big, not too small and never turns off unless I do the turning off. Love that. Haven't had to calibrate it either, every thing I've tested is spot on. I've been raving about it and spreading the news of this website. I am now a loyal customer of Old Will Knott Scales.
Reviewed by: Irene from Liberty, Maine on 3/27/2016
KD 8000
I recently purchased the version with the "Bakers Math" option after my old electronic scale died. This scale is great. It is everything I expected and more. Works wonderfully for all my baking and portion weighing needs. The cover makes keeping it clean and cleanup a breeze. The Bakers Math option makes scaling up my cake, pie, and tart recipes quick and simple when I change pan sizes. The scale arrived quickly (I chose standard shipping) and well packaged with no damage. The only downside was the included AA batteries were dead. No big deal though as I was not going to run it off the batteries anyway. I ordered the optional power adapter which works fine. The service, selection, and price from Old Will Knott Scales is impeccable and cannot be beat. I definitely will order from them again the next time I need a scale.
Reviewed by: Aaron from Tallahassee on 11/28/2015
Good Scale
I have 2 of the model below this one but my wife needed both permanently in another locations so I thought I'd grab the next model up with the baking percentages. Truth be told it's too confusing to understand how to use this % feature in the baking process but love the scale for all it does. Aside from my being too dumb to figure out that feature you may be smarter that me and figure it out and love this feature.
Reviewed by: Mick from East Haddam, CT on 8/4/2015
Love this scale!
Had my first scale similar to this one for years and it finally gave up the ghost. Love this new one! I use it to weigh foster puppies, as well as the homemade dog food that we prepare. Accurate, easy to read, and very dependable!
Reviewed by: Shirley Thompson from Plainfield, Indiana on 7/28/2015
Great service, Great Scale
This scale is just what I was looking for to accurately measure ingredients for my Artisan breads and pastries. Finding a scale in this price range that measures in .001 kg is a real find. And the baker's percentage is a real bonus when resizing formulas. And yes, get the power adaptor. Old Will Knotts Scales is a great company and I've recommended them to all my baking friends.
Reviewed by: Howard Leonard from CA on 1/31/2015
Excellent scale - PERFECT for making candles and soap making!!
The best scale I have ever had! Very dependable, right on the money! I use it in my shop when making soap, bath & body products, potpourri and candles. Excellent price for what all this product offers! Definitely get the AC adapter that goes with the scale. Great customer service and fast shipping.
Reviewed by: Juanita from Tennessee on 1/15/2015
I am so glad to have finally found a scale that is accurate and easy to use. This scale is worth its weight in gold. It might be a little pricey but you get what you pay for. Great product.
Reviewed by: denise from florida on 11/22/2014
Great Scale, Worth the Money!
Just a great accurate scale worth every cent and with a 30 year warranty what's not to love? Customer service is great too. I bought the KD 8000 for my wife who does a lot of baking and she loves it so much she uses it every single day. Perfect size for the kitchen counter too. I suggest that you also buy the adapter with it. If you are looking for a good quality scale for food and other stuff look no further. This is it!
Reviewed by: Steven Santiago from Kissimmee, Florida on 11/2/2014
Excellent Scale
I am very happy with the new scale. It gets used both in the shop and in the kitchen. This beats any scale I have owned in the past 40 years. I like being able to cancel time out and the fact that it runs off a wall wart. Great range and accuracy. Good price for all the bells and whistles.
Reviewed by: Daniel Willard from Albuquerque, New Mexico on 9/16/2014
Excellent scale
This is a great scale and I highly recommend it. I've also been very impressed with the customer service and follow-up.
Reviewed by: C Riley from Arizona on 9/8/2014
Excellent product!
After using and ruining 5 scales this year in my business I am THRILLED with this new purchase. The plastic guard over the controls makes a huge difference and it has a removable plate for easy cleaning and I purchased the AC adapter too! No more batteries! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!
Reviewed by: Bethany from TN on 5/9/2014
Works great as long as you buy the AC adaptor
Came with dead batteries. Good thing I bought the separate AC adaptor.
Reviewed by: emily from oregon on 4/17/2014
Great Product
Very easy to use and durable. Never had any problems with it.
Reviewed by: Shanna from Redding, CA on 6/30/2013
Great Scale
We use the KD8000 scale to weigh gallon cans of ink. It works very well for us for all the reasons other people are mentioning. I expect to be ordering more of them.
Reviewed by: Jim Williard from 2390 Greenfield Ave.,North Chicago IL. 60064 on 2/26/2013
I make soap and body products. There are two features that make this scale terrific. The first one is that it measures to the hundreths of an ounce or gram and the other is the splash guard over the display. I am kind of messy! I also like the fact that is stays on for a few minutes so that I have time to scoop more oil into the pot and the scale does not turn off. This is a great scale and a good value.
Reviewed by: Kathleen from St. Louis, MO on 12/6/2012
My Weigh kd8000
This little scale is exactly what I was looking for. I am a soaper and the scale is perfect for that. I love that the weight stays on the scale, (it doen't turn off when I run into the other room to grab another bottle of oil. I also love that, when weighing ounces, it gives me the extra decimal place so my measurements are more accurate. The percent feature works great but the explaination of how to use it was not so great. My lotion bottles hold 9.2oz. That's 100%. The rest was easy. Well worth the money, and shipment was fast. I would highly reccommend this scale.
Reviewed by: Janett from Rocky Ford, Co on 11/30/2012
Works as advertised, easy to use
I used the scale for my first batch of soap and it seemed to work well. The plastic button guards that were included need to be taped to use properly, nice scale.
Reviewed by: Ruth from Long Island NY on 9/4/2012
My son has a tomato stand so we needed a scale to weigh the tomatoes. It arrived in 3 days (so do not bother with express shipping) and it works great! It is well made and all the functions work as intended. I am completely satisfied and would definitely recommend this product.
Reviewed by: Griff from oyster bay, ny on 8/14/2012
Very good value for low use scale. Performed as expected and good delivery.
Reviewed by: Kerry from South Bend IN on 6/24/2012
Great scale, Easy to Read, Battery operation and wall adaptor option is a plus, front cover keeps the display clean, We use it to measure our ground meat as we grind it. No pink slime here. Arrived fast and in great shape.
Reviewed by: Bob E from Dallas TX on 6/13/2012
KD 8000
I use this a a general scale. I like the almost 18 lbs. Very accurate. Test weight of 50 grams right on the money. Don't care for the plastic cover over the buttons.
Reviewed by: tom gall from Boise on 5/10/2012
Finally, a scale that makes me *completely* happy
I bake daily or more. I am very picky. This scale has really been a pleasure to use over the past year. Here are some of the reasons: Up to 8 Kg, so you can use heavy containers. Display still visible with a large plate on the tray. Almost "real time" read No watch batteries Unit button on top Oz mode goes above 16 Relatively quick to wake up Goober proof buttons Looooooong hold time (adjustable) The folks at OldWill have been very patient with my 1000 pre-sales questions.
Reviewed by: Yann from Santa Barbara,CA on 3/14/2012
KD 7000 & KD 8000
LOVE THIS SCALE!!!! :) The KD7000 was my first scale I purchase and I use it for soap making, but then started using it for other things. I got tired of moving it from place to place so I decided to buy the KD8000 and LOVE IT just as much. The display is positioned just at the perfect angle so that I can put a bucket on it and read it perfectly. Just wish they would make one that went up to 30+ lbs.
Reviewed by: Mary from Grayslake, Il on 1/12/2012
Great Scale
I'm a bread baker and this scale does everything I need easily and well. I've used it multiple times since it arrived and it has made baking much easier. It's the perfect size and shape. It does exactly what I wanted.
Reviewed by: Debra Kronenberg from Ketchum, Idaho on 1/4/2012
just recvd. used it x3 but havent started christmas cookg. worked like a charm. so pleasantly surprised at the lightness of it. i love it.
Reviewed by: golde from richmond va on 12/14/2011
KD-8000 "Baker's Math" Scale
Great little scale. Perfect in every way. Working great so far and I'm very pleased indeed:)
Reviewed by: Annie from Glynn, La. on 12/7/2011

We know you have a choice when you buy scales online. Just know that when you buy digital scales from Old Will, it's always a "Worry Free Deal".

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